McCullough P.E. Syllabus

I. Dress Code

  1. A Highlander P.E. uniform is required. Uniforms must be ordered online at:

  1. Students will have a three week grace period to obtain a uniform. After 3 weeks, uniforms will be required.
  2. Grading Policy: 50/50 (50% for dressing out and 50% for participation)
  1. Dressing Out         = 50 pts
  1. Participation = 50 pts

II. Dressing Out

  1. A student that does not dress out for class will receive a referral for EVERY occurrence. On the 3rd occurrence,  detention will be issued. For every occurrence after that, an additional day of detentions will be issued. For example, on the 5th occurrence of not dressing out, a student will receive 5 days of detention.
  2. Athletic shoes, with laces, are required in P.E. No flip flops, sandals, open toed shoes, flats, slip on vans, toms, sperry’s, etc….. If the shoes were not designed to run in, they are not allowed.

III. Lockers & Locker Room

  1.  Each student will have a locker assigned to them. The lockers are only large enough to fit clothes, towels, and toiletries. They are NOT big enough to put binders, school books, etc…
  1. Do not bring your school supplies to the P.E. locker room.
  1.  Showering after P.E. is highly recommended, unless you have a 4th period P.E. class. Towels and toiletries are not provided. Please bring a towel, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc…..
  2. Aerosol cans ARE NOT allowed in the locker room. Axe, Bod, etc….. will be confiscated.

IV.  Cell Phone Policy

  1. Cell phones are NOT allowed in the locker room under any circumstance.  
  2. If we see a phone, it will be taken up and a referral will be given. It doesn't matter if the phone is on or off.
  3. Phones ARE NOT ALLOWED in the locker room.

V. Tardies

  1. Students are expected to be inside the locker room when the tardy bell rings.
  2. Any student who is not inside their locker room when the tardy bell rings, will be marked as tardy.

VI. Water Bottles

  1. We encourage all of our students to drink water and they are welcome to bring either disposable water bottles or reusable water bottles to PE. As per school policy, all water bottles must be clear.