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SRVRTC Renovation Advisory
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Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center, Newport
Renovation Advisory Committee

Local Letter Correspondence

Director, Jennifer Opalinski

Launch September 2020

Community Vote March 2022

Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center, Newport

Establishing the RAC: Renovation Advisory Committee

September 21, 2020

Dear Newport Community:

Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center in Newport, New Hampshire is heading into a twenty-year renovation of our facility.  Upgrades in air quality, ventilation, fire safety, plumbing, heating and electrical are on the docket for review and renovation.  In addition, we will complete a thorough analysis of career and technical space and the programs that will support the economic growth of the Newport community for years to come. Through this renovation process we will ensure that SRVRTC will be ready to provide the highest level of technical education for its students while meeting the increasingly more complex needs of local industry in Newport and surrounding towns.

Please join us!

  1. You can apply to join our RAC: Renovation Advisory Committee

  1. Learn more on October 14, 2020 Wednesday at 5:30 PM in the Newport High School gymnasium and take part in the opening conversation with Lance Whitehead and Julie Spence from Lavallee Brensinger Architects.  

Meet industry partners and community leaders who share your vision for economic growth in the Sunshine Town and work with us to turn this opportunity into a reality.

Thank you for joining our team. Please fill out our RAC: Renovation Advisory Committee application form online (see link below) and mark October 14 on your calendar.

RAC Application

We look forward to seeing you at Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center. “Your Career Starts Here.”


Jennifer R. Opalinski, Director