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4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum
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4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

1st Six Weeks

2nd Six Weeks

3rd Six Weeks

Regions of Texas

Geography of Texas

Latitude and Longitude

Parts of a Map

Compass Rose

Texas Land & Water

Texas Climate

Texas Plants & Animals


  • Political
  • Population
  • Economic

People of the Western


People of the Coastal Plains

People of the Central & High


People of the Mountains and


Europeans Explore the Hemisphere

  • Spanish
  • French
  • British

Explorers in Texas

Missions, Presidios, and Early


Life in the Missions

Independence in the Western


Mexican Independence

The Austin’s in Texas

Texas Colonies

Revolution begins

Independence declared

Fight for Independence

Independence won

4th Six Weeks

5th Six Weeks

6th Six Weeks

Republic of Texas

Texas Statehood

War with Mexico

Texas Grows

Texas Plantation

The Civil War


War on the Plains

The Cattle Kingdom

Railroads and Industry


Texas in a Changing World

Texas in WWII

Texas Changes

Changes in Transportation

Civil Rights

From Oil to Astronauts

Local Government in Texas

Texas State Government

Texas & National Government

Texas Citizenship

A Free Enterprise Economy

Growth in the Environment

Texan Pride

Texas Tomorrow