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77.60 Demands
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77.60 Demands

1294. “The Box Trap is the assumption that there's no way out of a box. There's always a way, always a price you can pay to be rid of it once and for all. Find it and pay it.”

1295. “THE CERTAINTY TRAP is the urge to act as though you had complete information. You're in the trap if you make decisions without recognizing the uncertainty of your assumptions and the risk that goes with that.”

1296. “Uncertainty isn't a curse, however. You can still act; you can still make decisions. You use the best information and reasoning you can muster. The important thing is to recognize the limits of the information you're using. There are variables you can't possibly predict, your knowledge is less than complete, and there's the ever-present possibility that you haven't drawn the best conclusions from what you've seen.”

1297.”There is no source you can look to for the ultimate truth and final answers to everything, or even anything. You won't find them in the nation's capital, the churches, the courts, the universities, or from the "insiders."”

Question everything.

1298. How the PC Movement Is Destroying America

Doug: Completely. The words you use control the way you think. These people don’t have good intentions, they have bad intentions. Destructive intentions. They’re opposed to all the things that, starting with Ancient Greece, made Western civilization unique, and better than any other on Earth. They’re opposed to the concepts of individualism, personal freedom, capitalism, economic liberty, free thought, and the like. And it starts with controlling the words you use. George Orwell pointed that out in 1984 where he created “Newspeak,” which was a new version of the English language that used all kinds of different new words in order to change the way people think. And to make it impossible for them to think clearly, because the words were purposely misdefined, often to the opposite of the meanings that they actually have. So, sure, this is part of the continuing corruption of Western civilization itself.

1299. When I bookmark on FB and make a comment, I need to remember to put a link to one of my sites.

1300. What are the main characteristics of direct response marketing?

1. Trackable

When someone clicks on your ad, you know which ad they responded to.  You see where they came from (IP address) and when.

2. Measureable

You can see how many times your ad was shown, and how many clicks it generated.  From clicks, you can see how many sales were made.

3. Compelling Sales Copy

Direct response is old school, but it still works online because it can be tested and revised constantly.  You can split test everything from headlines to price to offer to images.  Unlike traditional media like newspapers and magazines, you don’t have to spend a fortune making corrections.  Long copy works best.  People seeking answers to a problem or relief from pain will read.

4. Targeting

People will read and respond to your ad if you are speaking to a specific prospect.

5. Offer

Once you have the right person, you must present the right offer to solve the problem and ease the pain.  For many, you will be offering a free report or free CPA offer.  You only goal may be to get an email address.  Focus on the prospect, not the advertiser.  Talk to the prospects fears, needs, pain, and worries.

6. Call to Action

Don’t leave the visitor hanging.  Tell the reader exactly what to do next.  Fill out a form to get a free report.  Click on the link to get a free trial or free sample.

7. Followup

Let the prospect know what is coming next.  Look in your inbox for the report.  Keep an eye out for a newsletter.

8. Followup 2

If you have captured the email address but the prospect has not yet purchased, you take steps to send emails to the person and get them back on track.  Some people need time to make a decision and pull out a credit card.

1301. “Popularity isn't proof. What "everybody knows" has been so obviously wrong so many times that I don't need to fill this book with evidence of it.”

1302. “Recognize that you're seeing only part of what's involved; you can't see everything. You just don't have the time and opportunity to check out everything. So accept the existence of other possibilities that may not be apparent at this moment. Act on what you see, but with due respect for the existence of other things you can't see.”

I do better when I ask myself what am I missing?  We spend a lot of time asking why something is happening when we don’t even know what is going on.

1303. I want out.  I’m not going to rehash my current situation here, but in tribute to Harry Browne, I must determine the price to pay and pay it.

It all comes back to health, wealth, and relationships.

So far, I am only on the right track in regard to a vegan diet, which is even more strict now as I have cut out complex carbs for now.

1304. Real job is copywriter.

1305. When commenting on blogs or forums, write here first and then post on the site in question.

1306. Walkabout Solopreneur is all about your daily pdf/post and where your mind takes you.  It’s part journal, part curation, and part developing your own books.  Anything can be monetized.  This is the base for your life.

1307. I’m noticing a great trend for books.  Many are giving away hardback books where the customer pays only for shipping.  Fantastic.  With on demand publishing, you don’t even have to pay for printing until you get the orders.  I need to check this out and make IBM* sqribble pdf a hook for a longer printed book.  I need the book as a real author would.  Status.  The hardback book will be the entry into the paid membership site where more detailed ebooks expand on health, wealth, and relationships available for a low monthly subscription.

1308. “Recognize the risks and liabilities. And that's the most important point. There are always risks, and risks mean liabilities—prices to be paid if things don't go as you want them to. When you recognize them, you can handle things in ways that make your losses less frequent and less critical.”

I think most of us fall short here.  We develop a plan and want to believe it’s going to work out the way we want it to.  Changes and obstacles are constant.  I want to write 3,000 words a day, but if I wake up with stomach flu vomiting my guts out, that day may take a different turn.

1309. “The individual who plows ahead unswervingly because he "knows" he's right is usually wrong. And when he runs head on into the brick wall he was so sure wouldn't be there, his losses are greater than those of the man who was more cautious.”

As we get older, thankfully, we know more but don’t necessarily know what’s right.  I don’t blast through walls but go around them.  I don’t believe I need to solve the world’s problems.  Only the ones I can control - mine.

1310. “The experts don't know everything, or even everything about anything. And one thing they know very little about is you. The people who tell you how to live have very little knowledge of who you are and what you're capable of doing.”

We are finding out every day, largely due to the Internet, that experts aren’t.  While fighting diabetes, I have come across dozens of guru MDs who have plans to reverse diabetes.  Do they work?  Maybe.  For some people.  But I have my blood sugar under control by taking bits and pieces of different systems and using fasting when I get into a bind.

1311. “You are the sovereign authority for your life. You are the ruler who makes the decisions regarding how you will act, what information you will accept. You do it anyway—but if you recognize that you do it, you can gain much greater control over your future.”

1312. The 72 Best Affiliate Programs & Networks For Bloggers In 2019

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen major updates like Amazongeddon, or most recently Amazon shutting down its CPM ads.

Affiliate networks are third-party platforms (you’ll hear me refer to them as “platforms” below) that help advertisers (often called merchants or vendors) link up with publishers. The bigger platforms can have tens of thousands of merchants and tens of millions of affiliate programs.


1313. “The tragedy is that each of them has only one life and he throws that life away trying to live it as someone else has dictated. He accepts the traps without question. He allows the world to act upon him—instead of creating a joyous world for himself.”

I believe this the great IBM* regret.  We hit our 60s and retirement and wonder why we wasted so much opportunity to live a free life.  How did we let so many others decide where we would live and what we would do?

1314. For my ascetic plan, I need to get ready to test my system.  Learn to wash my clothes by hand, and keep everything to one or two items.  Bug out bag will have more items but will be only used if I have a rental car.  I must get down to the small backpack or buy the hard case one.

1315. “As you consider the prearranged programs that others hand you, remind yourself that you have only one life. Ask yourself whether you're willing to trust it to someone else's information, ideas, or plans. Are you willing to give up the one life you have in order to conform to the way others think you should live?”

How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World: A Handbook for Personal Liberty - Harry Browne 

1316. What Causes Clumsiness?

The trouble with seeking out Dr. Google is the things they describe are not good.  I have been dropping things and feeling clumsy.  

1317. Have You Been Dropping More Things as You Get Older?

“There is a lot of unsourced and untrustworthy health information online and that is always dangerous for “low information viewers,” as it were. The first I found was a large number of forums where people with no expertise were freely offering their uninformed opinions.”

Checking further, I found that dropping things is not a big enough issue with growing old to warrant much notice.

In fact, a webpage of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for training elder home staff is the only direct mention of elders dropping things I found.

”The sense of touch changes,” they report. “In older adults the sense of touch may decrease as skin loses sensitivity. Pressure, pain, cold and heat do not feel the same as they used to feel. Decreases in touch sensitivity may cause residents to drop things.”

That reference to skin losing sensitivity reminded me that a few years ago, I discovered through personal experience that old people often cannot be fingerprinted, particularly with electronic scanners, because their fingerprints are worn off.

Maybe a diminishing sense of touch in general means that we cannot effortlessly perceive the appropriate strength of our grasp as automatically as when we were younger. At least, that's what I choose to believe for myself until someone enlightens me further.

1318. Rules

Life is too short to live it by other people’s rules.

Part of Walkabout Solopreneur is coming to grips with your past.  How much of your life and mistakes was living up to the expectations of others.  The past is like a foreign country that doesn’t exist any longer.  Sort of the Soviet Union of the soul.

When you decide to make major changes, expect serious pushback.

For example, I recommend that IBMs* - Introvert Boomer Males - look for mail order brides from the Ukraine, China, or the Philippines depending on their taste in female beauty.

Boomer men were born between 1946 and 1964.  If you want the most stunning 40-something women in the world, you will find them in China and the Ukraine.  If you want a new family, Filipinas speak English, and many beautiful girls will make you superior wives and mothers.

But as soon as you tell any family and friends you’re going abroad to find your next ex-wife, you will be branded a loser, stupid, pediphile, ready to be taken for every cent you own.

If all you need is sex, book a ticket to Bangkok.  Stay at the Nana Hotel.  All the women you will ever need are in the bars across the street.  It’s better to find a bathhouse in the morning to start the day off right.  Save the bars for night.

Men looking for wives abroad are not a problem.  Men traveling to Cambodia for yum-yum from a 9 year old will turn your stomach.

Instead of settling for nasty attitude American women, Western men are now in a “buyer’s market” and can choose to pursue the most dynamic women on the planet that they could never attract at home.

I don’t apologize for accepting reality.  Others will try to create rules for you that you must marry someone close to your own age, of the same races, and who practices the same religion.

Horse shit.

The reason why mail order brides will make a comeback is that divorce is prevalent all over the world, but it’s effect on women can be severe.  It’s almost impossible for divorced women in China to find a suitable match.

Women anywhere in the world can find sex.  Girls are offered dick by every horny man on Earth.

What they all claim to want is respect, love, and protection.

You can’t buy a bride.  You never could no matter what the media would have to believe.  Do men get scammed by foreign women?  Of course they do.  They get scammed by the girl next door too.

1319. Email Submit:

When someone submits their email address in order to get access to something 100% free, you get paid.   Payouts of this offer type can go for up to about $3 per email submitted, depending on the niche.

1320. Zip Submit:

When someone submits their ZIP code in order to get access to something, you will get paid.  This is often related to leads for realtors or insurance agents where zip code matters.  Payouts of this type of offers can go for up to $5 per Zip code submitted, depending on the niche of the offer.

1321. Manifesto:

I hate the word manifesto, but I find myself in a position where I have to create a push for health and online income beyond anything I have created in the past.  And fast.

1322. Ten Things I Can Do Today to Improve My Blogs:

  1. add a 1 click video to each blog
  2. put an Amazon disclaimer in the sidebar of each blog
  3. add header images from Pixabay
  4. add featured images to the pages
  5. set up a WP Xtractor campaign on each
  6. make posts from yesterday’s main writing
  7. make sure GDPR is coordinating with Freshstart 5
  8. work on the about page chkline and how to set up a good page
  9. first draft of my about page
  10. disable plugins not needed at this time

1323. Raw Beginnings

The more I read and learn, the more I understand that my fits and starts on rebooting my aging IBM (Introvert Boomer Male) ass is a hurdle faced by all who are successful.

I move back to health, wealth, and relationships - the 3 evergreen areas of life.

I have 3 main “goals” that if completed will make the rest of my life after the 131 day torture a life theme worth living.

  1. Health - control and reverse diabetes
  2. Wealth - create a recurring, full time income online
  3. Relationships - divorce and become free again

Each one of these objectives requires a number of smaller actions.  For example, to reverse diabetes, I might need to:

What I am attempting to have the discipline of a Buddhist monk for 100 days.  Damn.

I love donuts.  Growing up in the South, a hot Krispy Kreme with all the gooey sugar brings comfort food to a whole new level.

And never just one.

I was in high school before Dunkin’ Donuts made it to Newport News, but my cousins in Michigan had turned me onto them during visits up north.  I still preferred Krispy Kremes until I was older when less sugar and much better coffee sent DD soaring.

In recent years, KK has made a huge comeback, especially in places like NYC.  Unfortunately, they are expanding into selling cold boxes in gas stations and convenience stores which will kill the brand.

Now I have diabetes.

So even if KK survives, it has no place in my diet for 131 days.  Maybe forever.

Food is the one area that pisses me off.  Unless you’re in prison, you control what you eat.  You can choose a donut, or an apple.  No one makes you eat junk food (even though advertisers try).

One show on TV that’s a guilty pleasure is My 600 Lb. Life.  Until I developed diabetes, I could never understand how morbidly obese individuals could continue to stuff their faces until they could not move and eventually died.

According to the program, only 5% of the people who are faced with this challenge succeed, even with surgery.


Then I looked at my own diabetes and the difficulty I have eating the right foods to control my blood sugar naturally.  I currently take 2 meds, but in 131 days I will be free.  The challenge is to maintain 100% compliance.

My personality is addictive in nature.  I don’t eat 1 donut, I eat 3.

Once I give in to sugar, it’s on to pie and ice cream.  And cookies and crackers.  And more.