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Strategic Plan 2021-2025 BikeSD (Approved 2021-04-05)
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Bike San Diego Outreach, Inc.

Strategic Plan - FINAL


Mission Statement:

To establish San Diego as a world-class bicycling city and create more livable urban communities by promoting everyday riding, and advocating for safe bicycling infrastructure and complete networks.

Vision Statement:

BikeSD works to bring about a culture shift where the majority of San Diegans choose to ride their bike for daily trips, commuting, and for health. Our people-powered organization advocates for safe, accessible and inclusive active transportation networks as a critical solution to the climate crisis.  Through community outreach and creative programming we seek to introduce people of all ages and abilities to the joys and benefits of going by bike.

Core Values:

Goal #1 - Impactful Advocacy

Establish a complete network of safe and comfortable bicycle infrastructure throughout  San Diego and facilitate an increased use of bicycles for transportation among riders of all ages and abilities.

  1. City of San Diego to establish 20 miles of protected, Class IV bicycle facilities in each City Council District through either permanent or temporary “quick build” projects by 2025.
  1. Identify streets over 35 mph with sharrows for conversion to class IV bikeways
  1. Push for the completion of 10 SANDAG regional bike projects by 2025; help identify funding for infrastructure.
  2. Advocate for funding and implementing fixes for dangerous sections of road, at least 2 gaps each year in existing bicycle infrastructure like crossings that intersect with Caltrans District 11 right of way.

  1. BikeSD members will attend all public outreach and community outreach meetings at City of San Diego and SANDAG when bicycle items are on the agenda to serve as a voice for under-represented riders of all ages and abilities.
  2. Monitor the relevant channels of local governmental agencies to ensure the community has a voice as to what infrastructure they would like to see implemented.
  1. Maintain consolidated tracking mechanism for updates on projects in the City of San Diego.
  2. Communicate with agency representatives in quarterly meetings on status of projects.
  1. Create monthly direct advocacy opportunities that engage our membership through email campaigns, petitions, calls to action and events.
  1. Communicate regularly with local officials on critical projects and policies on behalf of BikeSD’s large membership
  1. We will hold at least quarterly lobbying meetings with city council offices and staffers.
  1. Support pro-bike candidates to apply to or run for these positions.
  2. BikeSD members will attend Community Planning Group meetings when bicycle items are on the agenda and speak in support of them

  1. Propose new, transformative bicycle policy reforms, including bike parking and faster builds of bike projects.
  1. Deliver at least $50,000 worth of new bike parking facilities in the City of San Diego per year
  2. Establish a standardized parking policy across the transit system through working with MTS and SANDAG
  1. Collaboratively develop and update a Bicycle Network Vision that includes new policies and projects that address challenges, gaps or dangerous situations in the existing conditions on our streets.
  1. Engage with our community organizing partners as stakeholders.

Goal #2 - Build an Engaged and Influential Community via Outreach

Shift public opinion and the culture of how we move around San Diego through empowering advocates, coalition building, harnessing community power and collective action.

  1. At least 1 shared advocacy campaign with SDCBC & SDMBA per year.
  2. Build and cultivate a Transportation Justice Coalition like “Pedal for Justice” that holds at least two events per year.
  3. Attend or co-host 2 partner events, especially with our equity partners, and/or the San Diego Climate Hub
  1. Be an active participant in local coalitions that advance our mission and vision by attending meetings,  supporting calls to action and campaigns organized by our allies.

  1. Hold 2 community, grassroots events that reimagine public spaces and streets (like CicloSDias) and build support for enhanced bicycle infrastructure.
  2. Host at least one woman-focused event per year.
  3. Host at least two events per year focusing on bringing biking visibility to historically underserved communities, including disable and adaptive riders.
  1. Connect directly with businesses and business organizations along critical corridors via “Bikes Mean Business” development programs like discounts for BikeSD members and Bike to Dinner type promotions.
  2. Hold fundraising events that partner with local businesses.

Goal #3 - Creative Programming

Offer creative programming  that deepens community support for bicycling among San Diegans of all ages, identities, backgrounds and abilities, focusing on under-represented communities and communities of concern, by introducing them to the joy of biking.

  1. Sell at least $50,000 in Dero Bike Parking Solutions each year which will comprise 20% of our annual revenue (BikeSD gets 25% commission on sales)

  1. Offer a Bike Match program to connect people who have a bike to donate with those who need a bike
  2. Launch a pilot E-Bike Incentive Program in 2021 with a focus on Communities of Concern, and expand the program in 2022

  1. Send at least 1 educational blog post per quarter.
  2. Maintain a comprehensive list of bike shops in San Diego.
  3. Establish a community gear swap either online or in person.

Goal #4 - Ensure the Sustainability of our Organization

Increase the effectiveness and inclusivity of our programming and outreach by growing our funding, building diverse leadership, and bringing more engaged bicycle advocates to the table.

  1. Hold two membership drives each year as an opportunity for gaining new members
  1. Bike Parking Solutions Program
  2. E-Bike Incentive Programs

  1. Programs Coordinator/Manager
  2. Advocacy & Engagement Coordinator/Manager
  3. Development Coordinator

Strategy # 4B - Build a culture of inclusivity across our communications, programs, events, and advocacy opportunities that welcomes riders of all backgrounds, ages, abilities from across the city (especially in Communities of Concern)