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  1. Wordpress E-Commerce/Payment Processing/Retail+Wholesale Sales+Salesforce CRM
    (at least 30 WP/Woo sites done in the past) - Wordpress/Woocommerce  Retail and secured wholesale online sales, custom WP plugin APIs to Salesforce,, advanced SEO, wholesale pricing, wholesale order minimums, advanced shipping, Mailchimp auto-drip and abandoned cart triggers.  Delivered on time and under budget.

This is just one of many, many examples of WP/Woo ecommerce programming I've done over the years.

 Email Templates (+ plugins for trigger APIs and triggers for auto-drip CRM campaigns)

Sendgrid/Mailgun/Mailchimp email templates
 for transactional, drip and marketing campaigns, extensive A/B testing and custom programmed WP API plugins where required, advanced trigger APIs for drip campaigns, etc.  

Every tiny is detail carefully blueprinted to ensure high deliverability.  

My API triggers, tools and templates have been used in over 2 billion emails sent.  

Delivered on time and on budget for all clients who needed this sort of work.

3. Custom Wordpress Plugin + API (Twilio) - custom Wordpress plugin managing phone signups and API to Twilio for sending SMS text message notifications to parents regarding agricultural chemical applications near their childrens' schools. (full disclosure: API programming only, I did not design this site)  Delivered on time and on budget.


4. Wordpress Scheduling/Paypal Payment System + CRM - Wordpress web site. Delivered on time and on budget.

5. Jquery/Bootstrap/Liquid Vigor Theme - CRM+Email Drip for marketing campaigns (highly instrumented)
(at least 75 Nationbuilder sites done in the past, 3 for presidential contenders)

'Vigor' Nationbuilder platform theme developed in Liquid, jquery, bootstrap - furnishes deep and wide social media instrumentation so site owners can reliably measure many forms of social media, email, real-world, and site activity + response.  Also furnishes tools required so product/project enthusiasts can determine what needs to be done and have the tools/links instantly at hand to get those items done.

The job you've given your social media team is tough enough!  

If you feel your social media team is faltering, perhaps you should consider giving them instrumentation and tools so they can quickly get a list of the best social media performers in your public audience (for rewards and reinforcement) and also identify social media performers who may respond to some encouragement?

Why not give them one place (a secured web page) where all your social media metrics are drawn together for a complete overview, with tools instantly at hand to improve those metrics?

The Vigor Theme supports vigorous and determined social media activity.

Q: Hey, Ron! Looks like you really know this social media stuff. Would you take over managing our social media?

A: I've done that in the past and acquitted myself pretty well at it.  But look… 'full stack' … 'custom API' … 'hard metrics' … truth is, I might do better talking to computers than I do talking to people.  I do prepare outstanding tools/training to equip social media teams for their highly challenging work.   I'll stick with what I do best.  Thanks.

6. US Presidential Draft Campaign (1 of 3)

Draft Carson Committee - full digital architecture and team development - web platform, mass email, donation processing, secure phone banking, digital alliances, security and metrics platforms + team training + Twilio APIs for text messaging and secure self-enroll phone banking.  Political campaign CRM + email drip campaigns for several split target markets.  CRM included daily contact list for large contact teams dedicated to phone, text, email and social media campaigners.

7. Online Shopping Cart (Internal Use) for Universal Studios (UMG unit)

Universal Music Group - Online Shopping Cart (internal) Secured online shopping cart intended for sales and A&R people to order sample CDs to be shipped to radio station disk jockeys, etc. Developed on .NET platform.  (full disclosure: did not design or develop public-facing elements of this web site)

8. Real Estate Database for Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times - Real Estate Database developed in perl - Postgres database (full disclosure: did  not design or develop public-facing elements of this web site)

9. Video Oral History Blog (pro bono) - video oral history on Nationbuilder platform.   Delivered on time and under budget.

10. Streaming Media Servers and Video Production/Engineering/Editing

CRM for Youtube/Vimeo/LiveStream Showrunners.

(if video link above is broken, please follow this link)

Have set up streaming media servers so broadcaster did not need to make the difficult choice to stream to one resource and not another - example: simulcast to both Facebook and Youtube.  Helped deploy tech for streaming news events from the field via cell phone to TD in the control room (HD quality).

Have deployed lots of difficult streaming tech, and am a journeyman video editor.  Personally produced and edited the video linked above - click the image (or text link) above to watch.

11. Deep Security + PCI Compliance Security Development Security programming: PCI compliance external scans, internal log scanning, SPLUNK installation, secure coding review, for multi-merchant online shopping cart serving over 10,000 merchants.  

.NET platform using perl, python, MS SQL Server.  

Good security is far, far more than just external port scanning and firewall configuration for deep packet inspection.  Proactive system and network security requires internal, multiple log and memory scanning for items such as unexpected software installs, task monitors to detect unauthorized task execution, unusual http/s requests made to servers, etc.    (Full disclosure: I did not work on site appearance/design for this project.)

12. PipeDrive API from Wordpress

API to take contact CRM info from 'Contact Us' page and insert into PipeDrive deal process.  

(full disclosure: I did not design appearance of this web site)

Ron Robinson | | 626.375.5472

Job Objective &

Implementation Skills

Detailed Skills Below

Sr. Developer/Architect/Writer/Team Trainer - Freelance

  • Social Media/SEO-focused, responsive, interactive web presence; targeted, SPAM avoiding mass email with big data (often voter data) back end
  • QA alliance-based APIs, embeds, plug-ins and apps
  • Help small operations deploy now, fully prepared for big data later, saving huge costs
  • Develop 'big data' analysis (demographic, psychographic) for SM/email targeting
  • Develop and train SM-focused staff on conveying message, fast SM response
  • Develop online payment processing: sales, membership, donations
  • Equally talented at producing content, copy writing, technical writing, training
  • Can oversee platform QA and validate security, PEN for online activities and assets

Clients/Projects - Freelance

  • US Presidential Draft Committee - National Digital Director - 2.5 years, raised $26 million, led digital team, produced training programs, validated demographic and staff production metrics
  • Crypto-Currency IPO/ICO - CIO -  SEC blockchain crypto-currency offering under development
  • Oakland Group, Inc. - Architect/Sr. Developer - online shopping cart serving 10,000 merchants - coded, supervised offshore team of developers; deployed help desk
  • US Presidential Primary Committee - Digital Director/Developer - all digital efforts, responsive, interactive website, targeted, SPAM avoiding mass email
  • California Power Exchange - Developer/Tech Writer - state online electrical power trading
  • Wedbush Securities - Sr. Developer - online securities trading, electronic payments
  • Universal Studios - Sr. Developer - ecommerce online store for DVDs, albums, CDs
  • Los Angeles Times - Sr. Developer - real estate 'classifieds' database and web site
  • Nearly 100 political campaigns - Architect/Developer/Trainer - responsive web site, big voter data, mass email, SM targeting, psychographics, training, exquisite video conference call/online town hall production, mass email marketing, targeting and writing

Pasadena Community College  Pasadena, CA  Studio Television Production, Electronic News Gathering

Tulsa Community College                  Tulsa, OK  Associate of Liberal Arts

University of Tulsa                  Tulsa, OK   Marketing, IT, Communications

Certifications:  Nationbuilder 'Expert'  -  Microsoft Mobile Developer

Skills: Full stack programmer, AWS, SEO & SM, Linux, Windows Server, HTML, CSS, SCSS, bootstrap, jquery, node.js, php, perl, python, ASP.Net, Liquid (Shopify) Postgres SQL, mySQL, SQL Server.  

Tools & platforms: Github, Eclipse, Wordpress, NationBuilder, Microsoft Visual Studio, Azure, AWS, Linux, VS Team Services, SourceSafe, RCS, SCCS, MS Office, Word, Excel, Access, IIS, Apache, Libre Office, Splunk, Wowza, streaming media, inginx, Vegas, AVID, KDENlive, Video conferencing/training and audience skills.



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Vernon Robinson (no family relationship)
National Political Director, presidential draft campaign

Jeremy McNally

Andrew Miller
MNTC Global

Chris Mitchum
US Congressional Candidate, US Congressional District 24, California, 2014

Dick Norton
Customer, 800Cart Online Shopping Cart