6th Grade Newsletter (October 2018)

Dear 6th Grade Families,

Below you will get information about what your scholars are doing in each class and what events the whole grade can look forward to. Please enjoy!

Class to Class - What’s Being Learned in the 6th Grade Hallway

ELA - Ms. Yang - kyang@motthall2.org 

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - knam@motthall2.org 

We have been working on identifying and annotating Notice & Note fiction signposts in short stories, and answering related anchor questions to uncover the themes of each text. Soon we will begin reading a class novel, The Misfits, and continue our annotating work using the novel.

Math - Ms. Tapada - etapada@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Alalouf - malalouf@motthall2.org 

We will soon begin investigating GCF and LCM of two numbers. After that we will work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. There will be a lot of real-world connections during the decimals unit.

Science - Ms. Acevedo - yacevedo@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Alalouf - malalouf@motthall2.org 

We are currently working on steps of the Scientific Method and how to follow each step in order to carry out scientific investigations. We will begin with our electricity and magnetism unit.

Social Studies - Ms. Breach - lbreach@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - knam@motthall2.org 

We are starting our second unit on Early Humans and Mesopotamia.  Students will be learning about the elements of a civilization and will end their unit by writing an advertisement for Mesopotamia.

On the Calendar - Upcoming Events         

Oct. 5 - Progress Reports and Reading Letters   distributed to all scholars

Oct. 8 - No School (Columbus Day)

Oct. 5 - Social Studies Test  

Oct. 26 - Halloween Dance


Reminders & Suggestions

  • PupilPath logins have been sent home last month. Check your scholar’s PupilPath account for missing assignments and remind them to check regularly on their own. Missing assignments will be accepted up to ten (10) school days after they are due for partial credit. Math assignments will only be accepted the following day. Turning in missing work is much better than receiving a 0. If your scholar loses their password they can get it from Ms. Robbins.
  • Progress reports and DRP Reading Letters have been distributed. Please make sure your child returns both letters to school signed. Please feel free to reach out to a teacher if you have any questions.        


6th Grade Team (Acevedo, Alalouf, Breach, Nam, Tapada, Yang)