Xol the Unscathed


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Unique to Hearthstone’s Kobolds and Catacombs, Xol the Unscathed is an Observer serving as one of the final bosses in the dungeon run. Equipped with seven eyes and many tentacles, this fiendish monster comes with a set of six powers used to challenge even the most hardened dungeon veterans.

Jeff’s Choices


Multi-Class (Warrior, Support & Assassin)


        Xol the Unscathed

Trait- “Beam Me Up!”

With this trait there will be 2 chances for the Xol player to choose how they are going to play this hero throughout the battle. The choices will be chosen at level 1 and level 10 allowing the player to change the battle in the middle of game. This will allow the Xol player to be a flexible hero that is able to flex into whatever position the team needs at the current moment.

Level 1

Level 10

Mount- No Mount (Increased Movement Speed)

Q- See Trait

W- See Trait

E- “Only Have Eyes for you.”

This ability allows Xul to mount up on a hero attaching themself to their back until deactivated. They will share all of the damage that comes in from the ement team and are still able to use all of their basic attacks and abilities. Acting like a Cho'gall.

Heroic: “Beam of Death”

This is the only heroic that is available for the Xol player and is auto chosen. This beam has a massive windup and is a very thin beam that will travel the length of the battlefield. If any hero that has taken damage is hit by this ability they will die and be placed on a reduced death timer.

Specialty Skin: Ben Stein, The difference is clear, Clear Eyes. Wow.

Dance: DJ Light Show

Kristen’s Choices


        Eye’ve got it bad for you.







An activatable trait, Flummox allows the player to add spell power to either their Q, W, or E. While this lasts indefinitely, the first few seconds allow for a huge increase in spell power for the chosen ability.


        Twisty Tentacles

Her back tentacles turn into little propellers that speed her forward.



Xol’s yellow eye lights up, creating an unbroken beam that deals fire damage to all enemies it lands on, similar to Lucio’s heal. While the damage isn’t enormous, it’s the damage over time that becomes dangerous if left unchecked. If enemies are hit with this with the short trait burst, they catch on fire and take fire damage even after the beam has moved.



Xol’s blue eye pulses power waves outward, chilling enemies that are hit by this cone. When chilled, they become vulnerable and move slower. If enemies are hit with the buffed version, they are rooted.



Xol’s purple eye begins whispering nameless horrors into the minds of all those enemies caught in its area. Unable to comprehend the sheer meaninglessness of their own existence in the face of such ancient creatures, enemies are feared. Unlike Gul’dan’s fear, they keep walking in the direction set for them but meander a little. If it when Fear is maxed, the enemies are feared away from the purple eye.



Xol’s main eye in the middle of her forehead opens up, revealing a type of vision no living creature should posses—one seeing life and death. When open, this eye allows Xol to target one enemy. A beam of light shoots out and wraps itself around the Hero, engulfing them in an aura that links back to Xol. If that Hero drops below a certain health percentage when targeted, they immediately die.



Xol opens her two topmost eyes. Their beams fly outward and connect with all enemies in front of her. The beams then suck themselves back into Xol’s eyes. Mana or energy or rage or anything that isn’t health is sucked back into Xol’s body, refilling her mana stores and giving her a surplus she can access for a limited period of time.


        Xol the Unbathed

Who has time for a bath when you have no arms? Xol the Unbathed is the dirtiest floating particle of garbage to hit the Nexus.



        The Medusa

Xol screams in different directions, flailing her tentacles behind her to make her look scarier.