April 16, 2018

Zeeland West High School Cafeteria

3390 100th Avenue

6:00 PM


PRESENT:           Board of Education:  Todd Brennan, Linda Bush, April DeWitt, Rick Dernberger, Ron Scott, Mark Snyder

                            Administrators:  Cal De Kuiper, Lynn VanKampen, Jon Voss

ABSENT:             Board of Education:   Tom DenHerder

GUESTS:             Greg Eding, Michelle Fuller, Deb Kempainen


I.           CALL TO ORDER:      6:00PM                                                           Rick Dernberger

A.   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:                                                          Cal De Kuiper




C.   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VISITORS:                                           



        None are anticipated at this time




        None are anticipated at this time




A.   Minutes of the March 19, 2018 regular board meeting were approved.


B.   Approved paid as of March 2018.  Checks #123386-124111

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:              $1,103,930.13

PAYROLL:                                  $5,627,665.46

TOTAL:                                   $6,731,595.59


C.   Approved leave of absence for Anna Pyle, Quincy Elementary, for the 2018-19 school year. 

Ron Scott moved and Mark Snyder supported the motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented.


VOTE: All Yes (6)



V.             DISCUSSION

A.   Superintendent Evaluation                                President Rick Dernberger

After meeting several times in closed session in January and February to discuss, review the evaluation the evaluation process and document, Rick Dernberger gave a summary statement and advised there will be a vote on the superintendent’s contract extension during tonight’s open session. 

B. Summer Projects         - Lynn VanKampen updated the board on the summer projects.  

Three items require bids due to estimated costs exceeding the bid threshold, which for 2018 is $23,000:  Creekside Roofing, New Groningen Roofing, and New Groningen Mechanical.

Voters approved a ten year renewal of the 1.0 mill Building & Site sinking fund in November, 2013.  This fund generates approximately $1.7 million per year.  Funds are sometimes saved for larger projects; the stadium turf, for example, that was completed last year.  Various committees prioritize the expenditures of these funds to maintain the districts $250,000,000 in assets and property.  This is a highly efficient use of funds and we could not do it without voter support.  We are thankful for a supportive community.  These discussions are continued in item C and D, below.

C.  Roof Bids - Creekside MS & New Groningen Elementary - Lynn VanKampen detailed the roof bid process.  Bids were received from four companies and reviewed by the Finance Committee on April 10.  Action will be taken tonight to approve the lowest bid contract to J Stevens Construction for $575,400.

These drawings show the roof areas that need to be replaced.  Roofing Plans, 2018

In this bid process, both roofing projects were combined into one bid.  Bids were submitted by four companies.  After reviewing this Roofing advisement letter from GMB Architecture, and discussing in detail with the Finance Committee on April 10, 2018, I recommend you approve Action Item “B”, below, awarding the low bid contract to J. Stevens Construction for $575,400.

D.  Mechanical - New Groningen Elementary                        Lynn VanKampen

Rooftop air handling unit bids were opened on April 12, 2018.  Here are the received bids:  New Groningen RTU bids, April 12, 2018.   Because the Finance Committee met on April 10, 2018, details were not discussed in committee.  The committee did approve that the full board review and potentially approve  the bids at this meeting.  After discussing the bids with Lynn VanKampen and Kelly Rademacher, and after reviewing this letter of recommendation  GMB recommendation, New Groningen RTU, April 12, 2018 , I recommend you approve Action item “C”, below, to award the contract to Mahlon Mechanical for  $121,020.   This includes:

        Base bid                $112,500

        5% Contingency          $5,820

        Roofing repair        $2,700

        Total                        $121,020

The roofing was not part of the actual bid, but was planned to be added to any low bid.  This will be contracted out.  ZPS estimated the amount from conversation with J. Stevens Roofing, who will be on site for the New Groningen Elementary roofing project.  

D. Series II                                                                Lynn VanKampen

Lynn VanKampen will review the timelines and process for the sale of approximately $10,400,000 in bonds as previously approved by the voters in February, 2015.  



VI.           ACTION


___________________ moved and __________________ supported the motion to approve the superintendent’s evaluation and three-year contract discussed in closed session at the February 19, 2018 regular board meeting, and February 28 Curriculum and March 6 Finance Committee meetings.  The contract period is July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021 and the level reported to the State of Michigan will be Highly Effective.


ROLL CALL:            YEA:



____________________ moved and ________________ supported the motion to approve the roofing bids for Creekside and New Groningen per discussion above.

ROLL CALL:            YEA:



____________________ moved and ________________ supported the motion to approve the mechanical bid for New Groningen Elementary per discussion above.

ROLL CALL:            YEA:





 __________________ moved and _________________ supported the motion that the Board of Education of the Zeeland Public Schools convene in closed session to discuss negotiations per Section 8(c) of the Open Meetings Act.


The board returned to open session and the regular meeting of April 16, 2018 adjourned at _____________ P.M.