It was a glorious morning

: 3 The sun be hind lo ds Today is qui e hot . . .

Int rnal voices now out loud

increa sing, decreasing

all around

t re a ngwhy is thisnot working soem ne he p

rising and rising y ou wanna fight


B t when you figh t, the blazing h a t consumes ouu

i t w s bunin , but it was warming

Poetry, though cool

is not t e end all be all, it is nly nepart of life

but one part that makes all of the other part

s more bearable. like the intermission at a depressing play,

it brings relief to the main event.

e Poetry is snippets of our life

Capsules of our recollections

Vignettes of a comprehensive life

Capseules of our recollections here on a page


mem rie hatt d nd h d in this bi r

r otten apple

Kindess is free with heart of gold

Love is free with tenderness and dear to hold

But sometimes often

we dont understand wh at gifts the golde n

apple thrown in front of us may hold

and so we refuse to bear witness

to the life of the “rotten” ones

they are just clutter in a closet

and yet . . .

n r of s n d opin g like a p son

she h ad a habit of looking at the moon

as if checking to make sure it was still there

just let go -- it seemed to say -- but no

she clung on

in the wake

of high tides

magnitude of millions

crossing the water

lady liberty lookson

stoic standing silent

c ity box es

blu eyes, black hair

what does all this mean?

eat an orange! !

Take a poet

and gift her

your presence

and she will give

you her heart

disguised as prose,

spilled ink tears,

and words eternal . . . xxx *Eloise***

We would meet onceAA month e ld meet

would meet once a month

I o

i love it Everything about i t I lov e

Happiness is t e key to love

And everything inbetween

And I love it and everyone around me

Because ha piness is me

Rosie ( from London )

dear hapiness, the world right no needs you mor tha

ever r g t now. we need hope love and resistance.

help us and we will help yo now or whenever.come ple

ase now all i need is youand your friends love,us

You who wrote this, where did you go?

I want to show you that happiness is not lost

It, is just a little lost . . .

like us

Lost . . .

But we can always be found

I am here.

Where are you?

i m

from th clouds, a mermai of th sky

they say the h aven s are in the skies, but

we kno w not how deep th o ceans reach

yet it is known as dark, mysterious, and heavy

why can t that be a place of happiness and e ernal

peac e

as well?

it is he re my destination and wonders


hidden hero

Pride before dishoner ,

Pride before dishoner is how he lives,

Nothing else matters But his kids


Hidden hero

Pride before dishoner is how he lives

nothing else matters but his kids

Empty feelings like no one cared

The awkward look he always has as he stares,

Its not your fault shes gone,

So dont put the blame on you.

Let it go , live life its time finally do you.

Inner deons that eat you alive,

Wont let you put aside your pride. Your forgived, so please


The giver who never asked for anything back.

Youu the greatest man alive thats simp,ly a fact.

Thank you, for everytime you didnt quit.

For never leaving ouu side and dealing with all

our shit. Im sorry you Have always been the hidden

hero no one gave credit too.

The one who never gave up on u s, but we gave up on

you ! !

i am deciding to snatch this from air

the air that is vibrating with the words that k ep my own breath

alives and the breath suurrounding me. as one breath, our words

form union, something holy - though i am not religious.

letters swirling in summer air are my unholy prayer.

and i m deciding to find a happy medium and f ind comfort i

in myself. i push myself out f my c omfort zone, but am learning that at the end of t e day, it is mo er important to embrace myself, than to live on the edge, and change my eself just to conform to societys expectations.

. . . Found the courage on my heart

the courage in my heart to live a life

gentle ctrue and kind; o pen

like see ng joy grow out of wares

through eyes un-blind

p or HATE un-s oken

- Thomas endspirecuts Moran

there is nothing

There is nothing more freeing

Then tip t pping

and tapping

on t a tap write so divine.

o i,m i ter who bleeds words

a lia


rom you drive from ct just to leave

40 minutes late r myself alone quilt crumpled

If left alone, do typewriters dream in full sentence ces?

or just fragments of untyped tohoughts?

if i am left alonw will i thimk in english?

will i cintinue to type in my dre am? /

i am not here and this isnt really ha pening

follow tomorrow wherever it leds

Th s n and beauty of the day will preside over t he people as the sun presides over the meadow

orieahna lile e o

if i t ld yo i if ifjd d ijayla jordym

if i told you i want you to love me am i crazy/ ?

i nt food

i want f oooo d k vo ns lovr btoo ymbrooklyn

jahvonna Brooklyn

w 55

Breathe deep. Love hard. That;s all you need. Laura Ramirez

i e colors.

-kayla keddal

-kayla laine

if youre reading this, stan loona kiki. . .do you love me. . .//

are yuou

riding y i re ly ni e pl ce

M im gr w today i will be gr

today is a new day

be great -jf ord

Dear Christina

i am writing a secret message to you, with all of my heart,

while you stand there, outside of this small box,

taking photos of my decaying e xterior who. . .

i hope one day you will see me as i se myself :

empty_looking at youuuuuu, , . . . ///

no. . . all is accident and love.

welcome, eyeseer.

you are here, so what will you do?

1. laugh

2. cry

3. read numbered instructions

4.say, ohhhhhh

5. move on

(last one impossible)


alworuthdj nnfhru

kk , , eux839sllams; ; ;@@1⁄41⁄22-08

kwueoo, (make sense)j lll 77w

99930001 8 7746374637728837749992------22¢¢¢1⁄21⁄2 euw001992883---**+*1⁄41⁄4:@KJU yywheyy

iieu iwyqhali¢1⁄4@: LAMW%$! # (please, help me, do not be distracted as i am)jj99 77 Oo300993884775yruuehwjehryydkkkkkkk 8827_%% !+ ¢;./ ldjeuywiiskkemmdnnba

(by: ivan brave.) (

I believe in the ers n I nt t become

Pul er heless she f kedi

Nevertheless,she freaked it

yo soy a sol por mi familia,y todos al mundo

money is good,information is better

ths is a judgement free zonw

that¢s what to.d

the girl w came before she was com aining aobut syntax meantime

i thoguth thatssyntasx died i the s sixties. so much dies is the six

and that it == oops sorry i¢m a .ittle bity self c nscio s becuase

my friend is fili fiming mye at the moment a= for a l sterity and i

wi der if there will even be posterity given the wat that that the wo

rold is goi g. but i want to to somew at p stitive whinch is no

s o easy, given that i am retty old al=read and have no children .

yesterday i bought my elf a bunch of flower.

it sta rted to rain on my way home, but

i was happy. i appreciate the n giving water to my lovely flowers enough water to su port the long journey of my flower.

and i thought for the rain is doing its job, the na ure is caring for its kids. i s ould do my job; run t home and pla e my flo er and then


to parais e the world.

A Typewriter Haiku

Once upon a type

There was an old typewriter

Remembering our words




analysis pa ralysis

what is that, a child asks

a typewriter typewriter, mother re lies replies liesrelies realize what we realize

what lies

happiness , a friend we are all all l ooking for

at the end of a party

afraid they went home with our best friend instead of us

but happiness is waiting at home. the world must be so great and vast for ants

every puddle an ocean

oh l ittle ants

if only you knew how vast it was for

us too.

briana leann will you marry me?

yes on thousands yes. maybe w e are more than bodies, no/ ///

May we become

the lubricant

to allow the universe to make love

to itself.

i watched the breathing slow

i saw the eyes flutter shut

i see the heartbeat stop

i watch the beginning in the end

e we cant find a piece to hang over the couch of ouu

our 2 bedroom apartment i guess that explains our home

t o

to die by your ide

to die by your side is su h a heavenly way to die



je b nt langzaam net zoals ee n s hiload

y u me , and i am you. i am yo ,

andyou a me and if we believe t is lie

we will all have peace preeti

my mind


can’t think in images

for poetry has taken my senses



don,t wo rry. you, ll grow. m aybe babues or music or careers

or tumors . . . but you will make something of now.


in and everythimg all

u can make it i promise. just search “ceo norel” on apple music, etc and listen to great music.


she made a slit in her arm

cockaroac es fellout

their legs

getting caught on

the flaps of skin s e sig ed relie ed

Smog Unconsciously, it fills up your conscious, with all shades of black; the absence of color.

Human greed brings darkness into a planet that was green.

the re is no prison bi g enough to hold the truth

young sa ling

are my 4th of july every day

yes like firecra kers nd smiles like fire orks

you melt me like a or otten i e ream one

a .g.

when two wr s make a ight

what is letf

we rd we kee r n, b t t i us ds w we n w it is us we s the ne we w wha re dy that is what e

and the b the od lord comes an ves us t e ready that we need i

If only the return le ver did not break. Ah well. Such is lie.

r, e Love u, Get Up Fra nlk O,Hara RS

don;ntletithem break you r i gythis will be the m

ke a fish t of a e

like a fish ouu of water i decay with every breath

dearest love,


you are more than your body

you are more than your mind,

and you are far more

than these words

dearest love ,

please remember

all thes voices in my head scream: I am a nothing, a no one. No one c

can see me, but Ican feel everything.

hello to the perso that happened

my name s d ntdamont i like poetry because poetry likes me

mynameismo n and liket a m ndeled mhm mjmhmjhtak

take a moment to smile . )

@haimoonjabin at instagram : ) monh


somet mes ne wonders a out their worth , but rememb r you have

worth and let it shine

I stand in a box. . . all alone

help me

And ye t, we are truuly never alone. Someone is watching Always. . . somewhere! I’m not alone Nobody is

de he ink o nly ets if you scream in black1⁄2

the setting is custom

thouh covered in grass

you smell like coffee. yum.

stay single ladies : )

it realy hot

just lik my mamall

i am swea ting licke crazy

You can keep the last of me. I don,t are, I am obsolete. You ha ve

seen the last of me. WRING MY NECK, I WONT FEEL A THING.

hneonghase o ahnyeonghahseyo! hello hello!

d on,t matter t the words . it,s the heart that m tmatters , the heart


his is krystle baez s m i st time attending this oe poetry festiva and i sure enjoy n t e experience

life doesnt require that we be he be t only that we try our best

h. jackson brown jr said that! ! !

Troubles on my mind, My mind buzzes with the sound of unknown words buzzing through the lines that run the street’s lenght I lie awake every night wondering about every conversation taking place in the city tonight I hear the city talking I hear every word in my mind But somehow I can never come up with the words That would be exchanged between you and I If we ever saw each other again

e. alexandria for J. castellano

what can i even tell you, though about the city, or about summer, or about last year

d t g s ri devot n ther e is something so sad about love

the things you are forced to endure

because your heart chose to succumb to the attraction of mind and body and no matter how wrong is the poison

of his heart yours continues to open for him like a sad flower in the darkest bloom


y et when the last petal drops and your center has crusted

your skin weighs with acne and your back has stiffened,

you continue

to grow cumulonimbus love

love cracks my spine

roils my thunder

sparks my skin

ever flesh

:th nks for the poetry

-n cho

coyote blood will loove yoouu

I h a e loved the stars too ondly to be fearf l of the ni h t

Lovells of trees the cherry now is hjung with bloom lon g the bo u

And tands o

s pe ak to me of the d ark d the tender universe

within Poet ry is imp ortant to me beca use all i tr uly own are my thouughts *stac ey mcadoo my n me is sophie

¢m name is shopie and i am 8 /2 years old. im visitin g my auntie in new york. her name is gretchen. i love cookie and new york city. i mi y mom and da . love me

i always think of pickingu up acorns from the warm road they were coated in a thick dust - were they then/?

even at the time i knew it would be a moment of nostalgia even then i did it not toenjoy it butto feel sorrowtolook back on

the best manifestation of the passing of a small seed

i was

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

pier 45 th re were glistening backs . .had they gone swimming yo you asked, i sourly resp nded no

ks c i . y st risin f omm he r und s a lowi n e hawks ircling the quarry. hw

a t r lat ered over rocks lath red and fizzed

into green moss hair i kick against brick wall, iron there is no one at home, doing the dishes,

thinking of my name

we would meet once a month during full moons and share crystalized energies -stained napkins

i cannot trace my life in a straight line.m ybe if my words are among

the many, they will amount to something. she s ands behind me to my l elft. typo. th t ha pens when i think of her. may e tomorrow ill be better.

iI i can8’t nlt be lieve that I am typing in a typewriter,

The sound of clicking and each striking marks the progression of my wo

This takes me back to the origin of vcreationq iceic elp

Mais biem sur ! ! Which seventeen-century poet anticipated Markowich’s take on blank verse. . . ? Er. . . Shakespeare? MAIS BIEN SUR ! ! !

hello blip-blio.

I am an airplane or jet overhead

I am a swarm of bees. I rushed in. I died. I thank you.

d eja dzeja i rasa berni n dzejn eki to lasa RAINIS ASP

dzeja ka deja

deja ka dzeja

dzenis kal koka kok a dzenis kal int nse o ds owjil w w e

e mber


om e words s illed

from the rivers f our

m uths, hundred f hou s bu lt

into a marriage

come b ck to me no


rt n bay i sl nd

ef le he d

e did not get ar today t hertz

he is ha py that we did not get a cat

HIS MY poem for m mom

we would meet once a month

during full moons and share crystalized energies

-stained napkins

how to convince you that this skin bleeds red that these eyes cry tears that these hands yearn to grasp freedom

how to convince you that my life matters. . .

-raquel penzo h

where technonologyf failed fate prevailed // jessian

we sat tyipyjsi ii ocean hello laura hd fgass we sa

we l anyway i can remember days where i was so close

t o my feelings and writing wa s as


d rinking !

i was calling those preciou s hours days of spiritual r ising

I was meeting with myself

i wis i could da te again

on n e nait pqs femme on l e devient

m nds org raves

i t is an odd place with odd eople

bu t i i don 8t feel


mom s esprie clqcmure da ns une fe ille morte le degele . . .

l a

l l albatros

sou vent ,pour s amus er, l le ho m s d e upages

M n s

My f nge s ca

M y fngers caress d the silk

that ts your thigh

as th e tiny hairs

began to stand at atten in

awaiti ng c riously what my

fingers would do next

your legs separated appre hensivel y

wi h the s light push of two fingers. this hand of mine, creepingl gently -- in hing forward toward the humidity that lived between the lips th t i des erately wanted

-- cimc


ab abc

imagining the sistine chapel completely blank

white6walled , beckoning the brilliance of a certain a rtist;s

sroeke the sistine chapel gi e herself completely

she gent y ofersher ef to him comple ely

i ready to be molded intoherelf welcomesmicch elste

i suk at this lo

love to yoi

r andom spontane ou

this is the naughty list

where is y ur favorite ship

someth ng bright s mething slit

y our dress l ooks so lit

- am to the pm

t raffic , traffic widespread hacvoc

glo rify thee t his tree was not meant f r me.

its for you , you creation of love and w nder







everything revol es around serotonin

what’s a ser otonin that which we call serot nin by any ther name

would still convey jack shit let’s go geologic l it runs in the famil

y sometimes you are phosphorus instead, breathe on you and you


h onest attempt

h onewt attempt honewt at lawt that wlurrin g was our solace a gainst the whirring machines of design a nd specifications of unite d fantasy that I still hold true, sober of the drunk of you i love you kianna 1⁄2 i magical bean; u k oops i m an fuck. . . .by e. . .damn. .again.

o v nt, pour mus r, l s hommes d q uipages pr nnent d salbatro s,

v ste ois au desmer ,qui suivent , indolent compagnon de voyages ,

le na ire g issant sur les gouffres amers.

the subco nscio s of the city, what a be u iful t g it is.

howw are we all the same yet different? yet you are more than you can

ever imagine. the light of the world you are, the da rkness of it all

the binarty and the no nbinary. sometimes t hey do n t

see us.

stubborn minds are amongst us,

how ar e we to change a world

that isb begging to change, when weare all

screa ming help me first?

will poetry ever be en ough for selfish soul

like us?

sunday july 29th 2018: NYCPoFest Day 2


is e is daniel and i want to eat lebanese food. this typewriter

pretty cool. i hope Toum g ives me free food. Yi Lan sucks

Bronx science Key Club.

she said do you love me helo

wesley is weird.


The re was