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Virtual Basketball Association (“VBA”) Game Rules

Last Updated: June 23, 2022

By participating you agree to these VBA Contest Rules, Fast Break Lab’s Inc.’s (“Fast Break Labs”) Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

Contest Overview: VBA Contests (each, a “Contest”) will be held weekly. Unless otherwise stated, Contests will be structured as a round robin and consist of twelve (12) games (each, a “Game”). For the details of any Contest, including the exact dates, visit (“Contest Announcement”).  All Contest Announcements are incorporated herein by reference.


You must be of legal age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence to participate in a Contest. If, at any time, additional eligibility restrictions are imposed, those will be set forth here and/or a specific Contest announcement or on the homepage.


Contest Registration:

The Games:


Publicity Grant:

General Conditions: