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Ceramics Studio Info and FAQs

Sonoma Ceramics, Sonoma Community Center

  1. We are open to full capacity: Glaze Room-3 artists, Throwing Studio (117) and Handbuilding Studio (209) - 10 artists each.
  2. Classes are capped at 10 students.
  3. Vaccinations or proof of neg. covid test are required for all studio members.
  4. Studio information can be found here:

  1. What are the current monthly fees?

Ceramics Pass Plus

(Includes Ceramics Pass Plus SCC membership & 10% off classes)

Home Studio Pass Plus (glaze barn access only, includes SCC membership, no discount on classes)

2 hour-drop in

$20 (contingent on availability, even hours)


30 day membership



2-month student member (for those enrolled in 8-week classes; 50% discount)

$75 per month/ $150 total

$30 per month/ $60 total

3 month membership (5% discount/$142 per month )

$142 per month / $426 total

$57 per month/ $171 total

6-month membership (10% discount)

$135 per month/$810 total

$54 per month/ $324 total

12-month membership

(15% discount)

$127 per month/$1,524 total

$51 per month/ $612 total

  1. How do you determine pricing? The last time we had a price increase was in 2017. We also compare to regional studios that are similar to ours and take in account the overhead of staff time, electric use, facilities, equipment repair and maintenance, programming, and our lovely campus.
  2. How do your prices compare to others?
  3. Who can use this studio? Everyone can use our studio and we have Intro classes as well as upper-level classes that you can grow with as your skills advance. You do not need to live in Sonoma or have tools but we ask that you become a Studio Pass Plus holder unless you are just doing a Drop In.
  4. What are the rules of the studio? Visit our studio handbook here to learn!
  5. What about clay? We sell 8 types of clay on-site (both cone 5 and 10), in 25-pound bags. Please buy clay from us as it is priced to include glaze materials, kiln maintenance, wax, and other materials and supplies. The Studio Pass covers kiln upkeep, staffing to load and fire, electric and fuel. Click here to see the list.
  6. Can I bring my own clay and glaze? Only if you get it approved by the Studio Coordinator or Director. A firing charge will be applied to clay that is brought in.
  7. I have a home studio and want to use the kilns only, what pass is best for me? We have a Home Studio Pass+ that includes access to fire your work in our kilns, the use of the glaze barn & glazes if needed, staff time, overhead, etc., and
  8. What are Shop Talk Tuesdays? They are a free event for troubleshooting and informational/social gatherings focused on ceramics- a great community building event! Please come and invite your friends ($5 suggested donation for non-members).
  9. I thought clay included the cost of firing and glazes? Why do I need a home studio pass if I buy clay from you and want to fire my work? The cost of clay does not quite cover ALL of the materials or overhead used in the glazes, wax, oxides, kiln maintenance and staff needed to run the studio.
  10. What are the rules of the studio? Find them in our studio handbook (There will also be a monitor (studio volunteer) on duty to answer any questions you have
  11. What room should I use? Hand builders should use the handbuilding studio (209) that is on the second floor and accessible by elevator; throwers will use the wheel studio (117). Those glazing should use the Glaze Barn.
  12. Do all passholders get a cubby? Studio passholders get a cubby but home studio pass holders do not.
  13. How do I sign up for passes and membership? You can do it on your smartphone, on your computer, in the office during open hours (M-F, 10-4) or by paper (but that will take 2 business days to process). Click here to be redirected.
  14. What are your Covid policies? Covid policies are ever changing, please refer to our updated website for more info. Click here for more details.
  15. What if I come to open studio and it is full?  This rarely happens, in the event that it does; we ask that you try and come back a bit later in the day. To help prevent this from occurring, we ask all studio members to stay no longer than 4 hours during heavy traffic times in the studio
  16. How do I buy clay? Payments should be transacted in the office unless the office is closed. The office will give you a signed receipt that you will present to the monitor who will then get the clay for you. They can take cash, check, or credit card. In the evenings and weekends, cash or check is preferred. Click here for clay types. You can also purchase clay through our online shop, just present a receipt to the minitor when you come to pick it up. Click HERE for the shop.
  17. Is the Gallery available for viewing? Yes, if it is unlocked. Check it out! The exhibits change monthly.
  18. To purchase passes, membership, or learn more, visit our website:
  19. For membership questions, please contact (707) 931-4289
  20. For ceramics questions, email us for more info:

        Membership: Front Desk

        (707) 931-4289

        Monitor Coordinator: Nancy Barrett

Director of Ceramics: Megan Billingham

707-938-4626 x 9

Updated 12/23/21