Reading Town Meal 2019 28th September

Workshop/Entertainment Terms & Conditions

  1. Workshop presenters to provide own equipment.
  2. All workshop presenters must have Public Liability Insurance.  (Contact []) if you require help with this, or for more details, or if you do not have public liability insurance.) Please email or send a copy of your insurance certificate.
  3. All workshop presenters must complete a Risk Assessment Form. 
  4. The Town Meal Committee will not take responsibility for any products or equipment, which may cause harm to the public.
  5. Workshop presenter to be responsible for the general cleanliness of the area before vacating this applies for losses, damage or injury arising or resulting from its use.
  6. The site will be open from 10.30am on Saturday 28th September and set up must be completed before 11.30am. Stalls to remain in place until at least 4.00pm.
  7. Once your vehicle has been unloaded, as agreed with the Town Meal organisers, you may park in the Hills Meadow car park. It will be open 10-12 midday and 4-6 pm. After parking you will then have to walk the short distance back to Forbury Gardens. If you are unsure about your way back, please ask the steward on duty. (See attached ‘workshop info pack’ for more details)
  8. The workshop presenter is responsible for the safety and control of persons working on or visiting the workshop.
  9. Where applicable, all gas / electric safety certificates, equipment testing certificates and public liability insurance documents must be forwarded to the Food 4 Families at RISC at least 2 weeks prior to the event and be available for inspection on the day.
  10. The Reading Town Meal steering group reserves the right to film and take photographs of the event for promotional purposes only.
  11. You are to ensure that all relevant health and safety legislation is complied with at all times whilst you are at the event.
  12. You are responsible for the behaviour and conduct of all staff used by you at the event.  
  13. You are expected to conduct yourself in a good and orderly manner whilst at the event.

Reading Town Meal is held on grass in Forbury Gardens.   If the weather is wet it can become muddy. The event will not be cancelled, even if the weather is poor, however the location of stalls may have to be adjusted to the conditions.

For information regarding the sale of food please contact: []

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