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Parent Resources
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How do I log my child on to the Google Classroom?


How can I see everyone during a Google Meet?

How do I turn in assignments?

What is the best way for me to see the assignments my child has to complete?


How do I register for the Parent Portal?

How can I view my child's grades? 

How do I set up my Chromebook with a printer?

How do I know my child’s teacher’s email?

Can I use a gaming system to access Google Classroom?


How do I access Clever?

What is IXL?

How do I complete assignments on Flipgrid?

   How can I view my child's progress on i-Ready?

Social Emotional / Wellness 


 How can I help bring mindfulness techniques to my home?

What is Restorative Practice how can I use this at home to develop healthy relationships?

How can I help my child manage stress?

How can I help establish schedules and routines with my child?


How do I get the free Longwood Breakfast/Lunch Program?

How do I access the "Free Right At School Childcare for First Responders"?


Does the library have free things to do with my children? 

How do I contact the

wellness staff?