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WSCA Board Meeting Minutes:  August 3, 2018- 4:00 PM

Board Members in Attendance:

*Donna Anderson was nominated and elected to the board as Vice-President, filling the WSCA board position of John Headley who has resigned.

*Jerry Perez was nominated and elected to the board as Treasurer, filling the position of Dave Hamilton who has resigned. Thanks Dave for 18 years of service on the board. We will miss you. If you see Dave out on a shoot, please thank him!

The board meeting was very well attended, as a minimum of 20+ Members attended the meeting. This includes some original founding members of the WSCA, Matt Miranda and Art Heitlauf.

They offered valuable information as to the founding and origin of WSCA in the late 90’s.

Discussion Items


NSCA Delegates

Washington State is eligible for a total of 3 national delegate seats. Currently we have 2 delegate positions filled, and have the 3rd position vacant. Jim Darby indicated that the write-in nomination process is open only through August 7th.

RTE Program

Dean Cornelison was present from Double Barrel Ranch, and offered some firsthand insight into the attendance from the West side of the state. Ultimately it was decided to discontinue the RTE tour. The WSCA board voted to delete the program but remains committed to promoting our East side Clubs, and will work with these Clubs to determine another way to help promote these shoots.

Youth Shooting

The WSCA Board approved the funding for youth shooting for next year.

Washington State Championship Tournament

The group had a lively discussion about the involvement of WSCA in the planning of the annual state shoot. Participating in the discussion were Tom Rhea of SST, Chris Klein/Rich Hoyt of Lost Pair Ranch and John Thorpe/Jeff Spivey of Granite Falls Sportsman’s Club.

Many items were discussed, including tournament timing, funding, club capabilities and motivations. The WSCA board expressed a desire to provide assistance to these Clubs. WSCA financial participation in the past was irregular and varied greatly from year to year.

The folks that put on these shoots provided firsthand details of the challenges of hosting this tournament.

The WSCA Board approved the purchase of prizes for the Washington State shoot at Lost Pair Ranch. The overall budget for prizes is $5,000. Dave Hamilton has volunteered to help our new Treasurer, Jerry Perez, in the purchase of the prize package this year. The door prizes purchased by WSCA will be given to Lost Pair Ranch for distribution. There will be no WSCA Shoot-off events.

Chris Klein and Tom Rhea talked about organizing the various Clubs and trying to set something up for further discussion at the State shoot (Lost Pair Ranch) about the planning of the upcoming shooting schedule, including the State Tournament next year. SST is hosting our 2019 State Tournament.

The Gerard Loupe Memorial Tournament

Many of you might be aware of the passing of Gerard Loupe in late July. For many of us, he held a very special place in our lives and now holds that special place in our hearts and memories. He made an impact on a lot of people’s shooting, and for that matter lives.

In honor of his memory, the decision on the Board (and in the audience!) was to dedicate and honor his life and service. Thus annual State preliminary shoot, will be designated the “Gerard Loupe Memorial Tournament”. His place in local shot-gunning will not be forgotten.

The next WSCA Board Meeting will be held at the State Tournament at Lost Pair Ranch. All shooters are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend.