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Nov. Newsletter 2022
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Umoja Karamu, meaning "unity feast" in Swahili, is an African-American celebration begun in 1971 by Dr. Edward Sims, Jr. Celebrated in a manner similar to Thanksgiving, Umoja Karamu is held on the fourth Sunday in November. Its purpose is to instill solidarity, black values, and appreciation of black heritage into black families. Prayers, libations to honor ancestors, historical readings, and feasts mark observances.

The celebration is based on five periods of African-American life, each represented by a color to be used in the ceremony.

  1. Prior to Slavery - the color black, represents black families in Africa before slavery
  2. In Slavery - the color white, symbolizes the scattering of black families during slavery
  3. Upon Emancipation - the color red, marks blacks' liberation from slavery
  4. Struggle for Liberation - the color green, significances the struggle for civil rights and equality
  5. Looking to the Future - the color gold (or orange), points celebrants to hope for the future

(Umoja Karamu) Our School Traditions

It’s that time of year to acknowledge our many blessings!  Barack Obama Leadership Academy will host its annual Umoja Karamu Feast on campus, the day before our Thanksgiving Break.  Stay tuned for more information…

            BOLA Math Games Night November 29, 2022 4:30PM to 6:30PM