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754. Peter Barton’s beautiful memoir, Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived, takes readers along a man’s search for meaning when he’s forced to confront mortality. Struggling for a reason to persist amid a terminal diagnosis, his wife, Laura, orders Peter to "Find a point!"

"So where was I supposed to find something to feel good about, some realm where I could still feel strong and hopeful? The answer now seems obvious, but for me it was the hardest place to accept: that realm was my mind. My frame of mind was something I could still control. Doing so would be a sort of victory I was not accustomed to valuing—a total inward, private victory—but a legitimate accomplishment nevertheless. I resolved to control my own discomforts, to rise above them if I possibly could. In doing so, I came to understand the deep truth that, while my pain may be unavoidable, suffering is largely optional…Pain can make you thoroughly miserable, or pain can just be pain. The trick, I've realized, is to confine it to the body and not let it infect the mind.”

755. I read this as I wait for the results of my 4kscore prostate test.

Reboot on Reboot

Each day, my daily pdf has to be about doing what needs to be done in the right order.

Today’s major “goal” is the go through Passive LinkedIn Goldmine.

  1. overview
  1. Content Marketing
  1. Walk Through
  1. More About Content
  1. What Content to Post
  1. Automation with Hootsuite
  1. Leads
  1. Actively Target the Right Prospects
  1. LinkedIn Search
  1. Notifications
  1. Working Notifications
  1. Pitch Message
  1. How to Prepare a Sales Presentation
  1. How to Assess a LinkedIn Profile
  1. EZ Sales Presentation
  1. Fulfillment - Getting Paid
  1. Upsells for Recurring Income

ChkLines - Personal Boot Routine


  1. I find myself getting too emotional about silly shit like the Miss Universe Pageant.  I picked the winner early.  South Africa has that Grace Kelly look.  Amazing.
  2. I need to take on certain jobs around the house without complaining:
  1. clean the microwave
  2. clean the bathroom
  3. make my bed each day
  4. keep bedroom neat and clean
  5. wash the car each week
  6. vacuum car using portable vacuum
  7. keep dishes washed

Rebooting IBMs*

* Introvert Boomer Males

The first thing to know about IBMs:  “We’re Not Done Yet”


Who are the introverts?

  1. Introverts do not like wasting their time.
  2. Introverts are most productive when working at our own pace, in our own time, and in our own space.
  3. Introverts prefer to brainstorm alone and develop our ideas as independently as possible.
  4. Introverts - Unite Separately
  5. Celebrity introverts include Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Barack Obama.
  6. Introverts will learn and take risks.
  7. You are likely labeled as shy, antisocial, strange.
  8. Chances are, you are focused, independent, and self-determined.


Baby Boomer Facts:

  1. Born between 1946 and 1964.
  2. Boomers are now (2017) between 53 and 71.
  3. 76 million births in those years.
  4. A peak of 4.3 million babies were born in the U.S. in 1957.
  5. Currently 76.4 baby boomers, even with 11 million deaths, due to immigration increases.
  6. Number of IBMs:  minimum of 13 million.
  7. Grew up in a time of privilege and affluence.
  8. Wealthiest, most active, and most fit generation.
  9. Received peak levels of income.
  10. Excessive consumerism.
  11. “Pig in the Python”
  12. One third of baby boomers would prefer to pass their inheritance to charities rather than to children.
  13. The Vietnam War was the defining event for the generation.

Male:  Enough Said.

As IBMs, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter day by day.  As humans, we all craft our life themes with an emphasis on health, wealth, and relationships.

Our days are numbered.  To be a max boomer male, you must look deep inside and work daily to be the person you want to be.


  1. I don’t see many IBMs with the same assets our parents had.  Traditional pensions are a thing of the past, unless you work for the government.  
  2. Income redistribution to the top 1% puts everyone else at risk.
  3. Even if you are drawing Social Security, you need a side hustle.  AAI (Anytime, Anywhere Income) starts with affiliate marketing and can include any number of income streams.
  4. Using a combination of corporations, LLCs, and trusts can protect assets and shield you from thieves (lawsuits, divorce courts, and the tax man).
  5. No matter your financial situation, a handful of gold coins is a basic hedge against inflation or civil unrest.
  6. AAI does not require collaboration with partners, clients, customers, or salespeople.
  7. Free and pro online tools can handle your entire business in the Cloud.
  8. You prefer to work on your own, and solve your own business problems.
  9. The beauty of AAI is that you can work anywhere in the world with a laptop and Internet.
  10. The average employee spends $2,600 a year commuting (plus the time).  And that doesn’t count office attire and meals out.
  11. All you need is a SSN, checking account, PayPal business or premier account, computer, smart phone with a camera, and an Internet connection.  If you travel abroad in your new life, you will need at least one major credit card.
  12. You now make your living by engaging in ecommerce.
  13. You can build your entire business using free resources, and then add pro tools or outsourcing to grow faster.
  14. Online business relies on building trust and your brand.
  15. Treat your online business as a real entity, not a hobby.
  16. Be frugal with your time and money as you build your online business.
  17. Affiliate marketing is the best way to start.  Let the vendor handle payment processing, customer service, and overhead.
  18. Many introverts like myself prefer blogging and article marketing as a base for online business.
  19. The trick to blogging is monetizing your writing efforts.
  20. As I rebuild my network of blogs, I find using powerful online systems like FeedBlitz can automate almost all of your sales funnel in one place at a low cost.
  21. Social networks are now taking over much of the promotion for building your list or brand.
  22. All bloggers need multiple lists - one for each major niche or product category.

Raw IBMs*

*Introvert Boomer Males


You might be an introvert if:

  1. You relish having time to yourself.
  2. You avoid casual small talk.
  3. You are silently offended when friends or family ask personal questions.
  4. Your best thinking occurs when you are alone.
  5. We tend to overthink many problems.
  6. People describe you as “too intense”.
  7. You were ADD distracted before anyone knew what ADD was.  Or ADHD.
  8. You prefer writing to speaking.
  9. John Wayne would call you a strong, silent type.
  10. More interested in ideas and the big picture than in arcane facts.
  11. You run a constant inner dialogue or chatter.
  12. You prefer not to engage angry or emotional people.
  13. Chances are, you are in a relationship with an extrovert.
  14. You receive way more calls, texts, and emails than you make.
  15. You actually hate talking on the phone.
  16. You screen your calls, even those from friends.
  17. You wear headphones in public.
  18. When you go to parties, it’s to see people you know, not to meet new people.
  19. You don’t get an extrovert high from your surrounding, like at concerts.
  20. When in a crowd, you tend to hang out near an exit.
  21. You avoid situations where audience participation is required.
  22. You shut down after being active for too long.
  23. You feel totally alone in a crowd.
  24. Teachers told you to “come out of your shell”.
  25. Networking events strike you as phony, staged interactions.
  26. Downtime is a part of your business plan.
  27. You have low blood pressure.
  28. We tend to be spiritual rather than religious.

  1. We’re not done yet.  The number of Baby Boomers making up the pig in the python makes the “me” generation a force for good or evil, depending on how we live the rest of our lives.  IBMs cannot be marginalized without our consent.
  2. Like people at any age, we face life problems related to health, wealth, and relationships.  It’s just the solutions are not as easy as when we were in our 20s, 30s, or 40s.
  3. Of the 78 million baby boomers, maybe 49% are male, and 50% of those are introverts.  That leaves IBM numbers at approximately 15 million men strong.
  4. As IBMs begin to take Social Security retirement benefits, how long will it be before our numbers crash the system.  Our contributions gave generous benefits to our parents.  The Gen X baby bust will not provide for ours.
  5. Boomers are linked with a time of rapid growth for our country, because we grew up in a time of increasing government subsidies in post-war housing and education, and increasing opportunities to acquire wealth.  We believed in a great future, and even a Great Society.  We expected the world and the economy to improve each year.  And it did for several decades.
  6. To a large extent, we have taken our blessings for granted.  Religion is not the focus of our daily lives.  In our early years, all stores, not just Chic-fil-A, closed on Sundays.  NFL games started earlier, and the preacher knew to get to the benediction so we could be home in time for kickoff.  Especially if the Redskins were playing.
  7. The pensions our parents enjoyed are all but gone today.  Who knew IRAs and 401(k)s would leave many IBMs with nothing more than Social Security.  Unless you find a good woman in the Third World, that income will require a side hustle to live the way you want.
  8. It’s not just me.  IBMs have taken divorce to a new level.  Some call it the Gray Divorce Revolution.  I have 2 ex-wives somewhere in the world.  Could a third be far behind?
  9. The greatest social evil of the 20th Century was Dale Carnegie.  How to Win Friends and Influence People.  That extrovert crap is still sold in bookstores today.  Fake it ‘til you make it.  Our parents sold us this junk to make sure we were popular at school.  We went along with the Culture of Personality (extrovert) over the Culture of Character (introvert).
  10. Extroverts are the business model ideal.  Dale Carnegie taught us how to influence others, and we all became salesmen.  If you are like me, sales jobs were not natural.  I have failed at every attempt at sales jobs.
  11. We bought into peace and love and social justice and ending the war in Vietnam.  And we should have.  But we were too passive in letting the changes run their course without criticism and constraints.  
  12. Extroverts have laid claim on the definition of normal.  Yet, we introverts slightly outnumber them.  Common stereotypes state that all introverts are shy, socially inept, or rude.  Even anti-social.
  13. Americans hold up the ideal of extroverts.  People who worked in the fields in agriculture and did not talk unless they had something to say.  Starting with the movement to cities and  mass factory jobs, people had to work closely together and to be sociable. Becoming an extrovert (Dale Carnegie) escalated  as the ideal with office jobs, and then professional selling.
  14. Many people use the terms “introvert” and “shy” interchangeably. They think that all introverts are timid. Both introverts and shy people tend to avoid socializing at times, but for different reasons. Introverts often stay on the sidelines at social events because socializing sucks our energy.
  15. IBMs have become great actors, skilled at wearing a mask of extroversion when needed.  Pretending is hard.  It’s time to embrace our nature and act accordingly.
  16. Many people become extroverts in their jobs because they are forced to.  For short times in social situations, introverts can rise to the occasion to become extroverts and fool the masses.  However, we need downtime to repair and restore our energy.
  17. A number of IBMs will work well into retirement, if not until the end of their lives.  We will face unique health issues while still caring for elderly parents.  I personally am sandwiched between diabetes and my mother’s need for more help.  We are treated as irrelevant in the business and social worlds, or simply taken for granted.
  18. Health challenges can make IBMs even more introverted, especially hearing and mobility losses.
  19. But the big health challenge for IBMs is and will continue to be diabetes.  Because of this disease, some doctors predict we will be less healthy than our parents.  We not only have more diabetes than our parents, we have more obesity.  I fight it myself, and will share my struggles when I find out what works for me.  
  20. End of life health care is hugely expensive.  I wonder as IBMs if we will insist on working every penny, or stoically go “gentle into that good night”.
  21. As IBMs, we seldom get credit for our accomplishments due to a tendency not to blow our own horns.  In the worst cases, extroverts co-opt our ideas and take credit for our work.
  22. Our culture is not geared to nurturing introverts.  Open office floor plans.  Cubicles without doors.  Phones in every palm.  Texts and emails overflowing inboxes.  Advertising assaults in every media.  An educational system that seems somewhat lacking in an age of computers.
  23. Being an IBM does not sentence you to a life of loneliness.  While we do have the highest divorce rate in U.S. history, better pay for women (I can’t say equal) is the main reason.
  24. While the U.S. does have many senior centers and activities, those were made for our parents, not us.  The people there look old.  In places like Denmark, lifelong learning and social activities for all ages are an art form.  No wonder Danes are the happiest people in the world.
  25. Introverts don’t need to be cured, fixed or transformed into extroverts. Extroverts are not superior to introverts, and vice versa. We are different personality types with alternate needs, desires, and behaviors. In our culture, different is scary.



  1. Look at colleges today where students are demanding safe zones because they are scared of what Donald Trump might do.  Can you imagine if Nixon was still around?  We were protesters when trying not to “put down your books and pick up a gun”.  IBMs are not snowflakes.
  2. Even though I have a couple of ex-wives in the rear view mirror, I have always been more comfortable in Asian countries where most people leave you alone in public.  Introverts are the norm.  Public displays of affection are rare, and mouthy salesmen are frowned upon.
  3. For those IBMs in retirement, we can finally put aside our work lives as extroverts and revert to our natural selves.  We have much to teach our grandchildren.
  4. Caveat:  Doctors tell us that being social is important for our health.  If we are socially active on our own terms, we can expect less heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s.

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