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Collecting Eligiblity Documents
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Collecting Eligibility Documents

Many financial assistance programs require you to bring proof of things like identity, income, residency, and household size. Although a clinic may have a list of documents that you could use to prove these things, there might be other ways you can prove what they are looking for. The question you should ask yourself is: What documents do I have that show what they are looking for?

Here are some ideas of documents you may have that would help prove these categories:

Note that some of the other documents in other categories could also help prove identity

Income or assets


Household size

One way you can sometimes meet requirements when you are missing information is to provide a sworn statement from someone else. For example, you could present a sworn statement from your employer that verifies that you work somewhere and how much you are paid. (Check out this example that Parkland uses for its program.) Or, you could present a sworn statement from your landlord that verifies where you live and how much you pay in rent.

Last updated Feb. 8, 2021