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ASU Dataverse Research Data Repository Service Scope Statement
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Research Data Repository Service Scope Statement

The ASU Library Research Data Repository (powered by Harvard’s Dataverse software) allows Arizona State University (ASU) affiliated researchers to share, store, preserve, cite, explore, and make research data accessible and discoverable. Submission of datasets is limited to ASU affiliated projects and people. The use of datasets and material published in the repository is open to anyone except where otherwise noted due to legal or ethical restrictions.

Dataverse serves as a place to share and publish research datasets as well as a place to find and use them. Research datasets in Dataverse can be directly downloaded, referenced through metadata, or analyzed via 3rd party applications. Datasets may be persistently cited from Dataverse. Dataverse provides a systematic path towards the preservation of research datasets and supplemental materials beyond routine backups currently offered by cloud and on-premise solutions. Active projects in the collection, creation, and analysis phase will utilize other systems for the acquisition, processing of data such as electronic notebook systems, cloud storage solutions, and other tools supported by the university.

Scope of Service:

[1] CARE Principles of Indigenous Data Governance

[2] FAIR Principles