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Harassment Prevention
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Harassment Prevention

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4 March 2018



2 year cycle  




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Elmwood Players


 President, Elmwood Players  


  1. Introduction  
  1. Purpose  

Elmwood Players is committed to ensuring all people are treated with respect and dignity in all of their dealings.    

Elmwood Players does not condone any form of harassment, including bullying.  

To create an environment within Elmwood Players that is free from any form of harassment or unacceptable conduct.  

  1. Scope and Application  
  1. This policy applies to all Elmwood Players personnel, either on or off stage in any capacity.  It applies to all:  
  1. unwanted attention, including that which occurs outside of the Elmwood auditorium.
  1. unacceptable conduct which includes innuendo, victimisation, alienation or actions to isolate any particular person.  
  1. harassment that occurs because of a person’s age, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, membership of any racial, ethnic, religious or national group.  
  1. bullying, intimidation, humiliation, abusive or threatening language, blackmail, and verbal or physical threats.  
  1. sexual harassment.  
  1. All Elmwood Players personnel are expected to maintain appropriate and professional relationships with other members, cast, contractors and the general public attending performances of any kind.  
  1. A person holding a position of authority must behave with knowledge of the power of that position and not abuse it.  
  1. To provide clarity, examples of what is not harassment can include, but not limited to:
  1. Bullying is not: Comments that are objective and are intended to provide ‘constructive feedback’
  1. Sexual Harassment is not: Occasional compliments that are appropriate, behaviour based on mutual attractions, or developing friendships – sexual or otherwise – between consenting parties.
  1. Formal Delegations  
  1. If an allegation of harassment is made, the President will determine the appropriate process within the spirit of this policy andthe elected members of the Elmwood Players’ committee will be advised.
  1. Definitions  


Bullying:  Bullying is ongoing unreasonable behaviour which humiliates or undermines.  

Bullying can take many forms including:  


unfair use of position held.  


creating or continuing rumour or innuendo.  


withholding information essential to do a task properly. v         

public humiliation.  


persistent and undue criticism.  


negative references to age, sex, race, disability or other personal characteristics or circumstances.  


This list is for illustrative purposes and is not exhaustive.  



Complainant:  The person alleging harassment.  

  1. Contact Person:  Either the current President of Elmwood Players, or the Production Manager of the production involved. The Production Manager will advise the President accordingly.    
  1. Fairness: In this policy the concept of fairness ensures that any complaint is handled in a manner that is fair to everyone involved.  Fairness means that:  
  1. Harassment:  Any form of behaviour that is unwanted by the recipient, that is repeated or of a significant nature.    
  1. Racial Harassment:  Behaviour of a racial nature (such as words, gestures, actions or threats relating to skin colour, race, or ethnic or national origin) that is unwanted or offensive to the recipient, repeated, or is of a significant nature.    
  1. Respondent:  The person against whom a complaint of harassment has been made.  
  1. Sexual Harassment:  Any form of sexual attention that is unwelcome, persistent or offensive to the recipient.  It can include any of the following, although the list is not exhaustive:  

  1. Principles  
  1.  Elmwood Players does not condone any form of harassment.  


  1. Associated procedures: Harassment Prevention  




3.1         Timing           

3.2         Available Procedures           

3.3         Elmwood Players Harassment Prevention Procedure  


  1. Timing  

In all cases it is preferable that a complaint be made as soon as possible after the alleged incident(s).  The reasons for this are:  

  1. Recollection is likely to be clearer.  
  1. Witnesses are more likely to be available.  
  1. If the behaviour is unacceptable appropriate action needs to be taken as soon as possible.  


  1. Available Procedures  

There are a number of different procedures or options available to an individual who believes they have been subjected to any form of unacceptable conduct as outlined in this policy.  The aim of early intervention is to prevent this behaviour from continuing and to gain resolution as close to the source as possible.    

Informal:  Self-resolution is where an individual believes they have concerns and are comfortable and/or supported to raise those concerns by means of direct discussion or by a written communication.    

If self-resolution is not possible or practicable they may choose to discuss the matter and seek guidance from the Production Manager or committee member.    

The aim of these discussions is to assist the person raising the concerns to determine whether the behaviour experiences constitutes unacceptable conduct – bullying or harassment,  and assist in developing options for resolution of the concerns.  


Should the above process not be of assistance or not appropriate in the circumstances the concerns should be raised formally, in writing.   A formal complaint can take a number of pathways and the following procedures are available to complainants:  

a by making a complaint under this Policy.  

b Police complaint.  

Using one of these procedures does not preclude using any of the other procedures.  

2a Communication of Procedures

This document will be available on the Elmwood Players website


Cast and Crew will receive an “Elmwood Players Harassment Procedure”

The “Elmwood Players Harassment Procedure” will also be displayed in the kitchen area of Elmwood Theatre during shows for additional volunteers such as Front of House to access.


  1. Elmwood Players Harassment Prevention Procedure  


  1. Overview  


The application of this policy, when involving one or more members, is under the control of the Elmwood Players’ President, who is responsible for investigating all allegations of harassment.  If the president is the subject of either party, then the committee will meet without the president to decide on the best person/s to preside over the investigation.

The President has the authority to delegate all of his or her powers under this policy to any nominated person.  

  1. Investigative Powers  

The President may obtain additional information for the purposes of investigating any complaint under this policy from any source he or she considers appropriate.  

  1. Other powers during an investigation  

The President may, during an investigation into a complaint against a member or made by a member,  take some or all of the following steps:  

  1. to immediately remove the member a complaint is made about from a production    
  1. to delay an event, rehearsal, performance  


This policy must be flexible to allow Elmwood Players to adequately investigate each complaint.  This policy may be departed from in any case provided that:  


the person complained about is advised of that departure; and


at all times the revised procedure is fair.  

  1. Initiating a Formal Complaint  

A complaint must be made in writing with sufficient information to enable Elmwood Players  and the person complained about to understand it.  

  1. Investigator or Investigators  

The whole or part of an investigation into a complaint may be delegated to an investigator or investigators by the President in consultation with the elected committee

  1. Investigation and Decision by The President


this stage is the most formal part of dealing with a complaint. The purpose is to investigate allegations made in a complaint where there has been no prior resolution of it, and to determine what action, if any, should be taken.  


If the person complained about is currently active within Elmwood Players, , the President will ensure that all details of the complaint and the investigation into that complaint are supplied to him or her prior to a decision being made.  The decisions available to the President in relation to a complaint which is upheld include, but are not limited to:  

  1. These powers may be exercised by the President or his or her delegate.  The existence of these powers does not preclude alternative decisions being made if the circumstances warrant that outcome.  
  1. There are circumstances in which it may be necessary for Elmwood Players, in order to comply with its legal obligations, to report the outcome of an investigation into a complaint to the complainant and/or other parties.  While Elmwood Players will take every reasonable step to protect the privacy of the complainant, witnesses, or the respondent, these obligations may require information be disclosed to fulfil Elmwood Players legal objections.  
  1. False accusations, vexatious complaints  

All matters, including complaints and investigations, need to be raised and dealt with in good faith.  Should a situation arise that results in an investigation finding that a complaint is vexatious or deliberately false this would be viewed extremely seriously and actions taken to deal with this appropriately.