Secondary instrumental music (Band)  is an elective course.  Grades are dependent upon the student’s preparation and participation. Being in band fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation with one academic fine arts credit per semester. Goals of the course include developing the student’s 1) instrumental skills, 2) ability to sight-read music, 3) performance skills, and 4) teamwork ethics.

Instrumental music addresses the 21st Century learning construct of developing employability skills through its teamwork, effective communication / presentation skills, and the fostering of accountability and responsibility.

Opportunities in instrumental music include concert band, parade marching band, pep band (supporting sports activities of football and basketball), and IHSMA contests (solo/small ensemble and large group).  Members of the band are eligible for extracurricular activities including colorguard, jazz band (two contests--IHSMA and SEP Jazz Fest.), All-State band, honor bands and NICL conference band activities.

Prerequisite: at least two years of middle school band-(during grades 5-8)

- Maximum Class Size: Unlimited -

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CONCERT CHOIR: Secondary Vocal Music (Concert Choir) is an elective course. Students will be introduced to various styles and periods of music history through their participation in Concert Choir.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Goals of the course are to develop: 1) singing skills 2) ability to sight-read music 3) performance skills and 4) life / employability skills.

STANDARDS: Concert Choir addresses the Iowa Fine Arts Standards: *CREATE *PERFORM *RESPOND *CONNECT which includes the 21st Century Employability Skills of teamwork, effective communication and presentation skills, and the fostering of accountability and responsibility.

PERFORMANCES: The Concert Choir annually performs in the Holiday Concert in December, the Coffee Concert in March and the Spring Concert in May. The Choir also performs at the NICL Conference Vocal Festival in January and the IHSMA State Large Ensemble Contest in May.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Members of Concert Choir are eligible to audition for extra-curricular music activities, including: All-State Choir Auditions, Fall Musical, State Solo/Small Ensemble Contest, honor choirs, summer music camps and workshops.

ACADEMIC CREDIT: Members of Concert Choir will receive one academic credit per semester. Participation in Concert Choir does fulfill the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.         

Maximum Class Size: Unlimited

Prerequisite: none         

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