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Shifting Overwhelm and Anxiety with Self Love
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Created by Kathryn E.H. Rimstidt, Whole Loving Wellness. For permission to copy or questions contact or 317.514.1462.

Shifting Overwhelm and Anxiety with Self Love

Congratulations on taking next steps to shift overwhelm and anxiety you are feeling by deepening your self love and exploring next steps here! Especially as you balance making an impact in the world and supporting social justice efforts including blacklivesmatter, taking care of yourself in regular ways is so important to your mental and emotional health.

I’m Kathryn and I help my clients, many of whom are actively working to make the world a better place, to address the overwhelm and anxiety they often feel.  And overwhelm and stress which many of us are feeling who also might not have felt it in the same way before, with the situations we are facing with COVID-19, and more awareness or activism for some of us who were less involved before, with blacklivesmatter.

By addressing these challenges of overwhelm and anxiety and stress, my clients can be even more loving to their families, and increase the peace and loving community and justice in their families, communities, and world.  I want to especially help those committed to a better world to not experience burnout.

I help others to take practical self care and also do the work for strong self love and trust while also doing work with the anxiety and stress and overwhelm directly.  I’m excited to share these tips with you and grateful to have you join my e-mail list or free Facebook group too!

I look forward to being in touch and supporting you! And I encourage you to start out with what sounds best to you in the list below and take action today.

With deep love-Kathryn

Here are ten things you can do to start to shift your stress and anxiety and increase your self love and care:

1) Find a time and try for at least once a day to ask yourself "what would best help me love myself right now?"  And, “what am I feeling particularly challenged by?”  If possible, journal around this and keep the notes in one spot for the next month.

2) Take an action related to one of the things that came up for you in step #1 and add it to your journal.  Make it something small and easy...for example, if you're noticing you'd like to take better care of your physical health, drink a glass of water.

3) Remind yourself that taking care of yourself helps you love others and be with others more happily and is NOT selfish!  And, when you see evidence of this benefit for others, let this give you encouragement.  Especially at times like these, when many of us have even more responsibilities to people we love most especially, we can forget how important taking care of ourselves is to our mental and emotional health.  

4) Take 3 deep breaths, making the outbreath longer than the in-breath to relax more...explore the opposite on occasion if you're wanting to get more energy, but really focus on the first when in anxiety or overwhelm.  Experiment with this regularly. You can set an alarm to remind you.

5) Join a supportive group or create one for what you need.....and ask for what you need.  Start making requests for what you need more from those around you.  You’re more likely to receive what you need when you ask for help and support in specific ways and adjust as needed (Look online for NVC--Nonviolent Communication--and requests for tips). And check out my free support group.

6) Practice gratitude….for others, yes...but just don’t forget to say “thank you” to yourself!

7) Practice saying "no" more and making the choices you want with people who you are comfortable so you can say no more in more challenging circumstances.

8) Celebrate what you are doing for your self love AND what you are doing for your other values and write down your “wins” and your values.

9) If something isn't working and you've been trying it a while, try something else.  Be willing to explore something new to support you.

10) Pick a mantra or saying that you like and repeat it and/or write it down somewhere to remind you. It can be simple like "Loving myself lets me better love the world."  Or “This too shall pass.”

Created by Kathryn E.H. Rimstidt, Whole Loving Wellness. For permission to copy or questions contact or 317.514.1462.

Bonus: When creating a new habit for practical self care to help with your self love, remind yourself to be gentle with yourself, create regular reminders and ask for support, and always be willing to start over with something even easier and quicker, the things you do will add up if you do them regularly, and if you celebrate what you accomplish you will be more able to do more in the future.

Steps you can take for more support from me:

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Created by Kathryn E.H. Rimstidt, Whole Loving Wellness. For permission to copy or questions contact or 317.514.1462.