Handling Accruals

Session D | Notes taken by Jocelyn Milla


  1. How to Process Accruals for Accounts Payable
  1. Break down your rows
  1. How do you know that these need to be accrued?
  1. Remove 9510000 and 9510996 as these are already accrued
  2. Run as of June 30 date
  1. How do you get around with using the date?
  1. Invoice date must be prior date.
  2. If accruing, use June 30 as the Invoice date.
  1. How do you make sure that you are paying the right PO?
  1. Make sure that CW has the ok to pay.
  1. Did you do a double check for incorrect date?
  1. Yes
  1. Are you keeping your spreadsheet for Accrual?
  1. Only for last year.
  1. Is this the spreadsheet you provide your Auditor? Yes.
  2. How often do you do this? Only once.
  3. How about if you have other invoices that you needed to pay?
  1. They will have to be added to the spreadsheet.
  1. How often do you typically do the 9910 process? Only on year end.
  2. Do you roll all your POs? Yes
  3. How did your PO rollover process? For Jamul(Melinda) it didn’t work.
  1. Del Mar - will not pay until it rolls.
  1. Adriana, National Year End Issues. Ask the group any tips for year end.
  1. Use the M_REQ_AVL_SOURCE to check the dates.
  1. Are you able to do a trial run? Yes, this is what we did.
  2. Don’t close your POs yet?
  3. Can you tell us your process on invoice without POs?
  4. How do you handle those with no POs? Filter by blank POs.
  5. Process for AR. a. Always accrue. Keeps a spreadsheet.
  6. Comments RETRO Sheree Stopper: Ran the PEDR and did formulas.


  1. None recorded.