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Why am I not getting a confirmation email after requesting username or password help? If you do not see an email from check inside your SPAM folder, junk mail folder, bulk Items folder or trash folder to see if the e-mail landed in any of those folders. It is recommended to add this address to your contacts list to ensure delivery.

Do I have to have a separate account for each of my children?

No, you can have one account with all of your children attached. You will, however, need the Access ID and Access Password for each of your children.

Can both parents have a Parent Portal Account?

Yes! Both parents can have their own separate parent portal account. You can also allow access for other guardians as well. Perhaps they are staying with their grandmother for a time; you can allow her to set-up her own account as well.

Even though I can see my child's grades online, will students still receive mid-term progress reports and report cards?

Yes. A paper report card will be distributed each grading period. However, to receive a summary report of grades at any time, parents must sign up through their Parent Portal account.

Whom do I contact with a question about my child’s grades?

Contact your child’s individual teacher with specific grading questions.