“Beyond the Guidebook”  College Representative Questionnaire


10/30/2018 @ 1:35 PM

Name of College:

MCPHS - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Science

Name of Representative:

Gary Wilson

Email Address:


Phone Number:

Office: 617-732-2941

College Web Page:


Please give some examples of high profile events held on campus last year  (i.e. concerts. speakers, political debates, etc.):        

Summer Discovery Day, Summer Public Health Immersion Program, there are many events throughout the city of Boston as well such as Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, and concerts

What percentage of students stay on campus during the weekends?

About 74% of our freshman live on campus their first year. Many of our students stay on campus during the weekend, but I am unable to provide an exact percentage.

New initiatives on campus and/or institutional goals?

Currently building a new dorm with Emmanuel. Expected to complete in fall 2018.

What is something you might find at the school that may not exist at any other school?

Our location in the Longwood Medical Area makes us stand out. We’re next to some of the top medical institutions such as Brigham Women’s, Mass General, Dana Farber, and Boston Children’s.

If located outside of New England, what New England area schools is your institution similar to?


What is the distance to the nearest big city? And what is that city?

We’re located in the city of Boston

What is the approximate distance from Westborough, driving and/or flying?

Depending on traffic, it can range from 45 minutes to about an hour and 15 minutes.

What are your most popular majors?

We have over 100 programs in a wide range of healthcare fields so it is dependent on the individual's career goals. However, some popular majors are Pharmacy, Nursing, and Physician Assistant.

What are your newest and/or most unique majors?

I believe that all of our majors are unique and it really depends on an individual’s career goals. We have an Occupational Therapy program and a Pre-dental/Dental Hygiene program. We also have programs such as Nuclear Medicine Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Radiation Therapy, and Public Health.

What majors are you hoping to grow?

Will applying “undecided” for a major affect a student’s chances for acceptance?

Is there a statistical advantage to applying early decision or early action?

Some programs are seated. With this said, the advantaged would be that applying early action would allow them a competitive advantage. Also, able to find out admission decision sooner.

If interviews are required or recommended, where and by whom are they conducted?

Not required.

Are students automatically considered for merit scholarships with the application to the school?

We look at each applicant from a holistic approach. When it comes to merit scholarships we look at GPA and test scores. We look at grades 9-11 on a 4.0 weighted scale. We also super-score. Students need both GPA and test score to be eligible for scholarship.

What percentage of demonstrated financial aid do you meet?

90% of our students receive some form of financial assistance.

Is there anything else a student should know that they will not easily find in a guidebook or online?

We are ranked the number 1 University in New England for average salary. Merit scholarships will stay with a student throughout the duration of their program they are accepted into upon submitting their application (if meet specific academic requirements and criteria while enrolled). Location is in the Longwood Medical Area allowing our students to be located in the hub of healthcare. If students are unable to find more information about MCPHS please contact us with any questions!