MGA Tournament Director (TD) Duties  

  1. Tournament Director (TD) Schedule Changes: If you must change your scheduled day as a TD, swap with another TD and immediately notify your Group Coordinator of the change. If you can’t find a substitute, contact your Group Coordinator or the Tournament Committee Chairman.
  2. Pick Up Scorecards: Scorecards and pairing sheets are normally available for pick up at the Pro Shop where your event is scheduled to be played by the Thursday prior to your event. Call the Pro Shop to confirm they are ready. Review the pairing sheet to ensure your name and phone number are correct. Make sure you have some extra blank scorecards.
  3. Pairing Changes: Once all late additions and cancellations are made, do your best to substitute like handicaps, depending on the format, making foursomes a priority. When satisfied with pairings, notify the added players of their tee times, and make scorecard and pairing sheet changes. Assign any new foursomes to the last tee times in your group.
  4. Forms: Make sure you have the proper “Event Results Summary” form. This form, “TD Duties”, and “Event Rules” sheets are included in your event folder or may be provided electronically by your Group Coordinator. All forms are also available on the MGA Website.
  5. Tournament Day: Arrive 45 minutes before your group’s first tee time. Give your revised pairing sheet to the Pro Shop and check for additional cancellations. The Pro Shop will provide a table for your use to check-in all players.
  6. Event Instructions: Players are expected to bring their own copy of the Event Rules. The TD will give one member of each foursome their scorecard. Instruct players to return properly signed scorecards to the MGA group collection box after play.
  7. Playing Conditions:  The TD will decide to lift/clean/place, and/or rake traps. In general, if it is cart paths only due to wetness, play lift/clean/place. Indicate playing condition choices on each scorecard.
  8. Check Results:  After completion of play, collect all scorecards for your group. Audit scorecards for accuracy and correct errors if needed. Do not disqualify anyone for addition errors. 
  9. Ties: Break ties for 1st place only using the USGA recommended practice in the following order: 1) Total of holes 10 - 18; 2) Total of holes 13 - 18; 3) Total of holes 16 - 18; 4) Score on hole 18; 5) Repeat steps 1 thru 4 for holes 1 - 9.

**All ties other than 1st place are not to be broken and will split appropriate place awards.

  1. Record and Deliver Results: Complete all information on the provided “Event Results Summary” form with the exception of the Points column. Point determinations will be completed by your Group Coordinator. Deliver, email, or call in the results from this form to your Group Coordinator by the end of the tournament day.  Keep scorecards from your event for several weeks, or give them to your supervisor, in case there are questions about scoring or places.  If no questions arise the cards can be thrown away.
  2. Posting of Scores: The TD is responsible for posting all scores. Check the schedule for posting requirements. Prior to posting all scorecards will need to be adjusted to a maximum of NET DOUBLE BOGEY (Par + 2 + any handicap strokes you receive) on each hole. In order to assist the Tournament Director, all team captains need to circle any hole that needs to be adjusted down to NET DOUBLE BOGEY. Some MGA events are designated as either *H or *T. *H event scores must be entered into GHIN as HOME. *T scores must be entered as TOURNAMENT HOME. Computers for GHIN posting are at all courses..
  3. Hole-In-One:  If a player records a GROSS hole in one, record the player’s name, the hole number, and names of witnesses on the bottom of the “Event Results Summary” form.
  4. Weather Decisions:  The Group TD will decide as to when play for his group is to be suspended or cancelled, regardless of what other groups have done. Be sure to notify participants if event is suspended or canceled. For an event to be official, 80% of group players must complete at least 9 holes. If 80% of players complete 18 holes, the event will be considered complete and results will be from those that played 18 holes. If less than 80% complete 18 holes, results will be based on the first 9 holes only. At no time does the MGA want players to take any unreasonable risk. Ultimately it is the responsibility of each player to decide when conditions are not safe.

Thank you for volunteering for this very important task.  The MGA could not do this without you.  Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

        Rev 03-2020