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PlayGAMI Paper

It is a magical origami paper which you can use to design your origami creation with your medium of choice (pens, pencils, crayons, etc.). Your design will be translated onto a digital origami creation with the PlayGAMI App.

 In reality, This is just a piece of regular paper printed with a crease pattern (these are the fold lines that remain on the paper once you unfold a folded origami), with the AR tracking feature points printed on the parts that will become hidden once the origami is folded.

To begin playing with the PlayGAMI App follow the below steps.


Print your magical origami paper at or if you already have a printed one, use it. You’ll find, the paper has empty areas as well as patterned areas. The empty areas correspond to different parts of the folded origami. An example of a traditional origami crane is shown below.


Choose your colors and design your origami. Make sure to color only the empty areas as the patterned area is utilized by the PlayGAMI app to show your design in 3D.


Go to and download the PlayGAMI app onto your device ( iOS/Android )

Please note that the app is used only in landscape mode.


Point it to your designed PlayGAMI paper and see the flat paper come to life in 3D!


Freeze your design by clicking the PlayGAMI logo on the right of the screen.


Share your design to the world by clicking the Stamp Icon on the top of the screen.

Enter your name and click the postage-stamp to see your design online!

Copy the link from the browser to share it via social media. (Test Page)

Hit the back icon at the bottom of the page to start playing with the KUBIKULO Box.

You can then visualize on a KUBIKULO Box Module crane skybox that you can rotate in 360 all directions.


The skybox is just a paper cube that anyone can print and assemble themselves.

You can also go into Game Mode with the origami character you just designed!

Current KUBIKULO Box Modules:

- GAMI in a Skybox

- GAMI v Dojo

- Orbiting GAMI


Fold the box using the instructions below.


Now open the app and point it to the KUBIKULO Box.