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What is something that we should continue in the district?

Youth Apprenticeship was very positive for students.  (River Bank in Stoddard given as an example)  Students walked in to WTC/workforce and were prepared.

Welding…given the regional need for skilled welders, this should be a priority for our tech ed program.  

Students and parents would like to see the woods class return to the High School.  

Robotics is an important program in our district that needs to be supported.  Although robotics is available at every school, messaging about this program should be emphasized as some people did not know about the program.

Summer school…we have lots of great options for our younger students but fewer for older MS/HS students.

Community pleased with the community connections forged by the High School Service Club.

Community pride in our music program.  This is important to keep strong.  Question about orchestra.

Community pride in the fact that all are welcome in our athletic programs and that students who have an interest in sports will be able to play.  

Ideas for other programs?

There is a desire to bolster the foreign language program.  Not just Spanish.  What about other languages just as electives (i.e. Norwegian)?

Personal finance is important for our kids, but we should think about expanding it to make it more thorough.

Summer school…we have lots of great options for our younger students but fewer for older MS/HS students.  Consider offering an original credit PE course for high school students.  Continue providing transportation and expand options for Chaseburg residents.  

Do we have an independent study option for courses (PE mentioned specifically) at the high school?

Can we have a garden at the High School?  Ecology/plant identification in classes?

Can we run an engineering course at the High School?

Is it possible to have a soccer program?  Discussion about young students going to Viroqua to participate in club soccer.

Anything specific for Coon Valley Elementary?

Parents and community members were pleased with the school garden at CVE…how do we build upon this resource for more outdoor educational opportunities for students?

Alternative seating and fidgets for elementary students was something that parents and community members valued but there was acknowledgement that such items can cause distractions for some.

Keep 3 recesses at CVE

Question about whether the gym at Coon Valley is/could be used after hours.

Discussion about how to get the word out for Coon Valley and Westby community meetings:  flyers at the Library, Post Office, Kwik Trip, Village Hall, Legion to catch those who do not have children in school, email for parents.


Coon Valley Listening Session

Drivers Ed…during the day.  Consider opening up to other groups…outside of school.

Summer school…a consideration…

Consider talking to Olson’s

Personal Finanace…do we need more?  Teach kids what it means to be financially careful so that students don’t wind up in financial difficulties.  Dave Ramsey program…Credit cards, who to contact to do your taxes, etc.  Consider a second course senior year before they leave.  Compound interest, investing.  Christy does a good job with scholarships, FAFSA, etc.  But she’s only one person and can only do so much.

Music programs…new choir director, Tara Lyons.  Proud of our music program and musicals.  

Remember that curiosity is blooming at the elementary level.  Be sure to offer samplings of lots of experiences at the elementary level.  

At Risk program…adventure and outdoor ed program should be continued.  Study other programs for at risk.

Robotics program…at all levels

Coon Valley Elementary

Garden is an example of a great thing to expose kids to

Expose elementary kids to financial literacy (Junior Achievement)

Extra stuff at Coon Valley after school (before school?)...perception that WES has more

Ask Eli to ask parents again about after school care at CVE…

Westby backpack program

Adjust summer school hours for Middle School Summer School…8:00 start or 12:00 end?

Bus to and from Chaseburg for summer school…return to Chaseburg after 11:30 class

Particularly for little kids.


Westby Listening Session

Keep music strong.  I was in it and now my kids are in it.

Personal Finance…consider including:

Basic understanding of taxes

Filling out a W2

Filling out a resume

Job applications

Consider extending summer school courses to a full day if possible…Can we find a way to supervise kids in the gym doing intramurals or something similar?

Norse Care is going well.

Woods and welding…bring that back

Maintenance course…how to do basic auto maintenance, how to fix basic things in your home…excitement for this

Keep small engine repair

Is there a class on coping skills?  Keep a focus on making this happen in k-12 guidance, health, etc.

Maybe mental health needs to get bumped up to a higher focus…required like PE…maybe a ¼ or ½ year course dedicated to it

We should consider teaching kids about how to handle social media, exposure to SO MUCH stimuli

Racism…”my son has not been confronted with racism, but there have been racist incidents.”

How do we have a community conversation about racism?  How do we have a community conversation about LGBTQ+?  How do we have a community conversation about drugs?

Do we have a buddy program…something to keep kids productive after school…kids not in sports, etc.  What about an adult mentor program?

Can we explore  bringing back Big Brothers, Big Sisters?

Keep the buddy bench program (for kids who need someone to play with, be friends with after school)

What about a program partnership with UW-L to have mentors (from psychology or rec) to mentor…what about mentorship with high school kids?  Western TC Viroqua campus?

Tutoring for kids outside of school?  How do we make that consistent?  5 years ago Bekkum Library tried to do this but it didn’t get as much traction then…try again?  The Bekkum is putting a study together for long range strategic planning right now so the timing might be right.

Community service…can this be more prominent somehow?

Can we find a place for kids to go after school for mentoring, internet access, supervision, etc.?  Work with the City?

Can we work with churches to find volunteers…can we work with Viroqua businesses/resources to cast a wider net?

Outdoors here…what can we do to get kids outdoors and capitalize on our resources right here?

IMPACT … needs volunteers to keep making things happen at Westby Elementary.

How do we keep parents connected to each other  through middle and high school.

We like the amount of opportunities available to kids at high school…it’s amazing…I appreciate AP courses, dual credit courses, etc.

Keep independent study going for those who want it.

Is it time to consider weighting classes?  How do we acknowledge all levels to recognize academic workload (students scoring well in extremely rigorous courses vs those scoring well in basic courses)…consider the Laude system?

Concern about middle school report card and misunderstanding about report card.  It would be a good idea to come out with a repeat of the explanation for that transition now that families have “lived” several report cards with the new system.

Bullying Prevention…keep it a focus…social media a contributor to the problem?

What is the game plan for attracting students to the district?

Can we diversify foreign language offerings to include other than Spanish…distance learning labs and Rural Virtual Academy