The District meets its employment needs through systematic recruitment, selection, and career support programs that identify, attract, and select from the most qualified applicants for school employment, and encourage diverse representation at all occupational levels. The District is an equal opportunity employer.

The Superintendent will insure that a broad range of recruitment sources and professional networks will be utilized to provide the most qualified and diverse pool of candidates possible. Current employees may apply for any position for which they are qualified.  The Superintendent will comply with collective bargaining agreements in regards to posting any open positions.

The Superintendent, with the assistance of the administrative staff, shall determine the personnel needs of the District. The School Committee must approve the creation or elimination of a position.

There shall be a job description for each position within the Hamilton-Wenham Regional Schools, which shall include the qualifications, duties, essential functions, licensure requirements and expectations for the position.

A personal interview will be required for final candidates for employment by the District.

The District shall conduct a thorough background check and comply with all relevant State and Federal Regulations regarding criminal background checks and fingerprinting and will review the employment history for all final candidates for positions.

Final appointment to any position is contingent upon a recent physician’s certificate of ability to perform the essential functions of the position.

The Superintendent must approve all appointments.

Legal Reference:

MGL C 71 sec. 38G


603 CMR 35.00 et seq

Chapter 459 of the Acts of 2012

Adopted: June 6, 2013

Reviewed: February 4, 2016