General Membership Meeting Agenda

Feb 13, 2019

Location: East Vincent Elementary School Library

Total members present: (attach copy of sign in) 9 (late 2)

  1. Call to order and welcome (7:08)
  2. Approval of Agenda
  1. All in favor
  1. Approval of previous month Minutes
  1. Review of minutes
  2. First Motion - Wendy Read, Second Motion - Stephanie Abate
  1. All approved



  1. Thank you for supporting our Black History Month upcoming assembly. Our theme for this year is the arts. Each grade level will focus on one (pre-determined) area of the arts.
  1. K-1: Music (past eras- think Motown, Stevie Wonder, Michel Jackson, etc.)
  2. 2: Actors/Filmmakers
  3. 3: Writers/Poets
  4. 4: Dancers
  5. 5: Music (contemporary- think Beyonce, John Legend, Will I Am, etc.)
  6. 6: Activists
  7. Our culminating event will be a special assembly on February 19th featuring an incredible hip hop dance company called Born Into the Arts (BIA) based in Allentown.


  1. Approval of checks.
  2. Sending reminder to PTA teachers/staff to utilize the teacher’s grant.
  3. ClayMir and Principal’s Discretionary fund will be utilized shortly for some families in need.
  4. Jack Rowley Shade Structure will continue fundraising and efforts once the OJRSD Board of School Directors approves the plans at the March Building and Grounds Committee.


A. Nominating Committee

  1. Present slate; membership vote

                Angela Maris, Kristy Trainer, Wendy Read, Dr. Karlen Senseny,

Mrs. Eileen LaFountain

b.  First Motion - Beth Crowell, Second Motion - Jim Daly

  1. 7 approved, 2 abstain

B. Chromebook Cart Thanks

  1. Mrs. Lamison and class - OJRSD and PTA partnered to purchase another class set of Chromebooks and a cart

C. Social Media Talk success & thanks

  1. Mindset shift to share events on Facebook Live
  2. Feedback was positive from the session with Mr. Sanfrancesco


A. Reading Phils tix sales (Amy Simon)

  1. Flyers went home, extra flyers in the main office
  2. Order online or send to PTA box

B. Read Across America -- (Beth Crowell)

  1. (Feb. 25-Mar 1) Amy Kirk, Beth Crowell, Brooke Sarkar, Jen Rittenhouse
  2. Soliciting more volunteers
  3. Brooke Sarkar will be reaching out to teachers
  4. Visual display for Read Across America
  1. Selfie to Shelfie contest  teachers take a selfie pic and a seperate pic of their book shelf at home; students match the teacher pic to their selfie pic

E. Grades K-3:  Match Emoji combo to book title (e.g. shoe, crown and broom = Cinderella, etc.)

F.         Grades 4-6:  Bulletin board match -- first line of book with book title match

G. RAA flyer will come home February 19

H. Prizes and contests

C. Book Bingo -

  1. Feb. 22 (prizes for special games: Spring book fair gift certs &

school store gift certs)

  1. Flyer went home, details on the flyer
  2. SUG will be sent out in next Skylert
  3. Budget Scholastic Dollars for library, Title I, summer reading program and book bingo

D. Hershey Park tix sales (Lindy Rolston)

E. Teacher Luncheon - March 6 -- Taco Bar (Amy Simon creating SUG)

School Store Update (Stephanie Abate)

  1. Wowser’s Den sign arrived and will be hung

Spring Book Fair - dates/updates

  1. Date updates: April 10-12 or May 1-3

School Dance (Stephanie Abate and Kellie Moore)

  1. Posted on Facebook
  2. Idea of attendance numbers (last year 600)
  3. Extra $100 allocated to DJ
  4. Decades week leading up to school dance
  5. 80’s decorations
  6. $1000 budget
  7. Photobooth - French Creek and/or Groupon deal from last year
  8. Kitchen usage? Cost?
  9. Outside? Security? Parent volunteers?
  10. Parking - security and overflow with Grace Assembly (lights, EVPD, security crossing)

Spirit Wear (Becky Bleivik)

  1. Spring Spirit Wear
  1. Tie-dye, red, gray - short sleeves with EV logo
  2. Shorts?
  3. Timeline early March start - 2-3 week turnaround

Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. 6th Grade CATS Ambassadors will decide on theme and coincide with PTA themes


  1. Open the floor to any questions and/or comments
  1. Think about a Talent Show in the future
  1. Next meeting date is Tuesday, March 12, 2019

VII..        ADJOURNMENT (8:29)

        First Motion - Wendy Read, Second Motion - Denise Grant

  1. All approved