2019/2020 NYS Bantam A – Smart Hockey Program

Thank you for your interest in our Smart Hockey Program. Bantam A is not a destination but it is a critical step on the path to achieving the next level for an aspiring hockey player. It is the point at which the road to competitiveness is built on understanding how to play the game, not only as an individual but as a team. Our teaching and development goals are focused on building Hockey IQ, raising awareness as to the flow of the game; spotting and adapting to offensive opportunity; and executing new look defensive strategies within the game.

This Smart Hockey program can only be achieved with a strong and experienced coaching and development team. Our coaching group offers an incredible combination of high level professional playing experience, supported by many years of proven development methods that have resulted in successful NHL careers for some who have gone through it.

We value self-motivation, hard work, respect for others and a goal orientated work ethic. Each player will be expected to problem solve directly with the coaches and support team. They will be responsible to directly manage their individual development program and in turn contribute their skills to enrich the experience of their teammates. It’s about what you are willing to contribute not what you get. This leadership group is dedicated to providing a teaching management style, demanding individual responsibility and personal accountability from the players.

A mandatory training camp will be scheduled for the end of August. The team will compete in 2 pre- season tournaments and participate in the LLFHL regular season schedule, LLFHL playoffs and the 2020 OWHA Provincial Championships. It is estimated that we will play approximately 45-50 games during the year including tournaments, with one USA based.

Practices will be twice a week and consist of 3 hours on ice and will be combined with off ice conditioning and HockeyIQ sessions. Each player may be required to participate in parallel training at their own cost. The preliminary budget for the team is projected at $95k.

The team will play a physical brand of hockey and as such will demand a high level of intensity on the ice. Player safety is of paramount importance and training will include an emphasis on smart strategies that are effective in both the offensive and defensive zones while minimizing the chance of injury.

If your daughter would like to receive follow up information or get an invitation to participate in an on ice session, please have her email the team at smarthockeyba@gmail.com