Policies and Procedures

PLEASE READ ALL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES CAREFULLY. FIT & NU management has established a variety of policies and procedures to ensure members have both, a fun and safe experience while using the facilities. It is recommended that our members review the following policies. If you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to the contact the FIT & NU management staff at fitandnu@gmail.com . We may change these Policies and Procedures from time to time without prior notice to you and will post the updated Policies and Procedures to the Policy site.


All members must be accompanied by a FIT & NU Coach to access the Fitness Center.


Proper athletic attire must be worn during FITness training sessions.


Monthly Memberships are offered to new and current members of FIT & NU. There is no activation fee and a three (3) month commitment. After your 3 month commitment has run its course, this then becomes a month-to-month membership.

6 & 12-month program memberships’ commitment is the length of the term of the program (i.e. 6 months) and generally includes an activation fee. Activation fee is waived if paid in full. Prices are subject to applicable taxes, assessments and, as described above, FIT & NU surcharges. Membership is non-transferable. Memberships are not redeemable for cash or any substitute.


All monthly membership payments are automatically drafted every month, payments are due on day of month plan starts. Member will be charged $2 for every failed transaction. Initial purchase of the membership cannot be completed until the client accepts terms and conditions.


Personal Freeze: Open-ended and 12-month memberships qualify for personal membership freezes. Memberships can be placed on freeze for one to three consecutive months. This benefit is available once per calendar year. Your membership cannot be retroactively credited or refunded for time away. For personal membership freezes, a one-time freeze fee of $25 is assessed. For members paying on a monthly basis via EFT, your account will be charged automatically. For paid in full memberships, the total freeze charge is due and payable upon making the freeze request. Freeze dues are per person. All freeze requests must be made in writing and submitted at least 7 days prior to the effective date of the freeze.  Memberships on freeze cannot be canceled without proper notice.  Freeze period does not count towards proper notice. Members with a frozen membership will still have access to FIT & NU Coach app as a “non-training client”.

Medical Freeze: A physician's note is required to place a membership on freeze for medical reasons. The minimum term for a medical freeze is one (1) month and the maximum is six (6) months. If you need additional time after the 6 months has lapsed, an extension can be issued with another physician's note. There are no fees for a medical freeze. To reinstate your membership, a physician's clearance is required on or before the date of your return. We reserve the right to refuse member participation without a physician's clearance. For other types of freezes (Active Duty Military, Missionary Assignment, Temporary Employment Transfer), please see FIT & NU Management.


All members are responsible to enroll in to training and coaching sessions based on the scheduled commitment discussed at their monthly NU check-ins by their Coach. If the member needs to make changes to their training schedule, the member is responsible for un-enrolling in the session that does not work with their schedule; then, enrolling in the preferred training session at least 24 hours in advance via FIT & NU Booking & Client Portal. If the class is full, member will be waitlisted until a spot opens up, which member will then be automatically added to the class roster and notified.

If it is past the 24 hour window then member must notify their FIT Coach directly, via FIT & NU Coach app, text, call or email, in addition to un-enrolling and enrolling via FIT & NU Booking & Client Portal.


If member cannot make a scheduled training session, they must remove themselves from the roster at least 4 hours before the start time of the session, and at least an hour before their coaching session via FIT & NU Booking & Client Portal.

Make-Ups: If the member desires to “make up” the missed session, they may do so if additional sessions are scheduled within that week, then the option to enroll and attend is available. However, members cannot attend more sessions allowed a week based on their membership (i.e. SLIGHT WORK = training 2x a week; ALL IN = training 3x a week). Training weeks are from Monday to Saturday.

There will be times when a Coach may not be able to train given personal, professional or medical reasons. At these times, the Coach will make every attempt to avoid cancellation. Please understand that FIT & NU is operated by two (2) staff members - Head FIT Coach Brittney Rae Reese, Head NU Coach Joslyn Reese-Hopkins. Staff and cancellations are unavoidable given the limited number of qualified Coaches available at this time. In cases of cancellation, notices will be posted in advance via FIT & NU Coach app and the online scheduler / fitandnu.com/classes. In addition, a cancellation email will be automatically sent to those who are previously enrolled to the cancelled session. Please feel free to contact your Coach the day of your session to check availability.

If a session is cancelled due to the fault of FIT & NU, members may attend another session within 7 days to “make up” for the loss session. Please note that there will be no additional trainings added to the Small Group Training schedule for “make ups”. Unused visits will not roll over for training and Coaching sessions, unless loss sessions were of the fault of FIT & NU.


All Aurora Marketplace and Cushman & Wakefield Policies and Procedures apply to the use of the Fitness Center (see AMP Class Pass Terms & Conditions). FIT & NU staff is responsible for enforcement of the building policies and Fitness Center guidelines. Courtesy for other members, staff and the equipment in the Fitness Center is expected and required. Loud, boisterous or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with building and FIT & NU policies and Fitness Center guidelines may result in immediate eviction from the center, revocation of membership with no refund.



Guest passes may be used so non-members may participate in a training session. A FIT & NU member guest is defined as an individual who is:

  1. not affiliated with FIT & NU and is visiting a current member; or
  2. a FIT & NU Group X attendee who does not have a current membership; or
  3. an invited visitor that is employed by a Aurora Marketplace tenant.

Each FIT & NU membership includes one (1) FREE guest pass a month. After a guest’s first visit on a member’s guest pass, they then must pay the drop-in rate or become a member.

Drop-in rate per training session is $20 per person. Non-members can purchase a drop-in pass or “class pass” online at fitandnu.com/classes, following enrolling in the training session. Guests must sign physical activity waiver prior to the session, and must be at least 13 years of age, accompanied by an adult.


Referrals are the greatest compliment you can give us, therefore we would like to incentivise members as a “thank you” for the referral.

If a member refers someone and their referral signs-up for any of the following memberships or packages: “SLIGHT WORK,” “ALL IN,” “LIMITLESS,” “TRACK STAR,” “WELLNESS JUMPSTART,” “6 MONTH WELLNESS PROGRAM” any WELLNESS &/or TRAINING PACK (4, 8, 12, 24), then the member will receive a FREE MONTH. 

Incentive applies only to members who have committed and completed payment for at least one month of service. Free month(s) will apply to the 4th month of service and beyond depending on when referral was converted. Each member is allowed up to 5 free months a year - 1 free month per converted referral.


Other than water bottles, food and beverages are not allowed in the fitness center. It should also be noted that water fountains and restrooms are located on the 12th floor if you do not choose to bring water with you to the center.


Whenever a fire alarm is sounded, immediate evacuation of the building is the appropriate response. If there is a fire alarm while you are in the fitness facility, you must immediately leave the center through the nearest exit door, by way of the stairs, and remain outside until it has been announced that it is safe to enter the building.


If you have the flu, a cold, or any other contagious illness, please do not attend training or Coaching session. Attending sessions with a contagious illness puts you and all other members at risk. Illness causes an individual's system to become weaker and the likelihood for injury increases significantly when training under these conditions. Furthermore, given the nature of physical training, the transmission of contagious diseases occurs quite readily.

Dispensers of sanitizing towels are available in the Fitness Center for cleaning perspiration from all used equipment, mats and benches. Please be courteous of fellow Fitness Center users and use the supplies provided in the areas that you use.


Any member who incurs an injury or becomes dizzy/ill while training should immediately inform their FIT Coach for assistance. A first aid kit is kept nearby for minor injuries. In cases requiring more extensive first aid, your FIT Coach will contact the appropriate personnel for assistance. It is important that FIT & NU and Aurora Marketplace staff be notified of any cases of injury or illness so that proper procedures can be initiated. Athletic tape may only be used for minor injuries.


Articles lost in either the facility or office are kept in the office lost and found box located behind the front desk as you enter. FIT & NU & FIT & NU staff are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles or for any items left in the office while you are away in the fitness center.


All members and non-member guest and staff must follow proper Aurora Marketplace parking policies. If you arrive for a session after the building hours (Hours: M-F 6am - 6:30pm; Sat & Sun 8am - 2pm), it is encouraged you park in the back of Tower 1 as the front will  be locked.


  1. For the courtesy of all Fitness Center users and for safety reasons, all members MUST re-rack their own dumbbells and weight plates after they have finished using them. Having weights spread throughout the center poses obvious hazards. Continued failure to abide by this Fitness Center policy may lead to the suspension or termination of your membership.
  2. Please do not slam or drop the weights.
  3. All members MUST use a spotter for safety reasons. If you do not have a lifting partner, ask your FIT Coach to assist you. If you are a person who requires the use of hand and wrist support, and/or a back/knee brace for weightlifting, please come equipped with these accessories as FIT & NU does not provide them.


During times of inclement weather, FIT & NU will make every effort to remain open and keep to its schedule. There may be times, however, that a Coach is unable to make a session due to weather conditions (especially in the early morning) and the Fitness Center will be closed. Please feel free to call/text your Coach during these times to check on their status.


See class schedule for closures. FIT & NU observes most holidays.

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