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Koenig to Olguin w cc to Pochtar and Ward
May 3 2018 1457 GMT

Started January 11 2018

Laura A Olguin
Member Investigations
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288
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RE:  USAA adjuster Richard J Froese not a licensed adjuster

Dear Ms Olguin:

As you already know, criminals:

Norma Mendiola Gerrald
Property Claims Representative
Northeast and Overseas Region
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288


Jannie D Morse
Northeast and Overseas Region
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288


Duane G Divich
Vice President
Northeast and Overseas Region
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288

on June 23 1989 sent an adjuster:

Richard J Froese
General Adjuster
R J Froese Adjustment Company
88 Sunnyside Boulevard Suite 05
Plainview NY 11803

to my family’s steam-pipe explosion damaged home at 55 Liberty Street #17C New York NY 10038.

At this juncture, at this late date,  I think that we are all agreed that Richard J Froese’s adjustment was wholly inadequate - an abject shortfall in loyalty, honesty, integrity and service that seems quite obviously to have had a criminally motivated origin.

[If the indemnity contract that my attorney-in-fact Robert F McDermott had underwritten with the severally liable surplus of other 2.5 million syndicate names was not intended to indemnify us for our contractual duty to restore our home from damage from exploded steam pipes - then please tell me what the indemnity contract was for.] 

To determine Richard J Froese’s status as a NYS licensed adjuster,  I have just consulted: 

When Mr Froese visited my family home on June 23 1989, pursuant to criminal Norma Mendiola, criminal Jannie Morse, and criminal Duane Divich’s instructions,:

Mr Froese seems not have been a NYS licensed adjuster.

In fact, his NYS license as an independent adjuster last expired on December 31 1985: 4 ½ years before he presented himself at my family’s home as a licensed adjuster.

Perhaps Mr Froese did not require a NYS license to be an adjuster as he was actually a USAA employee?  Was Froese a USAA employee?

Or was Mr Froese a USAA In-House Adjuster posing as a independent licensed adjuster?

I visited Mr Froese in his offices in the summer of 1989.

There was certainly no signage or other evidence that Mr Froese was a USAA in-house adjuster - as (I believe) is Jack Variano.

Richard J Froese’s possible exemption from registration as a USAA employee doesn’t square well with his 1989 business card:

We are informed by the NYS Secretary of State that there was indeed a R J Froese Adjustment Company Inc.

So - Ms Olguin:  which is it?

Was Richard J Froese a truly independent adjuster or a USAA employee?

USAA’s lawyer Robert Spadaro refused to produce Richard J Froese.

Grace Ward, on January 18 1995, in her very first visit to 55 Liberty Street # 17C, was slippery and evasive about the circumstances of Froese’s departure from the insurance adjustment industry.

Grace Ward produced these photographs during her January 18 1885 visit:

During her January 18 1995 visit, Grace Ward stated unquivovably to me her opinion that the origin of all damage at 55 Liberty Street # 17C was condensed hi-pressure Con Edison steam - which was delivered to the building through underground steam pipes from a Con Edison electric generating plant 4 miles to the North.

Grace Ward, who is a criminal, later testified under oath in court that I had intentionally caused all the damage to 55 Liberty Street # 17C by intentionally spilling water:  Grace Ward lied.

We also know that Mr Froese declared bankruptcy.

I believe that Robert F McDermott discovered that Richard J Froese was an incompetent unlicensed adjuster:  is this true?

I smell a rat here.

I believe that criminal Duane Divich, USAA Vice President Northeast and Overseas Regions had absolute scienter that Richard J Froese’s adjustment of the exploded seam pipe damage at 55 Liberty Street # 17C was faulty, ab initio.

And I believe that criminal Robert J Spadaro and these USAA  lawyers [all criminals]:

Anthony D Perri Esq
46 Bayville Park Boulevard
Bayville NY 11709

Neil Leslie Kanzer Esq
75 Franklin Street  
Amityville NY 11701

John Robert Seybert Esq
59 Watchogue Avenue Unit 23
East Moriches  NY 11940


Deborah Ann Pochtar Esq
Imperial House
150 E 69th Street Apt 17C
New York NY 10021

all knew that Richard J Froese’s adjustment was fundamentally flawed.

Perri, Kanzer, Seybert, and Pochtar knew that Richard J Froese’s fundamentally flawed adjustment could have been instantly corrected by having a licensed adjuster, ex post facto, produce the correct adjustment.

The correct adjustment was this:

Criminal Robert F McDermott along with what seems to have been his mistress Janice Marshall, binded and then formally issued an indemnity contract :

with the correct named perils;

with fully adequate limits of liability; and,

with wholly adequate surplus supplied by the 2.5 million unincorporated syndicate names at USAA;

which had at its core the purpose and objective to pay my family’s costs to restore all the damage from exploded steam pipes.

Deborah Pochtar is burdened with an identical duty.

At the time Deborah Pochtar tainted the April 1 1995 mediation proceedings before Judge Milton Mollen - she was herself a syndicate name at the unincorporated insurance syndicate.

Thus Deborah Pochtar was self-dealing.

What is also clear is that Robert F McDermott, on behalf of the 2.5 million syndicate names, was the subrogee of all of my family’s rights to claim against the cooperative insurance corporation.

If those subrogee rights to file a claim with the cooperative insurance corporation multi-peril policy:

Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company
NAIC 22187
Policy # 1131M75921-S

lapsed, it was not for lack of my having told Robert F McDermott that such a policy had existed.

Description of the path to subrogation in my first letter to Norma Mendiola on May 5 1989  [Exhibit “A”].

Even unlicensed adjuster Richard J Froese acknowledged the cooperative corporation’s Multi-Peril policy:

Richard J Froese, an unlicensed adjuster on assignment from USAA, acknowledged that there was a Multi-Peril Policy in his letter of December 6 1989 [Exhibit “B”].

I further make these statements with respect to Deborah Ann Pochtar, the USAA staff attorney who appeared for the 2.5 million syndicate names at a mediation session before Judge Milton Mollen on February 1 1995:

It is my belief that at the February 1 1995 mediation hearing before Judge Milton Mollen that USAA staff attorney Deborah Ann Pochtar:

.  .  .  intentionally misled a room full of lawyers and The Honorable Milton Mollen [RIP].

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
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Deborah Ann Pochtar Esq
Imperial House
150 E 69th Street Apt 17C
New York NY 10021

Grace L Ward has a relative; and this Andrew J Ward may be her son and associated with Excel Claims.

Exhibit “A”  May 24 1989  first letter to USAA’s Norma Mendiola

Exhibit “B”:  Froese’s December 6 1989 letter

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