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The following FAQ refer to all events on and are modified and expanded from time to time


The following FAQ are generic and cover all events

How do I book?

All our events are bookable online on, or by phone call 01386291000 Monday - Friday during standard office hours.

Should I book now or wait until closer to the event?

You can book right up to the day of the event.  Our prices are fully variable, which means just like airlines, hotels, amazon items and anything you buy anywhere now, prices may go up or down.  Less popular events may come down, but more popular events may increase.  The price you see for one tee time may change and is not fixed for any time.  Our advice: if you are happy with a price for an event, then book, because you do not know if there will be any space left next time you look.

Do you need payment in full up front?

No, we offer a deposit process for the convenience of early bookers at any of our events.  Simply select bank transfer when you book, then send us £25 per person per event deposit through whatever banking you use (online, phone or visit your branch).  We will track these via our back end systems and send you reminders when full payment is due. All bookings must be paid for in full 60 days before the day of the event. We do not accept deposits for events that are due to be played within 60 days.  Please note that to be secure, a booking must be accompanied by a deposit payment.

When do you want our golfer details?

We send a registration form to you as soon as you book.  Please complete to the best of your ability including your Membership Number on the World Handicap System, which is required to be in for the prizes.  If you have not received the registration link please email and mark as a safe sending domain - as there is a chance our emails are hitting your spam folder.

Can juniors play?

Yes we permit juniors with formal handicaps aged 14 and above (who are accompanied by an adult in pairs events).  We can accept younger golfers under the same conditions, please contact us for permission before you book.  We get a number of parent/child partnerships at our events.

When do you release the tee times?

For most events you can check your account for your tee time, which you must select at time of booking.  For multi day events, tee times are released around week before the competition start date. Once they are released we will notify you by email and post them on the event page.  If they are not on the event page, they have not been released, so please wait until 6 days before the event before getting in touch.

Do I need a Golf Pairs Club Membership to play in 2023 events?
No, you don't. The Golf Pairs Club Membership is for additional perks. It's not required to play in our 2023 event schedule.

Can we choose a tee time?

NEW FOR 2023 - Yes - you must choose your tee time when you book an event.  Tee times are priced variably depending on popularity.  If you are looking for a lower price, perhaps see if an earlier or later tee time costs less.  For multi day events, days 2 and onwards are drawn.  Please see our request form to make specific requests for times on days 2 onwards.

Can we change tee times after we book?

NEW FOR 2023 - The cost to change a tee time is £10 once you have booked, plus any additional fees due with the new tee time you select if there are any additional fees for the new tee time you select.  Golf Pairs Club Members do not pay for tee time change fees (but they do pay for the difference in price if there is one).

Can we choose a tee time for multi day events?

NEW FOR 2023 - You can choose a tee time for day one of a multi day event.  The last day is typically run in reverse order of combined scores from the first day or days or it may be drawn.  Any middle days - tee times are drawn.  If you need a specific tee time for a middle day of a multi day event, the events team can help with this.

Can I play in a group with my friends?

Yes you can. If you book as a group we will assume you wish to play together unless you tell us you wish to play consecutively. If you have booked separately you must tell us in the registration form.

What is your policy on cancellation and refunds?

If we cancel an event, you will be offered full credit or a refund.

If we reschedule an event you will be offered a place on rescheduled event or a full credit.

If you withdraw from an event refunds are based on the amount paid and dates are taken from the first day of the competition.

The reason for your withdrawal has no effect on the cancellation policy.

Dates are taken from the first day of the event.

Cancel a booking by contacting

Cancelling Date:

More than 90 days prior to an event starting - 100% refund minus £10.00 cancellation charge per item ordered or 100% credit to be used 12 months after date of issue.

61-90 days before the event - 75% refund or 100% credit

31-60 Days — 50% refund or 75% credit

30-14 Days — 0% refund or 25% credit

14 Days or Less - 0% refund

NEW FOR 2023 - Golf Pairs Club Members are entitled to a full credit up to 30 days before the start date of an event.

Do I need a formal WHS Index to join your events?

Everyone is welcome to participate, handicap or not. However, to be eligible to win main leaderboard prizes both you and your partner must have an official WHS Handicap Index from your golf club or from an iGolf subscription. We do accept Golfshake handicaps as part of a separate leaderboard, and depending on the number of entries we provide prizes for Golfshake Handicap holders.

Do you accept iGolf Handicaps?

Yes we accept a Handicap Index through the iGolf platform across our competitions.  Please note that to be eligible for prizes you may need a specific number of rounds to be played, depending on the event you are playing, whether you have an iGolf or a golf club handicap.

Can I compete for prizes if I have a golfshake handicap?

If you have a Golfshake Handicap (free) you can join our twos competition and play for nearest the pin and longest drive, but you will not be able to play for the placed prizes.  Should we have enough Golfshake Handicap participants you will have a separate leaderboard and prizes will also be available.

How do we let you know about our Golfshake Handicap

When we send out your registration form everyone will be asked whether they are playing in the main draw for those with a Handicap Index through WHS or the Golfshake draw.  A pair can only compete in one competition which you decide on registration, or you can play just for fun.

How are handicaps verified?

We have England Golf Membership Number access and check all prize winner's handicaps.

All golfers must present a photo ID with them on the day so we can link name and photo.  

Any particularly good scores we contact golf clubs directly to check on the status of handicaps.

NEW FOR 2023 - We additionally have an Exceptional Score Policy which applies to all golfers in the competition.

Do ladies get courtesy shots at your events?

We make all necessary adjustments based on WHS rules.  There is no such thing as a courtesy shot but there is a calculation applied for mixed competitions, which takes into account a number of factors which will mean playing handicaps are adjusted accordingly.

What’s the pace of play like at your events?

We take the pace of play tremendously seriously however we always have full events with 4 balls, so customers must understand that typically these rounds will take longer than a normal social round.

Customers must also be respectful of marshalls and respect the rules so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

We have the following rules mandated

  1. Mandatory pick up when not scoring, all events are stableford format so if you can’t score points, you MUST pick up.
  2. Penalties in place for not keeping up with the group in front - maintain the starting interval throughout.
  3. Marshalls on the course
  4. Starter on the course managing the first tee
  5. No group searching - help your partner
  6. Model E rule in play (pairs events only) - place on fairway for 2 shot penalty - provisional balls discouraged; returning to the tee banned.

How do we win prizes?

Prizes will be given to a number of participants at each event, depending on participation levels, for top places and other things such as Nearest the Pin or Par 3 Competitions.  There are generally prizes available for WHS handicap golfers and Golfshake golfers.

What prizes can we win?

Should you be lucky enough to win a prize we will send them out either via email or post 3-5 days after the results of the competition have been finalised.

What if prizes are delayed?

Prizes are completely discretionary.  If a prize is delayed due to stock issues, we may offer you an alternative, otherwise please be patient - your prize is on its way.

What if our advertised prize goes out of stock?

Prizes are completely discretionary.  If an advertised prize goes out of stock we will offer you an alternative.  We do not hold stock so we cannot guarantee that our suppliers will always have stock of advertised prizes.

Mizuno Golf Pairs

The following FAQ are specific to MGPT events

What is the format?

Better Ball Stableford 85% handicap aligned with WHS

Can I join as a single golfer?

Yes you can join as a single golfer - just order one at checkout and we will pair you up.

Do we get food at MGPT events?

Typically at MGPT events no food is included in the ticket price.  There are some exceptions to this, which will always be advertised in the event home page.  If it is not advertised, there is no food provided as part of the fee.  Most clubs will provide food/drinks on the day for a fee.

What are the requirements for prize eligibility on the event day?

You will need to have played 6 formal competitions in the 12 months preceding the competition to be eligible for prizes. A formal competition is one which is run by an approved organization such as a golf club and is different from a social round.

Evidence of this is required before prizes are awarded.

How does the Order of Merit Work?

Through the season, at our pairs events, golfers are awarded OOM points.

There are a number of leaderboards and golfers will win places at our regional finals days through these Order of Merits.

NEW FOR 2023 - What is the difference between Economy and Premium Events

The key difference between these events are

Price - Lower price at economy events

Prizes - Higher prizes at premium events

OOM Points - Higher at premium events

The idea is for people to have an entry level way of joining our competitions, winning places in higher level competitions and therefore qualifying for Order of Merits.

NEW FOR 2023 - What is the eligibility for finals day prizes?

To win prizes at regional finals days including qualification for the end of season grand finals in 2024 - you must have played 10 formal competition rounds in the season in question.

NEW FOR 2023 - Where and when are your regional finals

Finals 1 - 23rd October

Finals 2 - 24th October

Finals 3 - 25th October

Finals 4 - 26th October

Finals Par 3 - 27th October

NEW FOR 2023 - Where and when is your Grand Final?

The Grand Final will be held at a top UK resort some time in March or April 2024 - this will give all those golfers who qualify the space to make plans to compete.

Do you have a handicap limit?

There is no limit however the maximum handicap permitted for our competition is 24 for men and 28 for ladies.  Regardless of your handicap index, you will not be permitted to have a playing handicap over these amounts in our competitions.

Can ladies and mixed couples play at your events?

Yes - we are inclusive - all are welcome including male, female and mixed pairs.

What are the terms around the 2022 first prize trip?

The winning pair at every event will win a free pair at a choice of European venues.  This trip will be arranged by the winner directly with Golf Escapes, and is subject to availability and restrictions.  Certain restrictions can be lifted with additional payments which will be made clear in your voucher.

The first prize trip can only be won once by a pair or a member of a pair at events, meaning that no individual can win the first prize more than once.  The second prize of a pair at a UK event will be given to the first place pair should someone win for a second time.

If one member of a pair has won the first prize even if they did not book, they can’t win the first prize again.

An individual can win the overall OOM prize of a holiday, as well as one event.  So an individual can ultimately  win 2 pairs holiday.


Mizuno Golf Singles

The following FAQ are specific to MGST events

What is the format?

Individual Stableford 95% handicap aligned with WHS

Do we get food at MGST events?

Typically at MGST events no food is included in the ticket price.  There are some exceptions to this, which will always be advertised in the event home page.  If it is not advertised, there is no food provided as part of the fee.  Most clubs will provide food/drinks on the day for a fee.

What are the requirements for prize eligibility?

There are no requirements for prize eligibility in this competition apart from a valid WHS handicap index.  One of the key  purposes of the MGST range is to provide a platform for golfers wishing to play in more accessible handicap qualifying events, so anyone with a WHS handicap (including iGolf) is welcome.

Do you have a handicap limit?

There is no handicap limit at MGST events.  There are 4 prize brackets for handicap indexes which will be decided by dividing the whole field equally into 4 handicap groups.

Members Events

Why do we sometimes pay a travel agent instead of you directly?

Quite simply we are not travel agents.  Booking through travel agents affords you the ABTA protection that you need so you can make travel insurance claims should anything go wrong.  Additionally since travel agents are booking so many trips globally, we get a much better deal from them instead of direct - so it’s in everyone’s interest!  Sometimes we arrange tours ourselves, in which case you will pay us for the golf only directly.

Are flights included?

Everything which is included is listed.  We don’t typically include flights or VISA costs unless this is listed on the product page.

What is the format of your tours?

Better ball stableford 85% handicap the same as our events.

What is included in a tour?

Everything which is included in the tour page is included and no more.

Main difference between tour and event is that tours generally include accommodation - typically B&B and usually include golf transfers.

Also typically tours include the thrill of the formal golf competition.

Do you arrange dinners and entertainment on your tours?

Yes where we have staff present they will set up tour whatsapp groups for anyone who is looking to join the party!

This involves arranging self funded dinners and drinks - we’ll find out what people are looking to do and book somewhere very nice in the vicinity.

Match Play

What is the format?

Better Ball Match Play 90% handicap aligned with WHS

What happens after I book?

When you receive your order confirmation and you pay, your spot is guaranteed!  You will be sent an email with a link to a short form to complete when registration closes - this is the point where we need your pair information.   The draw will be made shortly after which will then be sent out to all participants as well as all other relevant information. You and your partner do not need to be registered at the same club, you will be asked to submit 1 home club between you.

What is the format?

Better Ball Pairs Matchplay - following WHS handicapping rules.

Please refer to our WHS Handicapping Guidance document for more information.

What is the prize?

The prize for MGPT match play is a free pair at any of our single day events with capacity up to a total RRP of £400.  The voucher you will be sent is valid for one year from the competition deadline date.

Is it a knockout or home and away?

Some are playing home and away just for fun but it’s a straight knockout competition. As long as you submit one winner and score we are relaxed if you want to play over 2 rounds.

Is this a national competition or will we play locally?

All rounds will be drawn based on geographical proximity while avoiding matches between teams from the same club.

On the odd occasion, if you're drawn away you may end up a bit further out as you progress through the rounds.  We always do our best to keep people as local as possible.

Do we need a formal handicap?

To participate you need an official WHS Handicap Index through an affiliated golf club in England or an iGolf subscription, which is England Golf’s official handicap provision for non-club members. In order to obtain an official Handicap Index you must submit scores from 54 holes of golf, made up either from 9 or 18 hole rounds, from any affiliated course that has been rated in England including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  Any rounds must be pre-registered through the My England Golf app. Both you and your partner must have an official WHS Handicap Index and have submitted the required rounds to make your Index active

Is there a handicap limit?

There is no limit in our competition at present. When our competition is big enough. We will look to run flighted draws, where we draw people with similar handicaps in the same brackets.

What is the proof of handicap policy?

Current England Golf Membership Numbers must be shown to the opponents before the match starts.  This can be done via the My EG App that all club members and iGolf subscribers will be able to access.

Me and my partner are registered at different clubs, is this ok?

Whilst the majority of golfers are members at golf clubs, this is not a requirement of this competition.  Please note a formal WHS handicap is required to play in the event, and you must have played 3 formal competition rounds in the 12 months preceding the round being played.

When will you send out prizes?

Prizes will be issued on completion of the tournament.

How are matches arranged?

You will be drawn home or away for each round and both teams will be given contact information to arrange the match, although the onus is on the home team to make contact since the home team will be booking the tees. If the home team does not reach out or the deadline is not met, the away team will progress unless evidence of attempted contact is given.

We are playing off different tees - what do we do?

Please refer to the R&A guidance and rules on mixed golf matchplay - Search (

How old do I have to be to compete?

The Tournament is open to male and female golfers aged 14 and over on the Commencement Date who are members of an affiliated golf club in England, Scotland or Wales, or professionals. Under-18s must play with over-18s.

Can we play our matches away?

Yes, You can do this. If you are drawn at home just let your opponents know you want to play away. 99% of pairs are happy to take home advantage. We're yet to have a case where both pairs want to play away, should this ever happen the draw will stand.

Can I change partners during the tournament?

The Booker is expected to play with the same partner throughout the tournament, but substitutions are permitted with approval of The Organizers. For the avoidance of doubt, substitutions are permitted to cover any unforeseen injury or illness or other similar circumstances such as a work posting abroad which would otherwise prevent the booker from taking part in the Tournament. Evidence must be presented to the Organizers in writing by email to and consideration will be given to the request. If the substitution is to ensure that the match is played, permission is very unlikely to be refused.

I’m the home team - the away team is not responding - what do I do?

As the home team you must make first contact and offer dates. You can chase and then after 7 days without response, please forward the emails you sent as evidence to copying the away team. The organizers' decision will be final.

I’m the away team - the home team has not contacted me - what do I do?

Please contact the home team copying The organizers' decision will be final. In the event of no response from the home team, the away team prevails in any event.

Do I need to pay green fees when I’m the away team?

 Many golf clubs offer courtesy and are happy to do this because their members will mutually benefit when playing away elsewhere, but some clubs will not permit this. If courtesy is not possible then we recommend the visitor fees being split four ways, but if not then the away team will need to pay a visitor fee to the club as per normal golf club policies.

What happens if our opponents cancel matches?

If either team has to cancel the match within 48 hours of the match being due to be played then the other team may claim the match if they choose, or agree to play at another date.

What if there are temporary greens in play?

Temporary greens, tees or preferred lies are not reasons for abandonment of matches if the home club decides they are required, unless both teams agree to switch venues.

Is there a limit on the number of temporary greens?

No there is no limit on the number of temporary greens permitted to allow the match to go ahead. However if a club is using temporary greens, we would expect both parties to agree to switch venues.

What if holes are closed?

If a course has holes closed due to weather conditions or any other reason, then it’s the responsibility of the Home team to advise the Away team of the situation in advance of the match.  Both teams can then agree to play over the shortened course, or to play 18 by repeating holes starting from the 1st hole.  If there is no agreement, then the default position is that the match must be played over 18 holes.

Can I use a golf buggy?

The use of buggies is permitted for medical reasons, and they are the full responsibility of the player/s who is hiring them. Medical certificates may be requested by opponents and should be provided on request. This is not centrally administered but is between the competitors.

What if a match ends all square after 18 holes?

Matches all square after 18 holes will be decided on a 'sudden death' play-off commencing at the first hole played and the appropriate shots will be given.

What if a match needs to be abandoned part of the way through?

If after mutual agreement a match has to be abandoned during the first 18 holes, due to lack of daylight or the course becoming unfit for play, then play shall resume from the point where the match was abandoned as stated in the Rules of Golf. If this is not possible, before the deadline then the players should decide who proceeds to the next round.

Who submits match scores?

It is the responsibility of the winners of each match to submit the match result to the organizers. Results must be entered online following the process laid down in the notification emails. Email or phone results will not be permitted. Please ensure only one team submits the scores.

What if we fail to submit scores?

If a result is not submitted online by the deadline date, then the AWAY team will be deemed winners, unless there is evidence that the away team failed to adequately respond. Emails will NOT be considered, you must complete the form.

Can golf professionals play in Match Play?

yes absolutely. They must play from the lower of: scratch, lowest in field or their pre-pro handicap. So a pro who was off 2 before turning pro with 1 handicap lowest in the field would play off scratch. Pro of 4+ before turning pro would play off 4+

What if we have to cancel a match for bad weather?

You should try to rearrange the match before the deadline.

How many dates does the home team need to offer?

The home team should offer 6 or more dates over weekdays and weekends combined.

What if a course has a shortened number of holes due to bad weather?

The main thing is to get out and play so we would recommend either swapping venues, or playing the shortened course. The players should agree whether they play the shortened course as the match and accept the result, or whether to play 18 holes in total. For example a course which has 12 holes open. You should agree whether to hold your matchplay over the 12 open holes, or whether to play 1-12 and then 1-6 to make up 18 holes. This will depend on weather and tee availability amongst other factors - so the players must make the decision themselves. Either option is acceptable to us - the main thing is you are getting out and playing.

What if we are unable to arrange a match?

Please decide who wins between you on the basis of fairness. In general, if a home team offers over the requisite amount of dates, the away team should ensure that they are available for these dates if they are offered over a weekend. Sometimes things just won’t work - that’s life - but we would prefer it if you could agree amicably what happens. If a mutual agreement can not be made please send us an email.

My club does not permit visitors at weekends - what should I do?

The home team must offer at least 6 dates - with some weekday and weekend options. These weekend options should be played at the away club if the home club will not permit the matches. However please contact the clubs in question who may offer the opportunity just for the match.

I can't find what I'm looking for, what do I do?

You can email the events team on and we will come back to you as soon as we receive your email.

Can I have an extension?

In general there are no extensions unless there are exceptional circumstances.  To request an extension please complete the dispute form, but please note extensions are very unlikely to be granted unless there are major reasons such as we had during the pandemic.

We can’t agree on a date?

If you can’t agree on a date, please submit evidence via the dispute form and we will make a judgement call based on the rules and who has made the most effort to be flexible.  You can’t just say you can’t make any dates - you need to be flexible to join the competition.  You can change partners at any time if this helps with flexibility.

How do I change my partner?

You simply update your partner details on the portal.  Changing partner under our rules is permitted, since the key for the competition is to play golf and get matches played.

We don’t believe our competitors handicaps

It’s your job to check handicap evidence in advance of each match.  If you suspect something is incorrect, please fill in the dispute form immediately following the match.  We cannot deal with handicap issues more than a day or two after the match, since your opponents will be arranging their next match.

How do I work out the handicaps for mixed teams?

If you are playing pairs match play, adjust each handicap to 90% of the Course Handicap. The players who are on the tees with a higher Course Rating get an adjustment, based on the Course Rating difference.  For example course rating 74 v 72 the tee at rating 74 will have 2 additional strokes.  The Handicaps should now be rounded. Adjust each Playing Handicap so the lowest handicap plays off zero.

Can both teams go through to the next round in the event of a dispute

No - this is impossible since you are playing in a knock out bracket, and you have one opponent waiting.  All disputes must be resolved one way or another and as with all disputes one party will be unhappy.  If we feel that you have a genuine faultless knock out, we will offer the loser a free place in the next match play event.

Golf Pairs Club Membership

What is the Cost?

Golf Pairs Club Membership costs £60 per year as a subscription product, and is available to all members.  Benefits apply as soon as the golfer signs up.  Benefits apply to the booking that the member has made.

What are the Benefits?

Can I cancel?

You can cancel your membership subscription at any time - there is no minimum term.  If you cancel within 14 days of paying, you’ll be refunded less any fees you have had waived or discounts you have used, to avoid people using this as a way round admin fees or to obtain discounts which are for members only.  If you cancel after 14 days of paying, your membership will continue to the end of the term, but it will not be renewed next term.  You will not be refunded in this case.

Please see more information on our terms and conditions page: