DATE:                 4 December 2017

PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Hardus van Deventer, Elias Kaweme, Jackie van Deventer, Lourens de Lange, Asaph Jeka, Carol Lindeque, Frieda van Niekerk and Charlotte von Stade



1.                         INTRODUCTION


1.1           Kingdom - King's domain - where the presence of God is

1.2           Highest priority - praise and worship - all about people experiencing God

1.3           Remove the barriers and limitations that stop the Holy Spirit from flowing through you. Innermost being connect to the outside world - through words of love, encouragement

1.4           Eph 4:15 - speaking the truth in love …

1.5           Small things can be a big switch to put you in another mode/mindset - changes the atmosphere

1.6           Don't put your emotions and passions behind wrong thoughts



2.             ACTIVATED GROUPS


Where are we with the activated groups? Who are the key people?


i.              Invest into them

ii.             Build relationships

iii.             Become friends with them so that we can listen to them and they can listen to us.

iv.            When people sense that our motives are right they will take hands with us

v.             Put resources into them

vi.            We are not here to get something out of people, but what we can put into them

vii.            Separate broadcast list that will send messages to them - to train and to focus on them



3.             PRAYER REQUEST

Jonathan - banker in Hong Kong - needs prayer



4.             DIVERSE

4.1           Kingdom Global Team

4.2           Carol - possible group in Elandspoort - Belinda

4.3           KG- X - all info

4.4           FAQ for team and for public

4.5           Always starts with spiritual foundation, then practical issues.




Lourens says he needs a way to make the processing and accessing of information more smooth. All spreadsheets need to look exactly the same. Elias must make the final decision on what the lists should look like since he is the person who drives the vehicle. Lourens wanted to put all the information on one sheet, but it takes a lot of time to load.

We need not only laptops, but also training to use them.





We need to identify 4 or 5 people in each group as possible key people and then identify the  correct person. The key person is anchor. It is very important to depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance when choosing the correct people.


Hardus says that Daniel Anyango (Kenya) sent 26 groups that are activated. He is waiting for the list of counties that will be connected as well.  Elias will make sure about the number of activated Facebook groups and report back on it.[1] He defined the communities alphabetically and has names and contact details of the people who joined. He needs to meet up with them and identify the man of peace.


Kingdom Communities should be regrouped into areas. A community will then be part of an area, for instance Pretoria.

We need to have a country coordinator. It will be easy to get feedback from a community, which is sent to a community coordinator and from there to the country coordinator. These things will be developed over a period of time


Hugo says we follow the principle that we always start with the end in mind. Elias must create spreadsheets for the country and the provinces. [2]  We will follow a geographical hierarchy. First a country, which is then subdivided into provinces, provinces into regions under the region a list of the areas in that region. All this is still flexible and can be changed though.


Hugo says we must remember, if it is a continent or a country, we call it Kingdom Global Africa, Kingdom Global South Africa, Kingdom Global Gauteng.  From there it becomes a Community, e.g. Pretoria Kingdom Community.  


Our current priority is Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Western Cape. Debbie will head up Eastern Cape. George will be our Headquarters in Western Cape.


When we look at divisions of areas in South Africa, we have to take into account; we have both colonial and traditional boundaries.  There are 7 kingdoms in South Africa and part of our future plans is to build a stadium in each of the 7 kingdoms.  We will for instance have Kingdom Global Zulu, Kingdom Global Xhosa, Kingdom Global Sepedi, Kingdom Global Venda, etc. Just as residential and work communities overlap, so these communities will also overlap.


Lourens says that the Government has divided the country into wards. We might use the wards to define our communities. We could use these Municipal Wards to break up provinces in smaller sections.

Hugo says we need to look at it and see if we don't have to subdivide even more because if you take the different estates in Pretoria for instance, each estate is a distinct community. The reason why we need the name, is to identify area.


Elias says high density areas are very huge; there it is divided into sections. Asaph says it is called zones. In each of these section or zones you will find a councillor.  Hugo says we could perhaps add another layer by adding a zone between an area and a community. We will look at it and see if our hypothesis is correct and if it will work in South Africa.  This part of the mapping will be built on to Google Maps.


Elias says that we are doing good job of creating communities. We just need to update all the information we keep downloading.


Hugo says we must send all questions that we are asked by people we talk to about Kingdom Global to Lourens so that he can create a FAQ on our web page. [3]


Lourens asks that we all send him, in our own words, an explanation of the Kingdom DNA.  This will help to make it accessible to people outside of Kingdom Global.


Elias says they are trying to revive the process of identifying the man of peace, the key people. When people join Facebook, they meet up with them.  Hugo says when people join, we give them 1) time, 2) teaching and 3) attention and out of that, relationship grows. We must make sure that we always mention to people that there is no money or remuneration involved. We must make sure about the people's motives.


Lourens says we need to explain to people what is expected from them in the big picture. Kingdom Global expects people to be part of the big picture.

Hugo says we need to make the big picture visual. Having a globe to use in meetings can do this.  Charlotte will find out prices of globes[4].  What we need to tell people, it is not what we are doing, we have discovered from word of God what God is doing. We don’t get people to join us, but to join what God is doing.


There are currently about 270 activated Facebook groups in South Africa and over the last 2 months 590 people joined. In the Johannesburg CBD, there are 123 Kingdom Global Communities for which Elias is the responsible person.

The source of his data is the Whatsapp responses. That is why he doesn't have info for Kenya.


Hugo says we need to find the key person / coordinator / person of prayer - prayer for community from outside - 2nd stage is when someone inside is praying - has prayer walking started.

The reason Hugo wants to know how many activated groups and how many key people there are is that when we know where we are at, we know where we need to go.





Hardus says he needs to sort out the email addresses. He is not sure if every single person needs a Kingdom Global address.  Hugo says we need addresses for more than just TEAM members. For instance people like Werichka Korb who is now our representative in South Korea and Magdaleen who is going to be the coordinator for all the churches in Mamelodi.

The protocol is usually that we make a decision if someone should be part of the Kingdom Global TEAM. Lourens says that half of the people don’t use their addresses. People have to earn email address. Elias says that people can use their personal email address until that person has proven his commitment. Hardus can continue to use the ordinary Gmail address when he adds people.


Hugo says he wants to change the policy that people can only attend TEAM meetings if they are part of the TEAM. The suggestion is that people can attend meetings up to 3 times as visitor, but of course, only once there has been a pre-screen of the person. People who are serious about Kingdom Global, will go and pray about it.   We also need to look at a system where someone is not a full member, but a candidate member.  We don’t want to put a specific period, say 6 months, on it. Some people you will know sooner if they are ready, some later. We can call these people Candidate KG TEAM members. When they become full members, we can perhaps have a small ceremony and perhaps award the person with a certificate. For instance, to be admitted as full member, people have to attend the meetings; it is all about priorities. We need a culture of commitment.


Lourens says the format of the spreadsheet is priority; he will discuss it with Elias. It is important to be able to access it via Apple, Android and a PC and we need to be able to export it.

Hugo says the more we understand war, the more we will come up with solutions.


While we are in the meeting, Carol finds an app called Airtable that we might be able to use for our spreadsheets.  Different people can collaborate on it, but she will investigate it further during the week.


Lourens asks Hardus to make a spreadsheet with only the necessary headings; no data needs to be added.   Lourens will share it with Elias who must also add columns he needs to be there. [5]  


Asaph has contact with people from outside South Africa.  Hugo says we will contact them via Whatsapp or Skype. We need to know where the person is at to know whether we want to work with him, or whether he wants to work with us.


We need a welcome space on the web site. One of the columns in the spreadsheet can be Welcome.  Hardus says that it will grow with time.  Lourens says perhaps we should first have the DNA, then the Strategy and then the Welcome.


Hugo says the welcome message should not be too long. From the Welcome area you can then choose which “room” you want to go to. We can use the website as tool when you welcome someone in person.  Lourens says this will at the same time make him familiar with the website.


Lourens will change website so that the front page is in a user friendly English. This front page will in effect just be put on top of the existing page and will only contain a few things.


The meeting is closed in prayer.

[1] Elias number of Facebook groups

[2] Elias create spreadsheet

[3] Everybody send Lourens questions for FAQ

[4] Charlotte prices for globes

[5] Lourens and Elias create database with headings