Life Groups 

Spring Session 2019-Week 2 


“The Best Place To Begin”

WELCOME - Greet your friends and welcome them to your gathering


 We have all had to take a first step at one point in our lives. Weather it was taking our first step towards asking someone to marry us or taking our first step to apply for a job. Briefly talk about a time that you felt nervous in the moment but you took the step anyways.

Growing to be like Christ

  1. Read Judges 3:31- The farmer Shamgar did what he could and started where he was and took a hold of what seemed insignificant- an oxgoad and delivered and saved an entire nation. Briefly describe a time when you felt all the odds were against you but you stepped out and saw God’s faithfulness.
  2. Read Hebrews 12:2- This scripture shows that Jesus looked past the agony of the cross because of Joy. Where are we to keep our eyes focused? Why is this so important?
  3. Read Zechariah 4:10- They say don’t despise small beginnings. Can you name someone in the bible who seemed to have a small beginning and eventually came out on top?
  4.  Read Mark 9:23- Think about all God has provided for us as we live out our Christian walk. Why do you think it’s so easy to forget how faithful God has been in your past? What would be some of the benefits of logging and remembering each time God is faithful.
  5.  Read Joshua 1:8- Joshua did not only need to read God’s word. It had to be on his lips (shall not depart from your mouth), in his mind (meditate in it day and night), and he had to do it (observe to do according to all that is written), What are some things that can easily take our time away and distract us from reading God’s Word? If we don’t spend time in God’s Word what will probably come out of our mouths?
  6.  Read Ecclesiastes 9:10- What motivates you to, “In whatever you do, do well”?

“You’ve got to start with the little things to do big things!”

-Conclude in prayer