“East…Always Moving Towards Excellence!”

Our mission is to work with the school community to provide a safe educational environment where students are stimulated to become lifelong learners, equipped with the knowledge and analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills to meet the demands of college and/or careers as informed citizens in a globally competitive market.

Greetings Raider parents, guardians, and friends,

Week in Review

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We finally concluded our PARCC testing for the year on Thursday of this week.  I would like to thank all of the students and staff for their efforts to provide a supportive testing environment.  We will be providing make-up testing this week.  We recognized our wonderful teachers as part of our Teacher Appreciation Week on Monday.  We provided a delicious breakfast for our staff to enjoy in the Main Office Conference Room.  Special thanks to our PTO for their efforts to coordinate the breakfast.  We began the AP Examination testing window Monday morning.  We wish our students success!

We held our final I & RS Committee meeting Tuesday morning to support our at-risk student needs.  Thank you to all of our staff who volunteered their time to be an effective part of this group.  I met with our Senior Graduation Committee Team in the afternoon to further our discussion on our June 22nd ceremony.  Students voted on various ceremonial procedural items.  We will meet one final time next week to wrap up our discussion.  Our Safety Team met after school to discuss our HIB data.  Mrs. Carolann Salvaggione provided our team with various graphs which characterized the nature and extent of the policies over the course of the year.  We will be meeting again to put in a plan to continue to improve on the frequency and types of incidents which impact our school setting.  We held our May PTO meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the success of the Gift Auction and our next steps.  

We held our monthly Faculty Meeting after school on Wednesday.  We recognized our PTO Board Members and thanked them for their service to our school.  I recognized the wonderful efforts of our retirees, Mrs. Kristin DeLucci, Mrs. Eileen Lombardi, and Mrs. Cathy Angilletta.  We also recognized our Employees of the Week (Mrs. Monica Santamaria and Mrs. Lisa Nigro) and RHR Mentor of the Month (Mrs. Laurie Rose).  I discussed miscellaneous end-of-year procedures and to reinforce school expectations through June 22nd.  I provided our goals for next school year and finished the meeting with a Staff Bingo game to continue to make staff-staff connections.  Congratulations to Ms. Rachel Calhoun for winning Rascal Flatts tickets and to Mrs. Masellis and Mrs. Picinic for winning a Target Gift Card and two free pies, respectively.  

I was invited to speak to Mrs. Gayle Robinson’s English classes Thursday morning.  I spoke to the students about my experience working in the environmental field and cleaning up hazardous waste sites.  I spoke to the kids how we cleaned up the groundwater and soils which were impacted from a landfill containing chemical warfare material.  We further discussed the price of convenience on human health, as it related to Ciba Geigy and our Toms River groundwater investigation in the 1980s and 1990s.  I provided details as to the results of the investigation and current state of our drinking water system.  I sometimes miss that connection of being in the classroom!  I would like to thank the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for their generous donation to our TV-21 Studio.  Our students, under the guidance of Mr. Kyle Austin and Mr. Chip Phillips, received a $2,000 donation for their production work on a corporate video for AWWA.  Great job students and staff!

We celebrated Nurses Week on Friday!  I would like to acknowledge the wonderful efforts of Mrs. Sammi Hvidding and Mrs. Michele Carter for all of their hard work providing care to our students and staff.  I appreciate Mrs. Hvidding and Mrs. Carter as they are caring members of our community and they strive to add their value in our building by being active members in various school growth committees.  They also both take the time to get into the classroom environment to provide health and well-being education to our students.  Thank you both for being positive reflections of our school community.

I would like to recognize Dominick McKeon for being a Respectful Raider this week!  Dominick found the personal belongings of a peer and turned them in to the Main Office. Thank you Dominick for being a positive reflection of our school community!

Congratulations to Keystin Arnone and Kohler Wagner for being recognized as our Seniors of the Month!  Keystin currently has perfect attendance for the year and has only missed two days of school her entire four years at East!  She has earned high honor roll status all marking periods at East.  She is described by one of her teachers as a motivated and positive young woman who excels at anything she puts her mind to.  She is meticulous, hardworking and ranks in the top 5% of her graduating class!  Great job Keystin!  Kohler is a self-motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic student who is described by his teachers as being well-mannered with a great sense of humor.  He has earned an impressive score on his AP History Exam, maintains a rigorous academic schedule and is involved in many clubs, such as; Interact and Key Club.  He represents our school on the lacrosse and swim teams where he has earned a leadership role as captain.  Congratulations to Keystin and Kohler for being positive reflections of our school community.

As part of our 180 Days of Excellence, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Mrs. Lynn Masellis.  Mrs. Masellis is our Environmental and Physical Science Teacher.  Mrs. Masellis brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom environment and delivers her instruction with passion.  She loves the subject matter and her students!  Great job Mrs. Masellis.  I would also like to recognize the efforts of our Special Education Supervisor, Mrs. Heather Mills.  Mrs. Mills has been a wonderful addition to our school district this year through her vast experience in the field.  Mrs. Mills is always available to our staff and we appreciate her support!    

Congratulations to Mr. Jay McKelvey for being recognized as our Employee of the Week.  Mr. McKelvey donated his personal time every morning to support the PARCC set-up process in the cafeteria.  Mr. McKelvey teachers math, and is a very caring educator.  He is always looking to improve his instructional strategies to support student achievement.  Thank you Mr. McKelvey for being a positive reflection of our school community.    

Athletically, congratulations to our softball team for their big wins over North and Jackson Memorial this week!  Great job Coach Olsen!  Our boys golf team beat High School South (twice) and Manchester Township!  Congratulations Coach Nemeth!  Our boys lacrosse teams continues their winning ways with a victory over Point Pleasant Borough!  Our baseball team earned a win over Manchester Township Friday evening and Jackson Liberty Saturday in the Ocean County Tournament Semifinals!  Keep up the great work boys!    

Ms. Fitzgerald’s 100 Things to do Before You Graduate

29.  Listen to your grandparents.  They can teach you things no one else can.

28.  Don’t worry about what other people think of you.

27.  Learn how to budget your money.

26.  Learn how to write a thank you note.

25.  Find out what you’re passionate about.

24.  Set a short term goal.  Then achieve it.

23.  Make a list of places you’d like to travel to.

22.  Eat healthier.

21.  Write a letter to yourself that you’ll open in 5 years.

20.  Go to Burger 25 and order anything.  It’s all delicious.  Trust me.

I will include 10 or so each week.  Thank you Ms. Kelly Fitzgerald for your list!

Freshmen Academy/STEAM

Mr. Kevin McCann and our STEAM Academy students are gearing up for our STEM field trip to Ocean County College on May 16, 2018.  Students will be provided an opportunity to attend one of four separate workshops.  Students will learn about the Arduino Project, Crime Scene Evidence, Scented Soaps, and/or Cosmic Show.  Construction has begun on our new Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab at High School East!

Attendance Matters

Academic Tips for the Summer Before College

There are still some things your teen can do the summer before college to brush up on their skills.

College academics are challenging; there is no denying that. Your student has to be prepared to take on the demanding coursework required in a college-setting, which will likely feel very different than their studies in high school. Hopefully by now you have established that they are indeed ready to take on college academics. But there are still some things your teen can do the summer before college to brush up on their skills:

Math Tips

Encourage your student to tutor younger kids in math to brush up on basic subject. Even if it is just for a short time with younger siblings or kids in the neighborhood, there can be a benefit. Bon Crowder, a math professor at Houston Community College, says this is a great way to help solidify key math concepts for students.

Have students calculate tips at restaurants when you go out to eat. This is a simple way to practice basic math skills that they will use when they are on their own.

Review budgeting basics with them. Have them plan monthly budgets for themselves during the summer so they are prepared for doing it on their own.

Highlight examples of math in the real world. Check out our That’s Math series for examples.

If you are driving to drop them off at their college, make your student pack the car. This requires analytical thinking to figure out how to make all of their belongings fit in the (sometimes small) space of your trunk.

English Tips

Encourage your student to read! “You only get better reading by reading,” Laurie Curtis, former assistant professor at Kansas State University, says. Students can read whatever they want; you get faster at reading by practicing it.

Read the newspaper. This can be during breakfast together, or leaving it for them to read later. Talk about current events during dinner or other times to go over what you have read. This is not only helpful for literacy, but will ensure your kid knows what is going on in the world.

Highlight the difference between novels you may read for fun and academic textbooks. Curtis suggests emphasizing that you don’t approach everything you read in the same way. For example, you should survey textbook chapters for titles, subheadings, and bolded words before starting to read them. You likely wouldn’t do this with a fiction novel you are reading for fun.

Buy a journal for your student and suggest they keep notes and reflections about their summer before college. This is not only a great way for them to practice expressing themselves through writing, but it will be a great memento for them to look back on.

I will continue to provide sections of the above article from the site listed below in the following Newsletters.  Interesting stuff!


Character Counts

Most coaches will tell you that they recruit athletes based on three major factors.

1. Athletic Ability.

2. Academic Success.

3. Character.

For this particular article I want to focus on number 3, character, and why it matters in your recruiting. I have heard countless athletes say “if I’m good enough, none of the other stuff will matter”. In today’s recruiting world that is just not true anymore. Character is more important than ever, and easier for coaches to gauge and research. In the world of social profiles and digital communications coaches can find out who you are as a person in a matter of seconds. However it doesn’t just take a digital profile to turn coaches off, be aware of how you act at all times. I will never forget when I was going through the recruiting process a coach from one of the all-time greatest volleyball schools told me about a girl he was recruiting and why it took him 1 second to decide to stop, we will refer to him as Coach X for this story. Coach X was at a tournament watching a particular player who happened to be a ranked recruit, and on the top of his recruiting list. As he was watching the team warm up, he noticed that she walked towards the back of the court and yelled up to the stands at her mother and said “MOM.WATER.NOW”. Coach X told me that in that moment he crossed her name off his list and walked to another court to watch someone else. Coach X said that the way she spoke to her mother, and the fact that a 17 year old wasn’t responsible enough to get her own water before the match started, made him realize that her .550 hitting percentage wasn’t worth a player with poor character. As NCSA’s Coach Bob Chmiel always says “College coaches want character, not characters”.

Two important things to think about when deciding who you want to present yourself as.

Friends and Character

And remember that you can tell a lot about someone’s character by the company they are around. Even if you're not the one who is making bad decisions, by being around people who are making bad decisions it reflects on you and the choices you make.

Social Media and Character

Social media is a great place to build your character but if used irresponsibly, it could ultimately hurt your character. College coaches are using social media to get to know recruits as these platforms allow student-athletes to let their guard down. This could make you or break you so maintain a professional profile. Make good decisions and be accountable for the actions you take. In the past two years we have seen several recruits lose their scholarship opportunities because of something they posted on social media.

And always remember

“Character is doing what’s right when no one else is looking”  -JC Watts

The above article was collected from the following link:


Tips to Improve School Outcomes

40 Tips to Improve Student Success

1. Rely on systems, not motivation

Students who do well in school don’t wait until they’re in the mood to study before they get down to work.  Neither do they wait until they feel motivated before they start preparing for an exam.  Instead, successful students rely on systems to ensure that they get the work done, even when they don’t feel like it.  (Keep on reading to find out what some of these systems are.)

2. Review any new information you’ve learned on the same day

This daily review won’t take long to complete, but it’s a vital step that ensures you stay on top of the material.  Applying this tip will also help you to move the information to your long-term memory more quickly.

3. Write everything down

To be an effective student, write everything down.  This includes homework to be completed, test and exam dates, project deadlines, competition dates, school and family events, etc.  Don’t assume that you’ll be able to remember anything; write it all down to stay organized.  This tip might sound extreme, but life only gets busier as you get older. So this tip will serve you well for the rest of your life.

4. Create a rough weekly schedule

It’s impossible to follow a schedule down to the minute, but it’s still helpful to create a schedule.  Write down your rough weekly schedule based on your recurring commitments, e.g. school, extracurricular activities, family and social events, religious activities.  Then block out regular time each week for homework and studying.  For example, your rough weekly schedule might state that you’ll do work on:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 7pm to 9:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 4pm to 7pm

Saturday and Sunday: 2pm to 5pm

5. Get rid of distractions before they become distractions

The biggest obstacle to doing well in school is distractions.  To overcome distractions, you can’t depend on willpower. Few of us have the willpower necessary to fight off all the distractions that surround us in this digital era.  Here are some ways to eliminate distractions before they become distractions:

 I will include 5 tips each week, which are provided from the following link:




As we approach the final few weeks of school, students tend to take liberties in regards to school dress code and electronics policies.  Please reinforce with your child that September rules and expectations will be followed through June 22nd.  Thank you for your support!  

This Week at East

AP Exams will continue this week and we will be completing our make-up PARCC testing.  Our committees will meet for the final time this year.  We will discuss our goals moving forward.  Paraprofessional Appreciation Day was rescheduled for Monday, May 14th.  Junior Prom will be held at our East Student Center Saturday evening.  All NHS inductees will be notified by Advisor, Mrs. Laura Morgan, on Thursday.  Rehearsal practice will take place on Friday, with the ceremony being held the 21st of May at 5:00 p.m.


Toms River High School East will be offering PSAT’s to Grade 9 students and Grade 10 students beginning 2017-2018. If your child is going to be a junior next year, they will only receive the second administration of the PSAT upon request. This request must be in writing to our Guidance Office. Please notify the Guidance department by June 22th.


If you have an interest in joining the PTO and supporting our worthy causes, please email Mrs. Kim Platten at kimplatten24@gmail.com. 


I would like to thank The Olive Garden for their continued support of High School East.  We have received several lunches in recognition of the efforts our staff make to support student achievement.  Thank you Olive Garden, we appreciate you!

Special thanks to our anonymous donors for our Raise Craze Fundraiser!  The donors purchased a 43” LCD Smart Television to auction off in support of our goal to promote positive school behavior!  Thank you!

I would like to thank Douglas and Mary Fantuzzi for their generous donation to our Robotics Club – Short Circuits.  Our Robotics Club growth is dependent upon the acquisition of funds from various community sponsors.  On behalf of Mrs. Suzanne Signorelli and Mr. Walt Patelunas, I would like to personally thank you for your support of our program.  

I would like to thank CBJ Farms for donating the shrubs/plants for the front entrance of our building for our beautification project.  CBJ Farms is located on 36 Newbold Lane in Chesterfield, New Jersey.  The phone number is (609) 291-9292.  

I would like to thank Chris Rampone for his continued support of our school’s educational incentives to improve school achievement.  Mr. Rampone has generously donated thousands of dollars in coupons to his Jersey Mike’s Subs establishments in Toms River.  Chris is committed to supporting our initiative to improve school achievement through positive school behavior and attendance.  Thank you Chris for all you are doing for East and our community!  

I would like to thank Morano Tours for donating $300 to our school account in support of our attendance and character initiatives.  Thank you Bill Morano your generosity.  The funds will be used to purchase certificates, shirts, and other gifts during our monthly student drawings.  Check out his website, Moranotours.net or call to make a reservation at (732) 237-9977.  Bill was a former teacher at East and is personally connected to our community.

I would also like to thank our wonderful partner, Thompson Health Care, for providing the staff with breakfast on our first day of school.  Thompson Health Care has volunteered to provide food, speakers, and other school-related services in support of our school vision and mission.  Thompson Health Care provides chiropractic, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, physical therapy, medical pain management and medical weight loss to their patients.


Mr. Thomas, Principal

We at High School East


Anchored in Integrity,

Devoted to Excellence,


Focused on results:

well educated and highly ethical graduates.