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AARWR Spring 2020 Board Meeting CGU Minutes
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AARWR semi-annual business meeting
March 13, 2020
Claremont Graduate University - via Zoom

Attendees: Jason Sexton, Anna Hennessey, Roy Whitaker, Brian Clearwater, Susan Maloney, Anjeanette LeBoeuf, James Berry, John Erickson, Sakena Young-Scaggs, Marie Cartier, Yuria Celidwen, Souad Ali, Thien-Huong Ninh

Apologies: Abdullahi Gallab, Andrew Lee (resigned), Tyler Feezell (resigned)

Meeting convened at 12:11 pm

Quorum established

Motion to approve meeting minutes from November:  Sakena motioned, Roy seconded; passed unanimously

Motion to approve financial report:  Sakena motioned, James seconded, passed unanimously

Motion to approve the Agenda:  Yuria motioned, Anjeanette seconded, passed unanimously


Regional Coordinator Report (Brian Clearwater)

o Motion to utilize AAR voting system for RC election:  Sakena, Marie,

discussion:  concern about the protocol. Need to inquire with AAR.

Tabled:  Sakena motioned, Marie seconded, passed unanimously

VP/Program Chair Report (Anna Hennessey)

Question about the legality of recording our sessions. Do we need participants to sign a release form? Jason will look into Zoom capability of having participants agree upon entry to the Zoom meeting.

President’s report (Jason Sexton)

Conference Manager (JP Paxton)

Motion to change the name of Diversity Advocate, to Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

        Motioned by Sakena, seconded by Anjeanette, passed unanimously

VP-elect report (Roy Whitaker):

“The Operating Agreement, 4.03, states that the annual conference rotates between three geographical areas: Southern California, Northern California, and Arizona”

change to “historically” The Region can expand this to include Nevada, Hawaii, and Pacific Islands, which are also included in our Region.

        Roy, Sakena, passed Unanimously

Marie announced the Queer Caucus will hold a virtual meeting on Saturday.

Recommendation to get a Zoom account by the region.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.