Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

        “Well, at least he wasn’t yelling at you about it?” “Thanks Roesia, that’s very reassuring.” “I mean, you shouldn’t have done that on your own. You could’ve called the authorities instead to deal with it.” “Yes, and let him have more time hurting the children. That wasn’t really an option, and also I didn’t know what was going on to begin with, you should know how far my shop is from the square.” Roesia was getting a bit blushed with anger for the fact that she was getting upset over his good decision. “Alright, I guess you had to do what you had to do, but now you got necromancers after  you, and the whole town is in danger. I just want to make sure yo.. We’re safe. I wouldn’t want this to be blamed on you.” “I know this will be fine in the end. Don’t worry about it. They just need to lose a game right, how hard could it be to do that?” Roesia was a bit upset still, but decided not to point out that he barely played the game professionally for the first time.

        “Okay then Iñigo, I think it’s time for you to get ready then.” “Ready, as in?” “As in you need to prepare for these Necromancers so that everything actually does end up fine. I want you to get to your lab, and strat trying to discover new stuff so that you have a variety of ways to combat those fiends!”  Iñigo was rather saddened by the sight of Roesia’s seriousness in her eyes. “I wished you didn’t find me. In fact, you not finding me might have been able to give me the opportunity to hide myself from the world so I wouldn’t be involved in this.” “Well, you got yourself into this, now you’re going to finish it.” “Alright, I’ll go to the lab, but only for the people, not because if I don’t, you’ll attack me in my sleep again. How did you even get into my house that time, I remember locking up that night.” “Well, maybe I’ll tell you how I did it next time, but you have to be extra busy now. After you beat these guys, you can open the shop, and we’ll all be happy again. I have to run to the market over to the south west, don’t do anything that you’ll regret!” Roesia hugged Iñigo then started to run off for the south entrance. “That crazy chick? Never will I be able to figure her out.”

Iñigo started to walk over to his house, noticed the square was still active with the crowd that was watching him from earlier. They were a lot playing Elementist, while others were more trying to help supply the games. He continued on to see that his shop has been opened since he left. As he entered, he could see the dust that flew in from the battle earlier most likely. Nice way to make a dirty home. He went to his room to find his sketches all over the walls, endless amount of work has been put into his design of trying to recreate the recipe of the fountain of youth. He had the original one in his possession of course, but it wasn’t in a language that he could understand. He has worked on this ever since coming to the city, and had an infinite amount of ideas of how to properly create it, but nothing in spain would be able to truly make it work. He didn’t care to actually use it on himself, but did wish to make sure that once he has found it, he would be able to make it impossible for anyone else to try making it. He had made sure that in case anyone would try to get into his home, he coded the sketches so that no one could get the progress he’s made. Iñigo grabbed his coat for the evening was coming, started up a candle to then head to the basement that Mayor Antonio setup for him after the first few months of his stay in the city.

Iñigo had many different properties that he had worked with to find the solution to purity, but each “failure” helps him achieve more discovery of how water truly works, thus he had a lot to translate over to terms that others could understand. He worked for the next four hours reviewing over each of the conclusions. Afterwards, he decided that he had done enough for the evening, then went back up stairs. He then saw that Roesia was in the kitchen, asleep in a chair near the rear window. He was able to notice that she had made him some food and had more supplies that he would need in order to combat the necromancers. He again remembered that that he actually locked up after noticing the dust that filled the room. He went over to her, pat her gently on the head to get her to wake up, then he walked her to a spare bedroom that he had. He helped her into the bed, then went to the other room. Before he was out of the room, Roesia said, “Thank you Iñigo, I wouldn’t be ..” yawning mid sentence, then she fell to sleep. “Sweet dream Rose, I hope you have the most enjoyable slumber.” He smiled at the fact that she was drooling, almost got him to chuckle. He went to the kitchen, ate the food left for him, then went to his bed for the night.

Iñigo continued to think about what he did today. I would’ve made them proud. Felipe would have fetched mom and dad to watch the instant I started. Mom would have been so worried that I would lose that she would’ve almost cried like three times. Then Dad, he would have been silent. Felipe would be yelling at me to rock alter’s world. Mom would have smacked him over the head for it. Then there would be Dad, he would continue to watch. Every action he would analyze, down to the positioning of my body. Dad would wait until I finished the match. Felipe would run up and start messing with my hair, Mom would have given me a large hug. Dad… He would simply stare at me for a few more minutes, then he would offer his hand for a hand shake. I would attempt it, then we would be there for a moment, the longest moment. After that, we would head home. It wouldn’t be until late into the night, when the rest of the home would be fast asleep when he would come to my room with a candle to awaken me. I would enter the kitchen where he would have my favorite treat, a plate of small cream filled custards that we would share into the night as he told stories of when he was my age, or about his father when he was with him. Mom would then notice us asleep on the chairs and leave us late into the morning, almost afternoon. “I wish you were all here with me,” Iñigo whispered into the night.