Information on Dot Dot Dot’s response to the Covid-19 virus

This document was last updated on 19th March 2020 at 1530. Level 3 of our plan was put in place as of 9am on 23rd March.

Dot Dot Dot is currently operating Level 3 of its Business Continuity Plan in relation to the Covid-19 virus

Dot Dot Dot’s business continuity plan for Covid-19 identifies three escalating levels of response. Each of these levels recognise that as a responsible housing provider, Dot Dot Dot will continue to have responsibilities for those guardians it houses, the buildings in which guardians reside as well as its staff.

Level 1 was in force previously and related to our assessment of risk as the virus began to take hold and organisations assessed the risks and impact.

Level 2 was launched on the 16th March 2020 and includes measures to protect the Dot Dot Dot team, its guardians and clients, while ensuring as many services as possible can continue to be delivered. For many staff, this will mean that where possible and appropriate, team members will be working from home. For guardians as well as clients/owners, services will continue as normal though with some changes in how services are offered or delivered.

Level 3 means that Dot Dot Dot will focus on delivering essential services. This means that some services will be adapted or temporarily ceased in order that staff resource and attention can be focused on ensuring that the essential services are delivered.

Dot Dot Dot’s essential services are defined as:

The decision to move between levels of response will be taken by Dot Dot Dot’s leadership team, in consultation if necessary with Dot Dot Dot’s Board. Dot Dot Dot’s leadership team will continue to monitor advice from government and other sources, as it has done for several weeks.

We recognise this is an extraordinary and evolving situation, and we will update this document when we make changes in our assessment or plans.

Summary of Business Continuity Planning in relation to the Covid-19 virus

Activity or service

Level 2

Level 3

Staying well

Individual health advice for guardians and staff

Follow the Government advice to help reduce  transmission of the virus. Keep updated with any changes in government advice.

Continue to follow the guidance that is in force.

Notification if guardians are self-isolating

If a guardian is advised to self-isolate (or chooses to do so, following government advice) then that guardian should advise Dot Dot Dot, as we have requested so that we can plan our property visits accordingly.

No change foreseen at this time.

Our team meeting Guardians during inspections

If we encounter a guardian during property inspections, our team has been instructed to ask if that person is self-isolating, so that we can update our property records accordingly.

No change foreseen at this time.

If a guardian is at higher risk for serious illness from Covid-19

If a guardian is at higher risk for serious illness from Covid-19 because of age or the result of a long-term health problem or for any other reason then we would like to know this, so we can take account of this information in our planning.

No change foreseen at this time.

Safety in the homes and buildings managed by Dot Dot Dot

Shared kitchen and bathroom facilities

We have issued advice to guardians surrounding cleaning of shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

No change foreseen at this time.

Procedures if a guardian is self-isolating (building shared with other guardians)

We have issued advice so that guardians and staff are aware of what to do to support effective self-isolation.

No change foreseen at this time.


Repairs prioritisation will ensure focus is given to health and safety issues. Hot water repairs are being prioritised in order to maintain handwashing.

No change foreseen at this time.

Safety critical checks

All checks carried out as normal

Guardians advised to check standalone smoke and CO alarms.

Dot Dot Dot to check integrated or block-level safety systems



Property inspections will continue, with altered operational instructions to team members to reduce risks of transferring the virus.

Property inspections will be organised around the largest buildings and those with shared fire systems or other safety/compliance factors, with the aim of ensuring continued safe housing. Enhanced and more stringent operational procedures in terms of site visits are put in place for team members, based on advice in force at the time.

General inspections of individual flats may be reduced in frequency in line with travel/work restrictions


We recognise and expect that guardians’ ordinary routine of volunteering will be disrupted. Guardians have been asked to continue to put energy in where you can, and where appropriate into local volunteering initiatives that support communities where our guardians are based. If a guardian cannot complete their expected volunteering due to illness or self-isolation, they have been asked to report this to us through the Volunteering Report Form.

These arrangements may be updated in relation to government advice or request.


We have enabled staff who can work remotely to do so as well as implementing social distancing measures.

These arrangements may be updated in relation to government advice or request.