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COVID-19 Statement
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Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association

COVID-19 Statement

The Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association seeks to support all world language educators as they serve their students and communities. It is our aim to expand the horizons of our students and introduce them to the cultures and languages from around the globe. The recent news surrounding COVID-19 has affected a number of our members who are trying to fulfill this goal as well as students who are in our Indiana classrooms each day.


To that end, we stand firmly with our colleagues and students who are facing harmful discourse and xenophobia due to the virus. We condemn this prejudice in all its forms. While COVID-19 is concerning and should be taken seriously, there is no circumstance that gives justification to ostracize, harass, or otherwise demean a group within our society. IFLTA implores our colleagues, students, schools, and communities to stand up against racism and extend support to our colleagues and students who may be impacted by misinformation and bias.  

For ideas on how to confront this xenophobia, we recommend reading this article from

We further recommend reading information and guidelines on COVID-19 from the CDC.