1 ; fairy tail

The country of Fiore. A neutral country that has a population of 17 million. It's a place of magic. Magic is commonly exchanged and plays a key part in people's lives. And there are people who earn money by using magic. People call them mages. Mages join various guilds where they do jobs by request. Many guilds exist throughout the country. And there's a certain guild that lies in a certain town. It's a guild that rather still creates legends as they pass through. Its name is...

Fairy Tail.

My name is Kiyomi. I'm a wizard, a solo wizard at that, and I'm in no guild. I never really bothered. Should I tell you more about me....? I guess not, sorry not sorry.

I was bored, I was just walking around town, really without a care in the world - should I say - until I stopped due to some commotion ahead.

There was this guy, who went by the name of 'Salamander,' according to everyone anyway. And there were all these lovestruck girls around him! Ew!

There was also this pink-haired guy and his blue exceed, that caught my interest. Must be another dragon slayer. I thought.

He was getting beaten up by some fangirls. Poor lad.

I walked up to him after he was free.

"Dude, you alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm cool. I'm Natsu Dragneel, and this is Happy, what's your name?"

"The name's Kiyomi, Kiyomi Akinari," I smiled, holding my backpack.

Natsu faintly blushed but Happy nor I caught it. 'She's really cute...Hang on, what was I thinking just now! I just met her! ...she has a really nice aroma aswell....'

"I can give you my signature, and you can show it off to your friends," Salamander said to Natsu.

"No thanks, I'll pass," said Natsu, doing a shoo-ing motion with his right hand.

The girls were literally about to pounce (how wrong does that sound) on Natsu when I glared at them which made them shrink down and look away.

"It's okay, I appreciate all your enthusiasm. But I must be going. Please excuse me," Salamander finally said, and did a magical exit. "I'll be having a party on the ship tonight. I'd love it if you came~ Until we meet again."

The girls were just fawning over him.

"BANG! And the dirt is gone!" I said as he flew away, causing Natsu and Happy to laugh a bit. I half-smile.

Natsu's POV.

"BANG! And the dirt is gone!" Kiyomi said as 'Salamander' was flying away, as me and Happy laughed a bit. She seems really funny too...I want to get to know more about her...hang on, what? Did I think that? No way.

Happy, I realised, was staring at me suspiciously. He must have some misunderstanding up in his head.

"Yeah, he's disgusting, isn't he?" an unfamiliar voice said from behind us. We all turned around to find a blonde haired girl looking at us.

"Thanks for your help!" Huh? What did we do again?


We were all in a restaurant as of now, me and Happy busy stuffing our faces with delicious food.

"Ah ha ha...Natsu and Happy, was it..?" Lucy said unsurely, "I understand you guys, so please just eat slowly..."

Kiyomi snorted, "Innit! These guys are pigs, no joke!" she joked, nudging Lucy's shoulder.

"Hey!" Happy said.

"That salamander guy was using a magic called charm. It's a magic that attracts people's hearts to the caster and was already banned several years ago..." Lucy informs us. "But trying to get girls' attention by using such magic...how disgusting."

"If I see him again, I might just deck the dude," Kiyomi said.

Lucy nervously laughed, "Right, but thanks you guys for jumping in the scene, the charm spell wore off. I may not look like it, but I'm actually a mage too. Ooh, but I'm not a member of any guild yet though. Ah, a guild is an association for mages and it will mediate and other information for mages. Mages won't be considered full-fledged until they join a guild. BUT! BUT! There are many guilds all over the world! And it's pretty hard to get into the guilds that are popular, many great mages will gather at the one I want to get into-"

Kiyomi's POV.

"Many great mages will gather at the one I wan't to get into-" She sure does have a big mouth, doesn't she? But can I really say much? ;-;

"I...I see," Natsu said.

"Mhm," I hummed.

"You talk a lot," said Happy.

"Yep~" I sang.

"By the way, aren't you guys looking for someone?" Lucy asked.

"Are we?" I asked.

"Aye, it's Igneel," Happy responded.

"I heard that Salamander was coming to this town, so we came, but it was the wrong person," said Natsu.

"This Salamander didn't look like a salamander," Happy said to Natsu.

"Why, was it meant to?" I whispered to Lucy. She chuckled.

"How could a human look like a salamander?" She whispered back.

"Must be the dumb nature of idiots," I whispered. She laughed this time, though the other two payed no mind; I don't think they even heard it.

"Hrmm? He's not a human," Natsu said. Oh, so he heard. Of course, he's a dragon slayer, why not. Ok that was my bad.

"Igneel is a real dragon," Natsu stated. Lucy was gaping, while I was just sat there, dumbfounded. Igneel? Weren't they talking about Salamander just a while ago? What the hell did I miss!?!

"THERE'S NO WAY SUCH A THING WOULD BE IN THIS TOWN!!!" Lucy practically screamed at the two.

"HEY! DON'T TELL ME YOU ONLY JUST NOTICED!!!" Natsu and Happy shouted back.

Are they talking about dragons now?! Man, what did I just say to Lucy about idiots! I swear Satan is watching me and inflicting the bad omens onto me! I'll kill that bastard one day, I swear!

"I guess I better get going," Lucy started. "But go ahead and take your time."

Natsu and Happy started. "Such a considerate lady," I said to myself, sighing. In a matter of seconds, they were full on praising Lucy, joyful tears streaming down their eyes like a waterfall.

They then constantly started bowing their heads up and down. "THANK YOU FOR THE FOOD!" "THANK YOU!!!"

I snickered. "LUCY! YOU ARE TRULY AN ANGEL FROM UP ABOVE!" I joined Natsu and Happy, repeatedly bowing.

"KIYOMI?!" Lucy gaped in disbelief. "D-Don't worry, you helped me too...so we're even now, right?"

"I don't feel like I've helped you at all," Natsu said, bowing.

"Aye...I don't feel right..." Happy continued, bowing.

"How may we ever repay you..?" I finished, bowing and acting along. I'm such a great actor, +50 points for me and my awesome skillz.

"Oh yeah!" Natsu said, doing the 'I got it!' gesture with his hands (Clash your palm to the bottom of your other hand while it's fisted). "I'll give you this," and Natsu holds out Salamander's autograph.

"NO WAY!" Lucy shouted in denial.

It's nighttime.

"Phaa! I ate a lot!" Natsu said, patting his belly as he walked.

"Aye," Happy walked on the brick railing. "Oh yeah, Salamander said he'd have a party on a ship. I wonder if that's the one." Happy pointed at the ship. Me and Natsu got sick by looking at it. "Don't get sick just by imagining it....and Kiyomi how come you're sick too?"

"What, can I not? Actually, that should be true, I'm too awesome...Oh well. And yeah, I am a dragon slayer!" I answered, looking away from the damn ship.

"Really! WHAT TYPE OF DRAGON SLAYER ARE YOU! DO YOU HAVE AN EXCEED LIKE HAPPY?!?" Natsu was literally screaming and hopping in my face, eagerly wanting the answers to my questions.

Hmm, well, I don't really care, so let's just share info. Nothing's gonna happen, and even so, I don't give two flipping fucks.

I was about to answer until-

"Look, look---!! That's the ship, Salamander-sama's ship!"

"Awwww, I wanted to go to the party, too!"


"You don't know about him? He's that great mage who's currently in town."

"I heard he was a mage from that famous Fairy Tail guild."

"...Fairy Tail?" Natsu said to nobody in particular.

My eyes drifted over to him, "Is something the matter, Natsu?"

He didn't answer, instead he looked over at the ship again and barfed. Well then.

"..Fairy Tail..." He muttered.

So, you know what Natsu and Happy did after that? They ditched me! Some friends they are! .-. Then again, I wouldn't have wanted to get involved. I'll catch up later. To the future---

I caught up to Lucy and Happy a moment, okay let's say a whole while later. I witnessed Natsu kicking some street-rat to god-knows-where.

"Igneel taught Natsu this," Happy explained.

"Natsu's got mad skills," I said casually, whistling.

"WHERE'VE YOU BEEN!" Lucy shouted.

"Somebody decided to ditch me!" I said, glaring at Happy.

"Anyway, as I was going to say, it's weird that a dragon taught someone a dragon interception magic, isn't it?" Lucy asked Happy.

"But you didn't doubt it at all, huh?" Happy said.

"Dragon slayer..." Lucy muttered to herself. "Amazing....amazing but....YOU'RE OVERDOING IT!!!" Lucy ended yelling.

"T-THE PORT IS ALL MESSED UP!!" Lucy shouted once again.

"Aye," was Happy's simple, un-caring reply. That face...

"DON'T GIVE ME AN AYE!!!" Lucy exclaimed at the cat.

"Awh! Come on Lucy, don't be such a killjoy! Natsu's a boss, isn't that right Happy?" I asked him, putting my hand out for a fist bump.

"Aye sir!" Happy said, fist bumping me. "I'm not a man!" I barked at the cat. Meanwhile, Natsu was passed out on the floor. He looked like it anyways.

Suddenly, an all too familiar group came down the road. "WH-WHAT'S WITH ALL THIS RUCKUS!!?"

"THE MILITARY!!" Lucy gasped. And then, in a flash, me and Lucy were grabbed by Natsu. "CRAP!!! LET'S RUN!"

"WHY ME!!!?" Lucy cried as she was being held onto by Natsu.

"You said you wanted to join Fairy Tail right? And Kiyomi, you're not in a guild either right?" Natsu said to us.

Me and Lucy looked in awe.

"So let's go!" Natsu finished, showing us his signature grin.

"OKAY!!!" Lucy shouted with newfound spirit in her.

I guess it won't be too bad...I haven't been in a guild before, it wouldn't be fair to judge, right?

If we didn't have idiots like that...


This world wouldn't be fun.

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"Those idiots from Fairy Tail have gone and done it again! This time they've destroyed an entire port!"

"What is the matter with them?"

"I'm actually quite fond of those dimwits and their attitude," a man with blue hair and a tattoo on the right of his face, Siegrain said.

"They may behave like fools but we must'nt forget that they're an extremely capable lot," Yajima said.

"Yes, that's true, they present quite the quandary."

"I think we should leave them be," Siegrain said. "After all, if it wasn't for those fools, think how boring this world would be."

2 ; the salamander, the monkey and the bull


It's huge!" said Lucy, gaping at the tall building.

"No shit!" I said, kind of excited I guess. I've never actually been in a guild before- hope they're nice- or at least fun people.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail!" said Happy.


"Mira-chaaan!! 3 beers this way, please!!"

"Coming right up."



"Yes, yes, what is it?"

"Let's go on a date next time."


"Sigh.." the girl known as Mira sighed.

She transformed into some creepy-ass lady and said, "You have a wife, don't you?"

"DWAAAH!! DON'T TRANSFORM INTO MY WIFE!!" the man shrieked.

"Ah.." Mira relaxed, turning back into herself.

"WE'RE HOME!!!" Natsu yelled, marching through the doors as Happy simply said, "Home."

"Natsu, Happy, welcome back," Mira greeted.

"You overdid it again. I read about the Hargeon incident in the newspap..." the man cut himself short as Natsu's foot was getting closer to his face. "...per..."


"My...now that Natsu is back, the store might be torn apart again," Mira said.

"IT'S ALREADY BEING TORN APART!!!" said the guy known as Wakaba.




"Whoa..." Lucy was at a loss for words.

"HOLY SHIT THIS PLACE IS FUCKING AMAZING!!" I screeched infront of Lucy's face.

"Chill, Kiyomi," she said.

"Owwwww...Happy came flying this way..." as Happy was flung up somewhere.

"I really...came to Fairy Tail," Lucy breathed, still in shock.

"Fuck yeah you did," I said, "And I have to say, this place is the real deal!" I wonder how Kuro and Shiro would react in a place like this..lol.

"DID SOMEONE SAY THAT NATSU'S BACK?!" some half-naked stripper emerged from the shadows. "HEY! LET'S SETTLE OUR DUEL FROM THE OTHER TIME!"

"Gray...have you been walking around like that?" a brown-haired half-naked girl said.

"..." Lucy was speechless.

"Hack!!! Shit!!!" Gray exclaimed, jumping in realisation. It's almost as if he unconsciously strips off his clothes..

"L.M.A.O." I managed to say, doubling up in laughter.

"Another one of those undignified guys..." the brown-haired girl said once again. "That I really hate." Undignified?

"...." Lucy was speechless, 2.

"HAHAHA!! YEAH YOU SHOW 'EM, GURL!" I shouted, still laughing.

"You call this funny?!?!" Lucy asked me as if I was crazy.

"Best shit I've seen in more than a while," I said, finally calming down what seemed to be my endless streams of laughter.

"What rubbish," a tall, buff dark figure loomed over me and Lucy. "Yapping in the middle of the day...you're not little kids, you know..."

"You wot m8?" I said.

"SO FIGHT WITH FISTS TO SHOW YOUR MANHOOD!!!" he roared at the bickering couple.

"GET OUTTA THE WAY!!!" Natsu and Gray shouted in unison, knocking him out with a single blow of the hand.


"I can't believe you..." Lucy mutters, trailing off, probably thinking, 'how the hell am i not taking this seriously.'

"Hrmm? It's so noisy here," the voice of an orange-haired dude with shades said.

"Ah! Loke, the top image ranked 'mage you want to have as your boyfriend!'" Lucy explained.

"Simply put, a playboy," I said.

And there he was, two girls fawning over him, hugging him at the same time. Yeah...stay away from this dude m8.



"Wha-what's with this place," Lucy cried. "None of them are normal..."

"Lolz," I said, snickering at Lucy.

"My, are you newcomers?" a voice asked.

"It's about damn time somebody noticed us, dont'cha think?" I said.

We looked towards the voice right infront of us; "MI-MIRAJANE!!!" Lucy screamed. Fangirl overload.

"Kyaa! The real one!!!" Lucy stopped. "D-Don't you have to stop them?"

"It happens all the time," Mira said. "You don't have to worry about it."

"BEST GUILD EVER OMG," I blabbered to myself. Lucy looked at me weirdly, probably still thinking I'm crazy. Mira smiled.

"And.." A bottle was thrown to Mira's head, knocking her out, oh wait, she's still standing- "Besides...Isn't it fun this way?" and blood starts trickling down her forehead as she yet smiles.

"ITS SCARY!!!" Lucy shouted.

"ITS AWESOME!!!" I shouted. Lucy sweatdropped.

All of a sudden, the mysterious stripper came crashing past Lucy, right next to her on the wall.

"KYAAAHHH!" Lucy screamed.

"Hehe!" Natsu grinned, teeth wide, whilst flipping the stripper known as Gray's underwear around his finger. I started cackling.

"AAAH! GIVE ME BACK MY UNDERWEAR, YOU JERK!!!" Gray shouted, as he faced the direction of Lucy and I.

"DON'T FACE THIS WAY!!!" Lucy shouted. I snorted.

"Lady, if you don't mind, may I borrow your underwear?" Gray asked.

"NO WAY I'D DO THAT!!!" Lucy shouted and punched his face.

"LEL," I said in the background.

"Ah, geez, people with no elegance are really troublesome, don't you think?" the guy known as Loke said.

'What is this?!" Lucy thought.

Lucy's quite the center of attention today... I giggled to myself at the thought.

"By the way, which modeling agency do you belong to?" Loke asked.


"I said you're getting in our way," Natsu said, punching Elfman again.

"Aaaaah, so noisy," Cana said. "I can't even drink peacefully."

Cana grew a vein on her forehead, "Guys I suggest you knock it off," as Cana took out a card and a glyph appeared infront of it.

"I've had it!!" said Gray, as he put his right fist on his left palm, and ice started emitting from his hands.

"NUOOOOOHHHH!!!" Elfman roared, transforming.

"What a troublesome bunch..." Loke said, as his ring started to glow.

"COME AND GET ME!!!!" Natsu exclaimed, his fists full of fire.

"MAGIC?!?!?" Lucy questioned, unbelieving.

"These guys are really for real," I said.

"This is getting a little too intense," Mira said nervously.

"That's enough," a loud voice said sternly, booming all over the guild. "CUT IT OUT YOU FOOLS!!"

The guild stopped entirely.

"HE'S HUMONGOUS!!!" Lucy shouted.

"HE'S BIGGER THAN MY FUTURE!!" I shouted, Lucy sweatdropped and laughed nervously. "What? It's true." I stated.

"My...you were here, Master?" Mira asked.

"MASTER?!?" Lucy asked, sweat visible on her face.

"Tch," said Gray.

"Hmph," said Elfman.

"It was scary, wasn't it? It was," Elfman said.

"Booze," was all Cana said.

Natsu had a wide smirk on his face.

"DAAA HA HA HA!!! YOU ALL GOT SO SCARED!! THIS MATCH IS MY win," Natsu's speech got dragged out at the end because he was flattened by the master's foot.

"Hm? Newcomers?" the master asked, looking at us.

"Y-Yes..." Lucy answered for us.

"FNUUU...." the master started seething and grunting, and seemingly start shrinking.

The look on Lucy's face was priceless.

And now, the master was just seemingly a midget old man.

"WHAAAATTTT?!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Nice to meet ya," the master said to us.

The master of Fairy Tail, MAKAROV.

"Tou!!" the master let out as he got onto and flipped onto the railing.

"You've done it again, fools! Look at these documents I've recieved from the council..." Master said.

"Council... It's an organisation that manages mage guilds," Lucy said to herself.

"First..." Master read, "Gray."


"Good job on sweeping out the smuggling organisation, but you walked around afterwards and ran away stealing underwear that was being dried."

"But, wouldn't it be worse if I were naked?" Gray asked. You're too funny, dude.

"Then don't be naked in the first place," Elfman told him. My bro right here.

"Elfman!! You had to escort a VIP, but assaulted him during the mission."

"He said 'men are all about education,' so..." Elfman responded. Are you sure that wasn't you?

"Cana Alberona, drinking 15 barrels of alchohol, and charging it to the council," Master read. Heck, she could rival me...

"They found out.." Cana muttered.

"Loke...flirting with council member elder Reiji's granddaughter," Master read, Loke looked away. "A certain agency charged us for damage compensation, too."

"And Natsu..." Master's head dropped low and he let his arms dangle, it looked as if he was going to fall off.

"You destroyed the Devon thief family, but also destroyed 7 other houses that belong to the townspeople, levelling a historical clock tower in Tally Village, burning a church down in Freesia, damaging parts of Lupinus Castle, Nazuna Ravine observatory collapsed and thus stopped its operations- destroying half of Hargeon's port." Master concluded for Natsu.

"Holy shiz Natsu," I said, nudging his body which was still laid on the floor.

'Most of the articles covered in the magazine were done by Natsu, huh...'

"Alzack. Levi. Krov. Reedus. Warren. Bisca. Etc."

"Me too..?" Warren questioned himself.

"Guys...the council members are getting angry all the time.." Master started. The whole guild was dead silent, listening to what Master has to say. I looked and saw Lucy quite- I mean very anxious about this.


Forget about the council members." He finished.

"Eh?" Lucy gasped.

Master lit the sheet and threw it only for it to be eaten by Natsu.

"Listen up. The power to overcome reasoning is born from reasoning. Magic is not a miracle." Natsu eats the fire.

"When the 'spirit' flow within us and the 'spirit' flow in nature connects, they will form an enbodiment for the first time. You will need a strong mentality and a lot of concentration for that. I mean, pouring all of your soul into whatever you do is magic. If you keep worrying about the watchful eyes of the higher-ups, your magic won't improve." Master held a grin, "Do not fear the fools of the Magic Council, DO WHATEVER YOU THINK IS RIGHT!!! THAT'S THE WAY OF THE FAIRY TAIL MAGES!!!" Everyone in the guild raises their hands and starts to cheer.

"What a good first impression.." I said to myself, then smiled. No wonder Lucy wanted to join this guild. They really are mad, huh. :) Guess I might stay, after all.

"So you were called Salamander in other towns, Natsu?" Happy asked.

"True, your magic would fit that description well," Lucy added.

Natsu special menu:


1,200 jewels.

"If Natsu is the Salamander, I want to be the Catmander! Right, right?" Happy insisted. I laughed, "Right."

"What's up with that -mander thing?" Lucy asked.

"You want it here?" Mira asked.

"YES!!" Lucy exclaimed.

Mira stamped the guild mark on the back of Lucy's right hand, "There, you are now a part of Fairy Tail!"

"Whoa!" said Lucy as she looked at her hand in content.

Mira had also already done my guild mark, it was actually on the left side of my stomach, and it was blue.

"NATSU! LOOK! SHE GAVE ME THE GUILD MARK!" Lucy shouted with joy.

"'She' has a name y'know..." I trailed off, sweatdropping.

"Good for you, Luigi," Natsu said nonchalantly.

"Nice," I said, fistbumping Natsu and walking off.

"THE NAME'S LUCY!!" was all I heard Lucy shout in correction to Natsu when I walked off.

I opened my phone, apparently nobody here would know what a phone is because they aren't used here, this is a land of magic after all - they use lacrimas and telepathy and stuff like that.

I clicked on a group chat.

ItzKiyomi: Sup guys!

ItzKaito: Hey Kiyokiyo!


ItzKaito: chill cu-row

ItzKiyomi: omg lol


ItzKiyomi: lmao kuro u still best man

ImKuro: WOT

ItzKaito: Kiyokiyo are you still in Magnolia?


ItzKiyomi: YESS NOW KATSUKI, and yep im still there

ItzKiyomi: I joined a guild called fairy tail, they're just as crazy as our gang, bet you'd love it here kai

ItzKaito: hmm i might consider it


ItzKiyomi: try kuro try


ItzKaito: xd

ItzKiyomi: XD

ItzKiyomi: I guess I should go..there seems to be some commotion in the guild...

ItzKaito: okay my identical masterpiece

ItzKaito: c ya

ItzKiyomi: you're only fabulous cuz you're related and identical to me

ItzKiyomi: and yeh bye

"Heeey!! Natsu!! Don't break the request board," said Nab, pointing at it.

Natsu starts to walk off, shadows covering the right side of his face. What the hell's going on now?!?!

"Eh?" Lucy questioned.

"Master...Natsu's gonna do something bad..." Nab said.

"He..I bet he's gonna go help Macao."

"Stupid kid...If he does that, he's gonna hurt Macao's pride."

"No one can decide what he should do," said Master. "Just leave him alone."

I walked up to the bar and sat next to Lucy.

"Wh-What happened to him all of a sudden?" Lucy asked Mira as I listened intently.

"The same thing happened to Natsu," Mira answered Lucy's question.


"Maybe he saw himself in Romeo," Mira said sadly. "Natsu's father hasn't come back ever since he left. Though by father, I meant a foster parent. And he's a dragon." W0-

Lucy toppled over her chair. "A DRAGON!?!" she shouted in shock whilst climbing back to the table. "NATSU WAS RAISED BY A DRAGON?!"

"HELL NAH!" I added. 'I'm a second gen dragon slayer and I didn't know that!!'

Mira told us the backstory.

"He was found by that dragon in a forest when he was little and learned words,


and even magic from him.

But one day, the dragon disappeared from Natsu."

"I see," Lucy said.

"And that's Igneel," I said aswell in understanding.

"Natsu is looking forward to seeing Igneel one day. Isn't he cute?" Mira asked.

"Ah ha ha," Lucy 'laughed.'

What a crazy dream...but it isn't impossible at all.

"We are...mages of Fairy Tail are all carrying something...wounds, pain, suffering...and me as well..." Mira said.

"Eh?" said Lucy.

"What do you mean?" I also asked.

"No, nothing," Mira dismissed.

Inside a horse carriage.

"And so!! ILL VISIT MIRA'S HOUSE NEXT TIME~~~" Lucy gushed, hands on her cheeks.

"Don't steal underwear and stuff, okay?" Happy asked in security.

"We know you want too," I said.

"WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!?" Lucy screeched.

"Why are you here anyway, Lucy, Kiyomi?" Happy asked.

"Problem, you damn cat?" I asked.

"Of course...aye." Happy said, making my left eyebrow twitch.

"Because it's a chance. I wanted to do something that'd help Fairy Tail," Lucy replied with sparkles around her.

'She just wants to raise her reputation! I bet that's it!' Happy thought.

I started to feel nauseated.

"I pity you- whoa Kiyomi you ok?" Lucy asked.

"Yep...just suffering...a severe case of...motion sickness," I managed to say.

"Yeah, I remember Kiyomi saying she was a dragon slayer," Happy pointed out.

"REALLY?!" Lucy screamed.

The carriage came to a halt.

"IT STOPPED!!" Natsu almost immediately sprung up, exclaiming.

"Are we there already," I asked, more like stating.

"I-I'm sorry..we can't go any further than this with the carriage," the driver said.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!" Lucy screamed as we climbed out of the carriage from behind. "EVEN THOUGH IT'S UP IN THE MOUNTAINS, ITS SUMMERTIME!! IT'S WEIRD TO HAVE A SNOWSTORM LIKE THIS!!!"

Natsu almost looked as if he didn't care. I just yawned.

"I-IT'S COLD!!" Lucy let out, clattering as he held her arms with her hands and kneeling down slightly.

"That's because you're wearing so little," Natsu pointed out the facts.

"THE SAME GOES FOR YOU!!" Lucy retorted.

"Then I'm heading back to the town now," the driver said.

"HEY! HOW ARE WE GONNA GET BACK!" Lucy protested, fists in the air as she leapt towards the retreating carriage.

"She's really noisy..." Natsu said.

"Aye," said Happy.

"Aye," I said in a squeaky voice.

"Stop copying me~" Happy wailed.

"Can I borrow that blanket..?" Lucy asked Natsu as we were walking up the mountain.

"Nuo!" Natsu replied.

"O-O-Open! Gate of the Clock!" Lucy said as a keyhole appeared infront of the key. "Horologium!"

There was a clock-like spirit standing infront of us.

"WHOA! IT'S A CLOCK!" Natsu gushed.

"I like this magic, it's so fancy," I said.

"'I'll stay here,' she says," Horologium repeats what Lucy said.

"And useful!" I added to my previous statement.

"What did she come here for?" Natsu asked, looking at the clock.

"'Speaking of that, what job did Macao come here for?' she says."

"You came here without knowing that?" Natsu asked more like saying. I didn't know either! "To subdue the brutal monster, 'Balkan.'"

"Oooh! Sounds fun! This sounds awesome!" I said, sparkles in my eyes.

Natsu chuckled. Lucy was in shock because of this job.

"'I want to go home,' she says."

"Yes go ahead, says I," Natsu retorted.

"Aye," me and Happy said together.

"Stop copying me~" Happy whined exactly like earlier.

"MACAO!!! ARE YOU HERE!?" Natsu shouted, his left hand to the side of his mouth. "WERE YOU DONE IN BY BALKAN?!"

"I'M GETTING BORED HERE, Y'KNOW!!!" I added, shouting into the neverending blizzard.

All of a sudden, there was a rustle, and then something lept from infront of us. Currently, in the air, was the shadow of an ape, which decided to leap down, and smash where Natsu and Happy were standing, causing them to fly up in the air.

"IT'S BALKAN!!" Happy cried.

Then, 'Balkan' caught sight of me and Lucy and dashed away from Natsu and Happy, stopping right before me and Lucy and saying, "HUMAN WOMEN!!!" with hearts in his- I mean its eyes.

Without warning, it grabbed me and the clock holding Lucy in it before running off. "UHOHOOH!!"

"KYAAAAA!!!" Lucy screamed inside the clock.

"Oh," was what me and Natsu said.

"He can speak, huh?" said Natsu, clashing his fists together.


"'I mean, SAVE MEEEE!!!!'



she says."

'HOW DID IT BECOME LIKE THIS!?!' Lucy thought, 'AND THAT MONKEY IS HYPER FOR SOME REASON!!!' as the ape kept moving around in circles around me and Lucy pounding his fists everywhere.

"I wonder if this is where that monkey lives," Lucy says. "Besides, what happened to Natsu?"

I stepped behind the long clock as the ape dashed infront of the clock window in one swift movement, "WOMAN!!~"


The clock timer runs out and disappears leaving Lucy sitting with a blanket draped over her and me sitting behind her.


The ape puffed steam clouds out of his nostrils and looked at me and Lucy with a smug and perverted grin on its face.

"Oi! You! You're revolting!" I shouted and pointed at the ape, standing up.


"WUOOOOOHHHH!!! I FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH YOU!!!" Natsu screamed, running down the ice towards us.

"NATSU!!!" Lucy said in relief.

"WHERE IS MACAO--" Natsu slips whilst running on the ice, and flips over about 4 times before crashing into a pile of rocks on our right.

"Can't he appear in a normal manner..?" Lucy said to herself, sighing.

"Ehem. It's called being dramatic, Lu," I said.


"Yeah. It's my new nickname for you," I said. She smiled, her eyes signaling happiness. "In that case, I'll call you Kiyo!"

"HEY!!! MONKEY!!! WHERE IS MACAO?!?!" Natsu shouted.

"UHO?!" the ape said.

"I'll assume that's its way of saying, 'what,'" I said.

"You understand what I'm saying, right? I'm talking about Macao!! A human man," Natsu said as Lucy and I scooted over to him.

"Pfft, do you really expect him to-" I didn't finish when I heard the ape ask,

"A man?" while scratching himself.


"That's right!" Natsu said. "Where did you hide him?!" Natsu asked, pointing at the ape suspectfully.


"Who else could've done it, I would've thought the exact same thing," I sighed, air puffing out of my mouth.

'Now that I think about it, is Macao even alive?' Lucy thought.

The ape grinned, "UHOHO!!"

"OOH!! He understood me!!" Natsu said in excitement. Huh?

Natsu and the ape look down the cliff. "Where-" The ape pushed Natsu down the cliff.

I whistled loudly, "That was dumb."

"NATSU!!!" Lucy shouted.

"NO LIKE MAN! ME LIKE WOMAN!" the ape chanted.

"HE'S NOT DEAD IS HE?! HE'S A GREAT MAGE AND ALL!!" Lucy said to herself in worry.

"Of course not, you're overreacting," I said.

The ape was continuing to sing in the background, prancing all over the place.

"Woman! Woman! You perverted monkey," Lucy said. "What are you gonna do if Natsu got hurt?"

Lucy took out a golden zodiac key, "Open! Gate of the Bull!"

A glow formed infront of the key, "TAURUS!"

A cow-like spirit emerged from the glow, "MOOOO!!"

"A bull?" said the ape.

"Taurus - the most powerful spirit I have within my contract!" Lucy boasted.

"Now, now, Lu, no need to brag," I deadpanned.

"Miss Lucy and her lovely companion! You have nice boobs, and you're amazing then ever!!" Taurus said pervertedly.

"Oh..he's a pervert as well..." Lucy said to herself, sighing again.

"What a nice spirit! Not everybody appreciates my stunning beauty nowadays," I said to Taurus.

"UHO! DON'T TAKE MY WOMEN!!" the ape puffed.

"YOUR WOMEN?!?!" Taurus said. "That's a moo-st unforgivable remark."

"THAT'S RIGHT!! GET HIM!!!" Lucy shouted.

"I like this spirit," I said.

"You should say 'my boobs' instead of my women," Taurus said.

"THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!" Lucy said.

"This guy knows his stuff!" I said.

"WHAT!!!" Lucy cried.

"Hey Lu, isn't your magic gonna run out soon? Should I take over?" I asked.

"That's right..I used it to summon Horologium earlier..." Lucy said as Taurus started to charge the ape. "But I'll just have to hold out until I beat this monkey!"

"How about I-" Everybody stopped when we saw a shadowy figure peeking at the side.

"How dare you push me off this cliff..!?!" The ape and Taurus stared. "That was close..."

"NATSU!! YOU'RE SAFE!!!" Lucy cried.

"I KNEW YOU WERE TOO OP TO DIE!!!" I shouted. Natsu blushed faintly.

"Hmm?" Natsu stared. "WHAT?! THERE ARE MORE MONSTERS NOW!?!?" He yelled kicking Taurus right in the face and making Lucy scream in loss while clutching her head.

"I-I can't...TAKE IT NO MOO-REE!" Taurus let out, tripping and flipping 180 degrees (landing on his head with his legs in the air) before his legs dropped.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!" Lucy whined. "Besides, how'd you even survive?"

Natsu grinned, "All thanks to Happy, right lil' buddy?"


"Oh yeah, I forgot Happy had wings!" Lucy said.

"Aye! It's one of the ability type magic: wings!"

"Why do I feel like a third wheel?" I pondered aloud.

"That's because you are a third wheel," Happy answered, snickering.

"Damn you, cat..." I growled.

Lucy asked if Natsu couldn't deal transportation, how could he deal with Happy, whilst Natsu responded with a 'what kinda question is that? Happy's not a vehicle, he's my friend!'

"Oh sorry, it was totally wrong of me to compare the two," Lucy muttered.

"Well, at least know that Happy is a vehicle in my eyes," I said with a smug grin.

"Waah! Kiyomi, you're so mean!~"

"Uho ho ho!!" the ape laughed.

"Listen! All members of Fairy Tail are considered my friends, okay?" Natsu said. I looked to him in surprise. Lucy looked surprised too. "Including the old man, and Mira..."

The ape was charging in Natsu direction, "He's coming!!" Lucy said.

"Even those annoying jerks Gray and Elfman..."

"Behind you, Natsu!!" Lucy was trying to tell him. I simply watched and listened in silence.

"Including Happy and you guys, Kiyomi and Lucy. You're all my friends."

Lucy looked touched, and honestly, so did I. 'Is this what it means to be a part of Fairy Tail? A part of a family?' I thought.

"And so..." the ape roared. Natsu's fist lit up, "..I'm going to find Macao and bring him back!!!" The ape was sent flying into a wall. "If you don't tell me where Macao is quick, you'll be burned to a crisp!"

The ape angrily puffed.

Natsu was burning ice shards, "That kind of thing doesn't work against fire!!!"

The ape saw Taurus' axe. "Uho?"

"That looks like it could hurt!" Natsu said, sweat forming on his face.

"That's 'cause it can, idiot!" I shouted.

"That's Taurus' axe!!!" Lucy said.

The ape swung at Natsu, said boy barely dodging the attack. However, the ape gave the pyromaniac a fist, sending him to a corner. The ape swung it's axe at Natsu, who was holding the axe with his arms. After a while, steam was coming off the axe. This put us in a state of alert, including the ape.

"You mean the heat of his body melted the metal? And then he ate it?!!" Lucy said in shock.

Natsu chewed and spat the fire blobs in the ape's face. I snickered. "Here I go!" Natsu said with a fist full of fire. "Fire Dragon Iron Fist!!!" The ape crashed into a wall.

"He's down!!" Happy said.

"No duh," I said.

"Yeah..But didn't you want the monkey to tell us where Macao was?" Lucy reminded.

"Ah!! Oh, yeah!!" Natsu realised. "But, now it's out cold."

The ape was snoring, then it transformed.

'Hmm, Imma sleep through this incident~'

"Macao!! Don't you dare die! Macao, wait a little longer!!!" Natsu was shouting.

"I took down nineteen of them...But the last one got to me..Dammit!!" Macao cursed. "I can't face Romeo like this.."

"I said shut up!" Natsu shouted. "You want me to punch you out?!!"

'These guys are really amazing. I'm out of my league here,' Lucy thought, until I put my hand on her shoulder, and gave her a small smile.

"Daddy..I'm sorry," Romeo said, looking slightly down. "I..."

"I'm sorry I worried you," Macao said hugging his son. "Romeo."

"It's okay. I'm a wizard's son," said child said. "Next time those brats make fun of you, you can just ask them.."

"'Can your das take down nineteen monsters all alone?!' Just say that," Macao said, skeptically grinning.

Romeo grinned happily in return, tears freely flowing, before turning round to us who were retreating to the guild. "Hey, Natsu!! Happy!! Thank you!! Oh, and, Kiyomi!! Lucy!! Thank you guys too for helping them bring my daddy back!!"

Lucy smiled happily and waved, whilst I on the other hand did a cheeky grin and a peace sign.

'Fairy Tail really is a mess of a guild. But it's fun, and the people are warm and kind. I'm just starting out as a wizard with Kiyomi, but... I already know that I'm going to love this place!!!' - Lucy

'This guild, Fairy Tail, is better then I originally thought it'd be. It helped my general view on guilds change, after that incident.. I can tell that Fairy Tail is going to be an entertaining adventure indeed!' - Kiyomi

16/03/18, 02:16am. [unedited]


Lucy & Kiyomi's apartment.

"MY BEDROOM!!" Lucy shouted, eyes out of sockets when she sees Natsu and Happy. She kicks Natsu's face to the wall, "GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE YA JERKS!!"

Natsu gets up with a bump on his cheek and a questioning aura, "Jeez, I just came over to check out ya new bed!"

"Oh yeah, well what you call checking out, I CALL BARGING IN!" Lucy says and points to them with a tick mark. "And I'm pretty sure the police would call it breaking and entering."

"I were just trying to be friendly!"

"This is a serious invasion of my privacy!"

"Yeah, considering she's still in a towel!" I said, walking in without knocking.

"WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS!!" Lucy shouts at me.

"Nice place ya got here," Happy said, scratching the walls.


"Hey, what's all this?" Natsu asks, picking up a bunch of papers.

"Ooh, pass us it," I said, walking over to Natsu to look at it.

Lucy gasped in alarm, kicking Natsu back whilst holding the papers, "NOTHING!!"

"So you just kicked me in the face..over nothin'?" Natsu asked, almost as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yeah, maybe I would," Lucy said, and I snickered at Natsu. "Now would you please just go home?!" she pleaded.

"Yeah, but your place is way more exciting!"

"I hate boys!" Lucy cried, fake tears cascading like a waterfall.

3 ; infiltrate the duke of everlue's mansion

Lucy did a mushroom sigh, whilst sat on the table. "Look, I just moved in with Kiyo, and I'm not ready for guests, so how about you two just drink your tea, say thanks and get out, ya got that?"

"Jeez, talk about cold hearted," Natsu deadpanned.

"Ice cold," Happy added.

"Watch it, cat."

"Oh hey, I know! Why dont'cha show us all those little key guys that you like to collect!" Natsu suggested.

"For your information, they're called celestial spirits," Lucy informed.

"How many of these celestial spirits do you have contracts with?" Happy asked.

Lucy showed the keys, "Six so far. Not to brag or anything but I even have a couple different types of them."

'I know all about celestial magic, the silver and the zodiac keys, amirite?'

Lucy explained how silver keys can be found in magic shops and how the gold ones were super rare and that there are only twelve in existence. She also told us the names of the keys she has.

Natsu was drooling and Happy looked in bliss, "GIANT CRAB!!" - Natsu


Lucy deadpanned and looked at me, "I've never met anyone as obsessed with food as these two."

"Tell me about it," I also deadpanned. "Honestly I might think they have some type of eating disorder," I mumbled that part to myself.

"Did you say something?" Lucy looked in question.


"That reminds me, I need to make a contract with the key I bought in Hargeon!" Lucy stood from the chair. "I suppose you fellas are interested in seeing how a celestial wizard makes a contract with a celestial spirit?"

Natsu and Happy whispered something that I honestly heard but didn't care about.

"Um, I can hear you, so leave my butt out of this," Lucy said, taking a silver key. "Alright, pay attention. I call upon thee into the world of the celestial spirits! I beckon you to my side at once, pass through the gate!" A white light emerged from underneath Lucy. "Open, Gate of the Canis Minor, Nikola!"

Something that I would call an 'unidentified creature' formed after Lucy summoned it. Natsu's and Happy's faces looked unbelieving. "Nice try," we waved it off.

"Shut up I meant to do that!" Then Lucy hugged it. "Aww you are such a cutie-pjutie~" She cooed.

Natsu deadpanned, "Uhh, you think so?"

"It doesn't take much magical power to get these guys through the gate, so a lot of wizards like to keep these little guys as pets!"

"You know, this whole pet thing doesn't sit well with me," - Happy

"Yeah, who knows what it'll do," - Kiyomi

"Not with a weird master like Luny here," - Natsu

"My name is Lucy, and I can still hear you," Lucy corrected. "Well, let's start working on our contract!"

'It' did a sign of approval. Then the blonde asked what days it was free on. On the table, me and Natsu were sipping tea whilst Happy was munching on fish.

"This is boring," Natsu commented.

"Mhm," me and the cat agreed.

"Well that just about does it!" Lucy said and did a closed eyed smile. The pet jumped in appreciation.

"That was pretty easy," Happy said.

"Yup," Natsu added, whilst I rapidly nodded my head.

"It may seem solely to you but it's really important," Lucy states. "You see, a celestial wizard's contract relies on the promise that's made between the wizard and the spirit which is why I make it a point to always keep my promises."

"Oh yeah," Natsu pointed out.

"Now. I just need to come up with a name," Lucy said.

"Isn't it Nikola?" Happy asked.

"No, that's the species. OH! I know, come here Plue!"

"Plue, huh?" we all said in unison.

"It's like the cutest name ever! Right, little Plue~"

"Are you sure he's cool with that?" Natsu asked.

"Why wouldn't he be?"

"So even though his sign is the little dog, he doesn't even bark? That's kinda weird," Happy commented.

"Well, I don't hear you meowing over there, buddy," Lucy retorted as she let Plue go.

"Lol, she got you there!" I whispered to happy with a teasing smile.

"So mean!~"

Plue danced infront of Natsu, signifying something. "You're right about that Plue!" They both gave a thumbs up.

"You can understand him?!" Lucy jolted in shock.

Then, Natsu stared intently at Lucy. "What is your deal..."

"Alright then, it's settled! You three are gonna be a part of our team!" Natsu decided.

"Your.." Lucy started.

"Team..?" I finished. We shared glances at each other,

"Aye! Even though everybody in the guild is allied to one another, some members that are really close get together and form teams within the guild. That way, jobs that may be too hard for one person to take can be done by a team!"

"Awesome! Let's do it!" Lucy and Natsu did a sequenced fist shake on it, whilst me and Happy fistbumped.

"So you're gonna work with us?"

"Yup! You have our word!"

"Okay team, then let's get to work! I've got our first job right here!" Natsu showed a job paper whilst Lucy was gushing about how 'it's all happening so fast.'

She snatched the paper, "Let me see what'cha got."

Lucy read aloud. "NO WAY! 200,000 jewel just for taking a book from some rich guy named Duke Everlue?"

"Should be a piece of cake right?" Natsu added.

Lucy realised something. "Please note: Everlue's a dirty old man who's currently looking for maids with blonde hair?!"

"We know a blonde haired girl, don't we?" Natsu said to us, whilst we all have sparkles to rival Lucy's dreadful background.

"She happens to go by the name of Lucy," I continued.

"Yup! And I bet we can find her a maid's uniform!" Happy finished.

"Why you sneaky little...THAT'S NOT FAIR!!"

"It's a good thing that celestial wizards never go back on their word, 'cause now, you're stuck with us!" Natsu nodded his head, liking the idea.


"Lighten up, would ya? Now try to get into character and address Happy here as your master!"

"NO WAY!!"

"Are you enjoying your carriage ride today Master? Anything I can get for you?"

"I could really use a barf bag right about now..!"

"I agree..with Nat-su..!"

"I'm playing the part of the Master so I'm the one who should be giving the orders!"

"Shut up you stupid feline! Oh hey Natsu?"

"What's up?"

"I was just wondering why you picked me to join your team?"

"'Cause, you seem like a nice person."

'Whoa. Did I just get a compliment from this guy?'

"But you're just so weird!"

The blonde was stunned. 'The fire-eater with the talking cat thinks I'm weird?'

"Anyway, I'm totally stoked about my first real job! I know I'm gonna rock it!"

"Really, I thought you were upset about it?" Happy said.

"Yeah, I was mad at first, but if this perv likes pretty girls I'm perfect for the job!"

"Don't get ahead..of yourself, Lu...," I managed to say.

"All you humans kinda look alike to me," Happy added.

Lucy froze with wide eyes and a tick mark. "I think it's time we worked out our pay scale. Since I'm doing all the work, we should split the reward seventy, ten, ten and ten."

"You only want ten percent?"

"I'M THE SEVENTY!!" Lucy shouted making the cart dance.

Shirotsume town.

"That's the last time I'm riding in one of those," Natsu said, walking with his arms dangling down.

"You say that every time," Happy pointed out.

"I feel ya," I added.

"And I'm starving."

"Can't you just eat your own fire?" Lucy asked.

"Uh, yeah, that's a great idea, why don't you just eat Plue or your cow whilst we're at it?" Natsu grumbled.

"Why'd I do something like that?!"

"It's kinda the same thing."

"So, let me get this straight, you can eat fire, but just not your own? That's kinda lame."

"Whoa, let's stop by and get a bite!" Natsu pointed to a resturant whilst grinning.

"Nah, I'm alright, but you three enjoy!" Lucy said and walked off.

Natsu crossed his arms, "What is it with her? We should be eating together as a team."

"Oh well," Happy said.

"Make sure that you save all the fat and stuff for Lucy," Natsu said whilst biting on some chicken.

"From the looks of it, that's what she wanted the most!" Happy said whilst munching on sushi.

"Hold it right there cat, what the heck is that supposed to mean?"

"Hey..Lucy!" Natsu said and stared.

"Come on, don't be shy boys, I know I look super cute in this uniform!"

Happy and Natsu had a thunder shocked background. The food crumbs fell from their mouths.

Lucy swayed her body left and right continuously whilst putting her hands to her mouth, "Have you had enough food Master? Or shall I bring you some more? Your wish is my command!"

"What do we do? We were joking about the costume but she took it seriously!" Happy whispered to us.

"Maybe deep down she actually wanted to do this kind of stuff!" I whispered to them.

"That explains it!" Happy whispered to me. "You're a genius, Kiyomi!"

"Well, I guess we're just gonna have to go along with it," Natsu whispered to us. "Don't say anything, ok?!"

"I can heAR YOU!" Lucy said, trying not to shout.

"My name's Kaby Melon, pleased to meet you."

"He said melon!" Happy said with drool coming out of his mouth.

"Did somebody say melon? I love melons!" I added with drool coming out of my mouth.

"Oh man, you have a tasty name!" Natsu commented, also drool coming out the side of his mouth.

"Quit being rude, guys!" Lucy turned and said to us.

Kaby laughed a bit, "Don't worry, I get that a lot."

'Why does his name sound familiar?'

"Well first things first. Allow me to tell you about the job."

We all leaned in, in anticipation.

"It's pretty straightforward really. Duke Everlue has a book called 'Daybreak' in his possession. I would like you to burn it for me."

"No prob!" Natsu said, lighting a fingertip on fire. "I'll burn down the whole place if you want!"

"He likes fire!" Happy said.

"And so do I!" I added.

"I'm not going to jail for arson because of the three of you! May I ask why sir?"

"For 200,000 jewel, who the heck cares?" Natsu said to Lucy.

"The reward has been raised to 2,000,000," Kaby informed.

We all felt a shock surge through us. "TWO MILLION?!"

Me, Natsu and Happy could feel our souls trying to leave us. "I'm sorry, I thought you were aware the amount had changed."

"Two million split three ways?" Natsu said to himself, steam puffing out of his ears before exploding like a volcano. "WOW! I STINK AT MATH BUT THAT'S ALOT!"

Happy then had a dreamy aura with drool coming out the side of his mouth, "Wait! I got it! I get 700,000, you get 700,000, Kiyomi gets 600,000, and Lucy gets all the rest!"

"That sure sounds fair to me!" Natsu gave a thumbs up whilst his eyes were still swirling and steam was still blowing out of his ears.


"I'm all for it!" I said, giving a thumbs up.

"BUT THAT LEAVES ME WITH NOTHING!! Also why'd you raise the reward?"

"Well, because it means that much to me. That book must be destroyed, no matter the cost."

All of a sudden, Natsu's head lit on fire, startling Lucy. "Oh yeah! I am fired up now! Let's do this Lucy!" Natsu said dashing off.


"No time to waste!"

"W-Wait a sec!" Lucy said.

"Daybreak.." Kaby said to himself. "It must be burned. It cannot be allowed to exist any longer."



Duke Everlue's residence.

Lucy was standing outside the gate. "Excuse me, I heard you had an opening for a maid position? Hello?"

The three of us were watching behind the nearest tree. "Don't screw up okay?" Natsu whispered.

"Gotta be at your absolute best!" I whispered.

"Break a leg!" Happy whispered, finishing.

The ground behind Lucy started to rumble, then a extremely fat maid leapt out and landed behind Lucy, as she let out a yelp.

"So you're a maid?"


"I assume you're here 'cause you saw the ad that the master placed on the paper?"

"Boyoyoyoyo!" Another fatty jumped out from the same clearing, this time, it was a man. "Did I hear someone say Master?"

'More like monster!' Lucy thought.

"Let's see here."

"Well, I sure hope you like what you see!"

The fat man stared intently at Lucy. 'Man he is creeping me out! Stay strong, Lucy!'

The fatty, Duke Everlue, thought for a short while until he turned and said, "I'll pass. Now scram ugly."

Lucy felt as if a sign just stabbed her on the side.

"You heard the man, get going ugly," the fat maid, Virgo, said. Lucy felt another sign stab her.

"Sorry, but a man of my standing has certain standards to uphold," Everlue said as four more ugly maids came out from behind him. "That's why I only hire the fairest of the fair."

Lucy gaped as they said such loyal words to the master whilst making physical contact. The last one said, "Why don't you run along home, ugly," which was the last straw to Lucy's self-esteem.

Lucy was sitting behind a tree and sulking.

"Just couldn't do it, huh?" Natsu said.

Lucy grew a tick mark, "I tried, but that idiot wouldn't know beauty if it bit him in the behind!"

"Uh huh," Happy said.

Lucy fake cried more, "This stinks!" I sweatdropped.

"Okay, I guess we're going to have to resort to the whole Plan T!" Natsu said, putting his fists together.

"Yeah, that big fat jerk's gonna pay!! Wait a sec, what's Plan T?"

"Take 'em by storm!" Happy said.

"That's not a plan!"

A flying sphere was somewhere in the forest, with a small wolf on top of it. The man, Everlue, looking through the sphere laughed, "So it seems we have another group of wizards at our door! And these are from Fairy Tail!"

Natsu heated open a window whilst Happy was dropping Lucy off. "Thanks a lot Happy!"


"Jeez, this isn't really taking 'em by storm, you know," Natsu said. "We should've just busted right through the front door!"

"Yeah, we're meant to barge in and pulverise the place!" I added, agreeing.

"What did I tell you before, I'm not going to jail because of you," Lucy said to us.

"Yeah, but I thought you were out to get revenge on this guy!"

"The least we could do is wreck his headquarters!" I added.

"Oh, I'll get my revenge," Lucy said, Happy leaned in. "Not only am I going to burn his book, but I'm gonna use his toothbrush to clean the toilet!" she laughed evilly.

"That is totally gross," Natsu pointed out.

"Totally," Happy said.

"So gross even Natsu wouldn't do that," I added.


I laughed, making him and Lucy blush a little.

"This is some kind of weird storeroom?" Lucy said, walking and about to turn the corner. Happy popped out with a skull on his head. Lucy ended up leaning on the wall. "Yeah, you're looking fierce, Happy!" Natsu said whilst Happy was jumping in victory.

"Score! That totally scared her shitless!" I added, high fiving Happy.

We were still searching. "Are we gonna have to search every room in this whole stinking place?" Natsu asked.

"Well, yeah," Lucy said.

"I think we should take a hostage and force them to tell us where the book is," Natsu said.

"That is just so much easier," I yawned.


"Kinda the whole idea here, is not to be seen, ya dummies," Lucy said. "You gotta be stealthy, like a ninja."

"Like a real ninja?" Natsu fantasised.

"What's going on inside that head of yours?"

"Probably some pretty imaginative things," I said.

"What's going on inside your head?!"

Then, the four maids jumped out. "Let's shrivel them, Virgo!!"

Then, Virgo jumped out, infront of them, "Let's crush them, girls!"

"We're toast!" Lucy said immediately after Virgo spoke.

Happy screamed whilst still having the skull on. "It's a monster!" They said, or sang.

Me (blue flames) and Natsu (flames) both fisted them with blue tick marks, "NINJA POWER!!"

"VIRGO ATTACK!!" Virgo landed flat on the floor, squashing me and Natsu.

"Oh no!" Happy and Lucy said in unison. "Hey, you can take off that mask now."

Me and Natsu lifted Virgo right off the floor and threw her upwards. Natsu had a glyph beneath him as he kicked Virgo, flaming foot, straight downstairs with a crash.

"We mustn't let ourselves be discovered, we are ninja!" Natsu said, scarf all wrapped around him to make him look like a ninja. Happy was on his shoulder. "Ninja!"

"Ninjas are supposed to be quiet guys," Lucy said in a 'what-am-i-gonna-do-with-these-guys-tone.'

"Woah! There are many books in this library!"

"Aye! There are indeed!"

Lucy let out a 'wow,' "Who would've thought that Everlue's a major bookworm?"

"Let's start looking!" Natsu said getting hyper. Me and Happy jumped on the spot with him.

"Ugh! How are we ever gonna find one stupid book in this place?" Lucy said, looking with a ladder, whilst the rest of us looked at the bottom, not really looking.

"Oooh, look, this one has lots of pictures!" Natsu picked out.

"This one's a book on fish!"

Meanwhile, I was looking at a yuri manga and drooling.

"Look at this one, it's sparkly!" Natsu picked out the book we were looking for.

Happy jumped around, and I was still drooling.

"Hey, would you get serious and start looking for the book we need?" Lucy gasped in realisation. "It's Daybreak!"

"Have we been here that long?" Happy asked.

"We've found it!" - Lucy

"Natsu found it!" - Happy

"I did?" - Natsu

"What are the chances!" - Kiyomi

"Two million jewel, here we come!" Lucy said.

"Let's spark it up!" Natsu said, the other fist lighting on fire.

"That was so easy!" Happy said.

"I didn't even do anything!" I said.

Lucy snatched the book. "Hold on a second, I didn't realise this was written by Kemu Zaleon!"

"Zaleon? What?" Natsu said with a question mark.

"Zaleon was a great wizard, and an amazing novelist! I'm such a big fan of his, and I'm totally positive that I've read every single sentence that he's ever written but this must be an unpublished novel!"

Natsu's finger lit on fire, "Yeah, who cares, it all burns the same to me!"

"Don't you dare touch it! This is a great work of literature! You better stay away from it Pyro!"

"But what about our mission?" Me and Happy suddenly asked.

"Just forget about the stupid mission!"

"Failure is not an option!"

"Me failing my first job? Sounds like utter blasphemy!" I added.

"Blasphemy my butt!" Lucy said, backing away whilst we inched forward. "You guys, let's just say we burned it, I'll keep it a secret I swear!"

"I'm not a liar!" Natsu said.


"Besides, that is such an illegitimate reason," I said.

"Have some respect, Kiyo!"

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" We all turned to look at the voice as Everlue jumped out. "So you thieves are looking to pilfer Daybreak from me, are you? Boyoyo!"

"Seriously, slowpoke? This is all your fault!" Natsu said pointing at Everlue.

"Oh, sorry about that."

"Don't you think it'd been way easier just to come in through the door?" Happy asked Everlue.

"What the cat said!" I said.

"I knew all you lowlife wizard types were coming around here to take something of mine! I never would've guessed it was that stupid book!"

"Stupid?" Natsu said.

'This book must be important if the client is willing to pay so much to destroy it! So I don't understand why would Everlue say that about it?'

"This works out great! If it's so stupid I guess it's fine if I keep it?"

"It's mine, you can't have it get your bloody hands off!" Everlue puffed.

"Greedy gut."

"Shut your trap, ugly," Everlue said picking his nose. Lucy got stabbed again and collapsed.

"Would you hand over that book and let me get this over with?" Natsu said, holding flames.

"No way I'm not giving it to you!"

"LUCY! This is OUR JOB!"

"Well at least let me read it first!"

I was just rolling on the floor laughing at Everlue's face.

"Read it now! And what're you laughing at, midget?"

"Who me-ahahaha! your face is priceless!"

Everyone except Happy blushed faintly.

"I've had enough. How dare you put your filthy hands on my possessions! Now, come forth PUNISH BROTHERS!"

The bookshelves shifted aside for two figures to be seen standing by the entrance. "You called upon us, sir?" The shorter one with a sword-or-something across his back said.

"Can you believe that these little punks are from the Fairy Tail guild? Talk about a bunch of runts," The other, the taller one said.

"That sign means they're from the Southern Wolves! It's a mercenary guild!" Happy pointed out.

"So, you got bodyguards do ya?" Natsu put his fists together.

"Oh wow," Lucy muttered, still reading.

"Boyoyoyo. The Southern Wolves are always hungry for fresh game. Say your prayers thieves."

"Hey, try and hold them off for a while. I'm not sure but I think this book holds some kind of secret!" Lucy said running off.

"Right!" Natsu said after her.

'A secret? It must've slipped by me somehow! It could be a treasure map or something.' Everlue thought, as the ground beneath him started to lower. "I'm going after the girl. Make sure pink hair doesn't leave here in one piece!"

"Yes sir!"

Natsu turned to me and Happy, "You two go on and help Lucy!"

"Are you sure you don't need us here?" Happy asked.

"No. Thanks, but I'll be just fine," Natsu said, stretching.

"Woah. You sure talk for such a little guy," the taller one said as Happy flew off with me.

17/03/18, 11:55am. [unedited]


"Heads up Lu!" Happy spun me and I landed a kick to the side of Everlue's head.

"Happy! Kiyo! That was so cool!" Lucy said as me and Happy landed in the sewer, causing Lucy's face to drop and me to facepalm. "Way to go, Happy."

"What's this? A flying cat?" Everlue said.

"The name's Happy!" the cat said but was muffled by the water.

"I wouldn't stay in there if I was you," Lucy said.

"But the water feels so good!"

Lucy facepalmed, "That's sewer water Happy!"

4 ; daybreak

"Looks like the tables have turned. But if you let me keep the book I'll think about going easy on you," Lucy said, pointing a key at Everlue. "Although I'm tempted to give you a good smack."

"Ohh. A celestial wizard. But for a reader you seem to be a bit deficient in your terms of phrase. The tables have turned implies that the weaker party has rallied to claim victory! But there's no way you and that cat could ever defeat me and my diver magic! Boyoyo-"

Everlue got a fist to the face upwards, making him crash in the ceiling. I cracked my knuckles, "Aren't you forgetting someone?"

He ignored me and drilled downwards.

"So he does that using magic? I had no idea Everlue was a wizard too!" Happy said.

"Do you not smell yourself?"

Everlue shot out trying to snatch the book from Lucy.

"Look, I know the whole story now. It's a horrible adventure novel about a trashy little character named Duke Everlue!"

"You serious?" Happy questioned.

"I don't know if I'd call the protagonist trashy, but yes!" Everlue drilled down again and was destroying the ceiling. "The story is trash, and to think it was written by the great Kamu Zaleon!" by this point Everlue had jumped up from behind Lucy. "Inexcusable!" I socked him upwards and he landed safely.

"I can't believe your arrogance! You forced him to write it!"

"Arrogant? What? The word doesn't begin to apply! To tell my story is an honor! No matter what the circumstances!"

"Then why'd you have to blackmail him into it?"

"Blackmail?" Happy questioned again.

"What's the big deal? He just needed some extra encouragement to take the job!" I stepped on Everlue's face, mashing him into the ground. "The big deal is your face, ugly!"

"You can't say anything, midget!"

"Oh really?" Lucy muttered, loud enough for us to hear.

"Any fool would've jumped at the chance to have me as their mule! But he had the audacity to say no! So I gave him the added inspiration by saying if he didn't listen I would defile his family's credibility."

"But-! Then none of them would be able to join any of the guilds and make a living!" Happy said. "Do you really have the power to do that?"

"I HAVE THE POWER TO DO ANYTHI-" I punched his face in, then picked him up by the neck. "Shut up you selfish squat!"

"I got him to write it, didn't I?" Lucy gritted her teeth. My grip didn't faze. "But I didn't like his attitude, so I thought he'd do best writing from a prison cell! Boyoyo! He went on and on about being a brilliant novelist he would never give in to threats! But in the end I got what I wanted!"

I shoved his body into a wall. "I can't believe you'd go that far just to boost your own stupid ego! He's been in solitary confinement for three years! Don't you know how hard that must've been?!"

"Three whole years?" Happy asked.

"Perhaps it took him that long to appreciate me, Boyoyoyo."

"You're wrong. More like he couldn't bear to spread your lies!" Lucy said. "But he had to satisfy your vanity. He knew that if he didn't write your character as a heroic champion of justice then his family would suffer!"

"Tell me. How exactly do you know all this?"

Lucy showed the Daybreak book. "It's all right here in black and white."

"What? I've read that book from cover to cover! And Kemu Zaleon isn't in it."

"Well yeah if you read it normally there isn't any mention of him. But I know something you don't know. Long before, he was an author, he was a wizard!"

"He was?" Happy said.

"What did he do?"

"After he finished the book, he gathered all his remaining strength, and casted a spell on it!"

"Gr. What a dirty trick! A chapter that only appears when the spell is lifted to carry out his revenge! So that's his plan! The nerve of that fool!"

"Get over yourself! It's true that he wrote about all the pain and torture you put him through. But the chapters that focus on what you did to him are only a small part of the book. Infact, its secret has nothing to do with you!"

"Tell us Lucy!" Happy said drooling as I dropped Everlue and stomped a foot on his stomach, causing him to make a pained noise.

"What the devil do you mean?" Everlue asked.

"I'm not gonna give this book back to you, Duke Everlue, because it was never really yours to begin with!" Lucy pointed a key at him. "Open! Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!"

"A GIANT CRAB!!" Happy had sparkles in his eyes. He did a little dance. "Oh yeah! That thing's gonna kick your butt like a crabman with razor claws and tough guy sunglasses!"

"Shut up and let him concentrate or I'll have him pinch your little limbs off!"

"Ey Lucy. How would you like your hair done today..Baby?"

Me and Happy screamed. "WHATTT!?"

"I don't need styling, I need help! It's that guy! Take care of Baldy over there!"

"Whatever you say, baby!"




"Ah, so he just makes the bad guys look cooler before they kill us, that's useful," Happy said. "Yeah, you should send him back Lucy."

"Yeah, totally, you should send him back," I said in the same depressed state as Happy.

"I should send you two back!"

'Urgh. What could the secret possibly be? Don't tell me he wrote about the darker side of my buisness? This is bad. If this gets leaked to the council delegates..It would be all over for me!'

"Open! Gate of the MAIDEN! VIRGO!"

"What the?" said Lucy.

"He's using your trick Lucy!" Happy said.

"He's a fucking celest!" I shouted.

Virgo, the fat and huge maid came out, "Did I hear my master summon me?!"

"Virgo, fetch me that book!" He pointed at the book.

"Hold up. She's a celestial spirit?"


Everyone gasped the moment we saw a pinkette in the air. "NATSU!!"


"What is the meaning of this?!" Everlue demanded.

"What are you doing up there?!" Lucy asked.

Natsu was on Virgo's shoulder. "Well I saw her getting up so I jumped on her and then all of a sudden, I just ended up here!"

"So you grabbed a hold of her, inside the house? But that means..you must've passed through the spirit gate with her! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!" Lucy clutched her head at the last bit.

"Lucy! What the heck do I do now?"

"Finish what you started!"

"Virgo! Clean up this rubbish!"

Natsu jumped down and I ran next to Natsu. "As you wish, Master!"

"Now I'm fired up!" Natsu said as we lit our fists in flames. "Fire/Water Dragon...ROAR!!!" The roars merged together.

"You perverted mole!" Lucy said whipping Everlue up. The roar hit Virgo at the exact moment. "Can't dig yourself outta this!"

'A unison raid? No, that couldn't have been.'

"You make me sick!" Lucy said using the whip to toss Everlue in the air. Cancer then jumped in his path and used the scissors to attack him. The celestial wizard and spirit landed. "You're just another greedy villain."

"Okay, I'm done." Everlue was bold, and his moustache was gone. His face was completely hairless, there was snot coming out one of his nostrils, drool from the side of his mouth and there were tears that came from his eyes. He had passed out. "Does this look fabulous or what, baby?"

"Oh yeah, way to go crab man!...baby?" Natsu complimented. Then, the sewer started to rumble and crack. Rocks fell from above and the whole compaction came crashing down. We were all outside by this point, gaping.

"I like your style, out with a bang! You are definitely gonna fit in the Fairy Tail guild!" Natsu said, hands behind his head.

"That was so fun!" I said, hands in pockets.

"But, aren't we supposed to not destroy stuff?" Happy said.

"I hope I don't get blamed for this," Lucy cried.

The only seen remain of the building was Virgo holding her unconscious master.

People cheered at the sight of the crashed building.

"When I read Daybreak, I couldn't believe it was written by Kemu Zaleon. There's no way he would've done something that bad."

"Yeah, so?" Natsu asked.

"So that's how I knew there must be a spell on it," Lucy said, giving the book to Kaby.

"But I requested this book be destroyed. Why on earth are you handing it back to me completely unscathed?"

"If you really wanna burn it then I'd rather you do it yourself."

"I most certainly will burn this trash. I never wanted to see it again!"

"I completely understand why you feel the way you do about this book, Kaby. You wanna protect your father's legacy, because you're actually Zaleon's son, aren't you?"

"Huh?" We all muttered.

"Yes that's true."

"Have you read it yourself?"

"No, I..I could never bring myself to do it. My father told me it was garbage."

"You were just gonna burn it?" Natsu asked.

"I was."


"THAT'S ENOUGH NATSU!!" Lucy said, pulling him back. "Let Kaby explain himself!"

"Please. That book caused my family great heartache and shame. It was thirty-one years ago.."

(insert the story of kaby melon here)



"But as the years passed by me, that anger slowly turned into remorse. And now, it's too late for me to ask for his forgiveness. So I decided to make amends by destroying the final work that had caused him so much unhappiness. This is the only way. The only way I can preserve his legacy." He lit a lighter. "I'm sure that this is what he'd want."


Everyone except Lucy who was next to me looked at me. "You're wrong. Kaby look!"

The book started to glow purple, "What's happening?"

"A spell has been cast on that book. It's the work of the wizard Kemu Zaleon. Or should I say Zekua Melon." Lucy explained.

"A spell?"

The words on the front of the book rearranged themselves. "Dear Kaby.." he read.

"That's right. This book is his letter to you."

"Disguised behind a spell that rearranged all of the words," I continued.

"So no one else could read it," Lucy finished as words started to burst everywhere from the book.

"Wow," Natsu gasped.

"Pretty!" Happy acknowledged.

"Isn't it?" I said.

"He didn't stop writing because he was ashamed; he stopped because he had finished his masterpiece!"

"A novel containing everything he ever wanted to say to his beloved son!" I continued.

"And when you read it the way he intended, it's easily his best work ever!"

Kaby had a tear in his eye that was willing to drop down. 'I thought about you the entire time I was gone.'

"And now that the spell's been broken," I started.

"You can read it for yourself!" Lucy finished.

Kaby was sat on his knees, clutching the book close to his chest, "Thank you Father. I swear that I will never let any harm come to this book."

Natsu put an arm behind his head, "Well, I guess we won't be collecting that reward!"


"That's too bad."


"We were supposed to destroy the book, we didn't finish the job," Natsu said.

"E-Even so..let me do something," Kaby said.

"Yeah, it's not our fault he decided not to burn the book after we got it back for him!"

"Lucy...don't be so greedy you're totally ruining what was a touching moment!" Happy scolded.

"Hmm..where are your manners?" I mimicked Lucy from earlier. She grew a tick mark.


"Thanks for our friend, but we don't want it!" Natsu said, waddling to the door.

"Yes we do, I need to pay for rent! How come you aren't saying anything, Kiyo?!"

"I think it's time we all go home. That means you too, Mr. Melon, go back home," Natsu said.

Said man and Lucy silently gasped.

"Unbelievable! Who in their right minds would decline two million jewel?!"

"If we had taken the money it wouldn't have looked good, you gotta think about Fairy Tail's reputation!"


"But we made him happy right? We got the job done and now we're walking home?!...and then to find out that they're not even wealthy...? They were just renting that house so everybody would think they were rich...It's not like it matters we would've taken that job either way."

"I don't know about you," Happy said.

"Of course I would have!"

"You didn't want to take it at first!" I stated.


"Sure, greedy," Happy said.

We were sitting near a fire and everyone except Lucy was eating fish. "By the way, the house. How'd you know that it wasn't really theirs?"

"Hm? Oh that was easy. Because it smelled like some other house. Seems pretty obvious," said Natsu, biting on fish.

"You know it," I said.


"Sure, to you three animals maybe," Lucy deadpanned. She then put her finger on her chin. "Not me. I was still lost in the clouds from reading that book.

"I've got you all figured out," Natsu said with a smug grin. "All those papers I found at the desk at your place..you're writing a novel aren't you?"

"Oh, so that's why she's such a bookworm!" Happy figured.

Lucy was steaming. "Promise me you won't tell anybody. Okay?"

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because I'm a horrible writer if anybody read my stuff I'd die of embarrassment!"

"Don't worry, nobody's gonna read it," Natsu said.

"Yeah, that doesn't really make me feel any better."

"By the way, I'm a water dragon slayer," I said nonchalantly.

"Oh yeah, that's right!" Natsu said, putting the side of his fist into the palm of his other hand.

"Kiyomi's magic is way cooler than yours, Lucy!" Happy said.

"Why're you bringing that up now?" Lucy asked.

"It was to make you feel better."

"I ALREADY KNEW!!" The blonde sighed.

"'I don't know about this guys, are you sure we're going the right way?' She asks."

"Happy says this is the way home so this is the way we're going, I answer," Natsu replies to the clock.

"Have some faith! I'm a cat I have a great sense of smell! My nose will lead us home!"

"Yeah, you're the only one without a great sense of smell! Have some respect to your superiors!" I added.

"'It's dogs that have great noses. And what does smell have to do with direction?' She asks quite haughtily."

"Why don't you do your own walking for a while?" Natsu asks.

"'Because I'm tired,' she groans exhaustively."

"Oh brother."

Then, there was a rustle in the bushes that caught everyone's attention almost immediately.

"Who's there?!" Natsu says and leaps into the bushes after dropping his stuff and Happy. The pinkette and the anonymous intruder had a brawl in the bushes.

"'Do you always have to fight?' She inquires worriedly."

"Sometimes, violence is the answer," I say encouragingly.

"'That's brutal! And no, I don't think so,' she replies grumpily.

"You can take 'em Natsu!" Happy cheered.

Then, Natsu and a half-naked gray shot out and landed.

"It's Gray!" Happy said.

"Oh, so this is the famous underpants man!" I said eagerly.

"'What is he doing in his underwear?' the lady questions."

"Trying to find a bathroom!"

"Why would you strip down before you found one?!" Natsu says.

I walk over to Natsu's side. "Dude, I'm gonna have to agree with Natsu here. And who the heck ever heard of a bathroom in the middle of the forest?!"

"I wanted some privacy I didn't expect an idiot and an uninvited guest to barge in!"

"I didn't barge in!" Natsu said.

"Yeah, you're at fault for doing it in public!" I added.

We continued to bicker.

"They're so childish," Lucy said with a sweatdrop.

"She says to the cat," Happy adds.

"So you're on your way back from a job?" Lucy asks.

"Yeah, there's a shortcut through these woods that'll get you back to town in no time."

"See! I told ya so!" Happy crosses his arms in victory.

"You should listen to your superiors more," I stated.

"Yeah, well if your nose was so great then how come you didn't know Gray was right infront of us? Smart guys."

"There are some things you don't wanna smell," the cat says.

"Innit," I added.

Gray had a small tick mark, "What'd you say?!"

Natsu put his arms behind his head, "I agree. So go on home and we'll smell you later!"

The raven-haired male stood up, "Fine I will. And unless you want trouble you should too."

"Why do you say that?" the blonde inquired.

"'Cause Erza's due back anytime now."

All our faces changed. "The Erza? Woah."

"Yea she's the most powerful woman in all of Fairy Tail," the cat explained, voice muffled because of the fish.

"I can't wait to meet her!" Lucy gushed. "But you know, I've never even seen a picture of her in Sorcerer Weekly or anything."

"Yeah, what's she like?" I asked.

"Scary," the other three replied simply and in unison. That alone was enough to put us off.

"Wild animal," said Gray,

"A vile beast," said Natsu.

"More like a full-on monster!" said Happy.

Lucy had question marks over her head whilst I was already feeling unnerved.

"She's not that big, you guys," said the cat.

"Well, she's big enough for me," said the pyro.

"One thing we can all agree on is she is definitely that scary," said the ice wizard. "Well, maybe a little scarier."

 We all imagined a giant insane woman kicking a super large rock. "Yeah, she's about this scary," Natsu says.

"What? I guarantee you Erza can take down at least three mountains with a single kick," Gray says.

"You don't need to exaggerate like that Gray, it's more like two," Happy says.

"Um, yeah, I don't want to hear anymore about that," I shifted uncomfortably.

Lucy deadpanned, "You know guys, even if she could kick down a single mountain, that's still scary."

"Like I said, we should get back."

Natsu stood up from his seating spot, "Crap, let's get movin'."

Suddenly, there was an explosion that was aimed at us.

Lucy coughed after the smoke cleared.

"What now?" Gray said.

"Happy!" Me and Natsu stood up from the sand, sand falling out endlessly from the fire wizard's mouth.

"Help me!"

"Hold it right there!" Natsu shouted.

"Happy!" Lucy called.

"Thank goodness! Now I'm not gonna taste weird!"

'Are you trying to keep your facade?'

"Pipe down," the leader said.

"That's our friend you're trying to roast there buddy!" Natsu said as he and I cracked our knuckles. "Sorry but you guys are gonna have to make other plans for dinner!"

"Agreed! I'm Happy's right-hand man, his loyal servant and Natsu's sidekick! You won't be leaving unscathed!" I declared.

"Seriously?" Lucy asked from behind.

"Oh yeah!" me and Natsu fistbumped.

Happy cried tears of joy from my declaration.

Gray looked at us as if we were stupid.

"You're all wizards aren't you? What guild are you with?" Gray asked.

"I'm not telling," the leader said, as they all prepared for battle. They then jumped to different areas after he said, "Get 'em!"

"Kiyomi, Gray, let's do it," Natsu said.

"Don't have to tell me twice," I said with my arms in my pockets.

"Alright, but don't go telling me what to do," the raven said with his arms crossed.

Lucy screamed. "Please don't kill me Mr. Chicken!"

The chicken was about to roast Lucy when I landed and squashed it with both of my legs. Gray landed next to me. "Take that!"

Lucy and Happy retreated.

"Next," Gray said.

"I see someone special, but the stars point to great trouble with water and women."

"You telling my fortune?" Gray said with sweatdrops and a tick mark.

"What do you think?" I said. We both elbowed the man.

"They're not using magic! Wow..." Lucy said to herself. "Put some clothes on!"

Gray sharply turned around, "Crap!"

Then there was an explosion coming from Natsu's direction.

The enemy was tied up to a tree.

"Don't you think you might've gone overboard, Natsu?"

"So what if I did, I got the job done!"

"Grow up already. You're an embarrassment to the guild!"

"What? Shut up!"

Natsu and Gray were arguing in the corner.

"..Lala.." the leader said.

"Huh? What's Lala?" Lucy asked.


"Huh?" said Natsu.

"Lullaby?" asked Gray.

A shadow came and knocked us all into the air.

"INCOMING!" Happy shouted.

A shadow hand was underneath the tree that the former enemy was tied up on. They were shaking and were nowhere to be seen once the tree shifted down to the ground enough.

"What was that?" Lucy asked.

"Who was that?" Natsu rephrased.

"Well whoever it was, they're fast," Gray said. "I can't even sense their presence."

"But, what could this mean?" Natsu said.

"Lullaby.." Lucy muttered. She looked worried.

'Why do I have a bad gut feeling?' I thought. 'The same feeling when that attack happened..'

17/03/18, 03:28pm. [unedited]


Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

"I guess we should probably try to find another job," said Natsu, chin on the table.

"Aye, we're running out of food money," said Happy, chewing fish.

"If we'd taken that two million jewel reward we'd be sitting pretty," Lucy said. "And I can't let myself forget that rent's gonna be due next week. I guess I'd better find work too, since Kiyo won't bother."


5 ; the armoured wizard

"The council, Era, is the most powerful organisation in the magical world. It's only one step below the government. It has ten members and it's their job to uphold all the magical rules and regulations. And if a wizard breaks magical law they would be tried by the Magic Council (pass judgement). Then there's the different guild master leagues, where guild masters would gather. They distribute the orders of the Magic Council, maintain communication between guilds of the same region, and keep us united," Mira was explaining the conference the guild masters go to. "It's pretty hard work, but it's important that we cooperate with one another otherwise our system would fall apart. However, if neglected..."

Natsu popped up out of nowhere and lit his finger on fire whilst doing a creepy grin, "Then the guys of darkness will come!!"

That scared Lucy, and then Natsu started laughing with me. The three of them blushed at my laugh, "That was almost too easy!" - Natsu

"You get scared easily, Lu." - Kiyomi

"It's not my fault!"

"But seriously, the guys he's talking about exist! They're the dark guilds. They've chosen not to join any of the leagues. They're the bad apples and most of them are involved in magical crime."

"Wow," Lucy let out.

"Would you just go on and pick us a job already?" Natsu asked, hands behind his head.

"You have got to be kidding me, what makes you think I'd wanna do that?"

"Well, we are a team now aren't we?" - Natsu

"Don't you want the jewel you've been longing for?" - Kiyomi

"Yeah, and we picked the job last time, it's your turn to pick! So get to it!" - Happy

"Just forget it cat, as far as I'm concerned, our team has been disbanded. And besides, you guys didn't actually want me you just needed me last time because I'm a blonde."

"Don't be ridiculous, that's not the only reason we chose you," Natsu put on a cheeky grin. "We picked you 'cause your so nice!"

Lucy just stared.

"Hey Lucy, I wouldn't stay with those losers if I were you. You'll get plenty of offers from other teams," Gray said.

"Your clothes, Gray," Cana pointed out, making him panic in frustration.

"Jerk," Natsu said.

"Idiot," I added.

Gray stopped and glared at us. "Did you just call me a jerk, dragon boy! And did you call me an idiot, water girl!?"

"And what if I did?" - Kiyomi

"What are you gonna do about it?" - Natsu

"Mouth-breathers!" - Gray

"Underpants man!" - Kiyomi

"At least I'm not a coward!" - Natsu

"You're spineless wimps!" - Gray

"And you're a goddamn stripper!" - Kiyomi

"Plus you're a freak!" - Natsu

"Looks like they're at it again." - Happy

"Why don't you join a team of loove with me Lucy, later tonight, just the two of us~" Loke offered.

"Do what?"

"You're just so stunningly gorgeous; I have to keep my shades on when I look at you - or I'll be blinded by your dazzling beauty~"

"Girls really fall for this?" the blonde asked unbelieving.

Loke backed away, "You're not a celestial wizard, are you?"


"Yep, she's got cows and crabs and stuff," Happy said, fish in mouth.

The celestial spirit dramatically screamed and posed, "Curse you fate! Why must you toy with me so! I'm sorry but we can't be together my dear!"

"What got into him all of a sudden?"

"Loke has a bad history with celestial wizards. Rumor has it he dated one and it didn't end up very well," Mira explained.

"Well, I'm not surprised, he's-" the blonde was knocked onto the floor because me and Natsu fell on top of her.

"That looked painful," Mira commented.

Lucy had a small tick mark, "Will the three of you just knock it off already."

"They started it, I'm just following through," Gray said.

"Where are your clothes!" the drinker said. The ice wizard had a mini panic again.

Natsu rose from Lucy, but I was still on Lucy making her blush, "You're the one who was provoking us, you dirty slimeball."

"Oh yeah, and what exactly did I do to provoke you, you fire clown."

"You pervy flasher!"

"Pink-haired punk!"

"Lame insults, guys," Lucy commented after I got off and we were standing again.

"They start to inapt," Happy also comments.

The guild was laughing. Lucy managed to smile.

Suddenly, Loke bashed into the guild again, "We've got bad news!" The guild stopped to listen to Loke whilst muttering things to themselves. "It's Erza! She's on her way here!"

The guild started to scream and go crazy.

Natsu and Gray went stiff.

"Just mention Erza and the whole place freaks out," Lucy says.

"Well she is the strongest female wizard we've got in Fairy Tail and she's more than a bit intimidating," Mira says.

Footsteps could be heard approaching the guild.

"That's gotta be her."

"Those sound like her footsteps."

"Even the air's gone completely still."

"Jeez, from these reactions you'd think it was some kind of demon or something," Lucy said and imagined what she thinks Erza's like. "I'm so scared!"

A shadowed figure walked into the guild from the light, holding something very big. She puts it down, the loud sound resonating through the guild. The figure revealed to be a pretty woman with scarlet red hair, "I have returned. Where is Master Makarov?"

"Wow, she's pretty," Lucy said.

"Welcome back, Erza. The master's at a conference right now," Mira informed.

"I see," Erza nodded.

"So um, what's that humongous thing you got there?"

"It's the horn of a monster that I defeated. The locals were so thankful they decorated it and gave it to me as a souvenir. Do you have a problem with it?"


"I bet she's heard about what happened at Mount Hakabe," Cana said, loud enough for Macao to hear.

"You think so? Aww man, I'm a goner."

"She's not anything like I imagined," Lucy points out.

"Now listen up. While I was on the road I heard a few things. Word is, Fairy Tail has been causing nothing but trouble as of late. Master Makarov may not care, but I most certainly do. Cana! You need to start controlling your drinking. Vijeeter! Please take the dancing outside. Wakaba! Get rid of that filthy habit! Nab! I suspected I would find you dawdling at the request board. Just pick a job! Macao!" Erza stares then sighs.

"Please just say something!"

She puts a hand to her head, "I don't even know where to begin with you. You cause so much trouble I've almost given up."

"She's really tearing in to everyone. It's like she's taking over!" Lucy whispered with mini dreadlines.

Happy popped up, "That's Erza for ya!"

"Even if she is kinda bossy, she's still saner then everyone else here. I don't understand why everybody's so afraid of her."

"Are Natsu and Gray here?"

"Aye!" - Happy

"Oh hey there Erza, we're just hanging out like good friends tend to do!" - Gray

"Aye!" - Natsu

"Why is Natsu talking like Happy!?" - Lucy

"The cat must be rubbing off on him," - Kiyomi

"That's great. I'm quite pleased to see the two of you getting along so well. However, it's only natural for even the best of friends to lock horns every now and again."

"I don't know if we're the best of friends." - Gray

"Aye." - Natsu

"What's gotten into Natsu?" - Lucy

"Must be a severe case of petrification." - Kiyomi

"Yup, he's scared, a few years ago he challenged Erza to a fight and she beat him up pretty bad," Mira states.

"That was a stupid thing to do," Lucy said.

"Yeah, even I wouldn't do that! Not that I'm stupid," I comment.

Lucy shoots me a look saying, 'Yes. Yes you are.'

"After that she found Gray walking around naked so she decided to beat him up too," Macao continued.

"And let's not forget that she also beat up Loke for trying to hit on her," Cana adds. "He totally deserved it though."

"Yeah, I can't say I blame her," Lucy mutters.

"Natsu, Gray. I need you to do me a favor," Erza announces. "While travelling I overheard something that has me worried. Normally I would consult with the master before acting but he's not here, and this is a matter of utmost urgency. The two of you are the strongest wizards here. I could really use your help."

Natsu and Gray looked at each other. Murmurs and gasps spread across the guild.

"Did that just happen?"

"Erza asked them for help?"

"She's definitely the first."

"We'll meet at the train station tomorrow morning."

'Me and Natsu..' - Gray

'..on the same team?' - Natsu

"Erza, Natsu and Gray working together? I never saw that one coming!" Mira says, me and Lucy look at her. "This could be..the most powerful team Fairy Tail's ever seen!"


Magnolia Station.





Me and Happy sat and watched whilst Lucy had her head down in shame, slight dreadlines and Plue on her lap. "Let's just sit here and pretend we don't know them."

"What made you decide to come with us?"

"Mira asked me to tag along." Lucy said.


"Those two are gonna be at each other's throats when Erza's not looking so I want you to be there to stop them, okay?"

"Who? Me?!?"


"You aren't doing a very good job," Happy comments.

"They're hopeless," Lucy says.

"Sorry I'm late, have you been waiting long?"

"No, not really," Lucy turns white at the huge pack of stuff.

"Woah! That luggage!" Happy said.

Lucy's eyes were bulging, "All those belong to you?!"

"Believe it!" I said.

"It's time to go, good buddy!" Gray said as he and Natsu had an arm around their shoulders while dancing.

"Aye! Haha!" - Natsu

"Listen, one Happy is good enough!" - Lucy

"Yeah, in the end, the cat is my true master!" - Kiyomi

"Were you three actually serious about that contract?!" - Lucy

"Good. I really love to see the two of you getting along. And what're your names? I believe I saw you both at the guild yesterday." - Erza

"My name's Lucy-"

"And I'm Kiyomi!"

"And I just joined Fairy Tail. Mira asked me to come along with you guys so I could learn a thing or two. She's just here for the fun of it."

I grew a blue tick mark, "I'm NOT here for the FUN OF IT!!"

Lucy ignored me and continued, "I hope that's okay with you."

"The more the merrier. I'm Erza. Wait- You're the girl I heard about. I was told you defeated a mercenary gorilla using only your pinkie finger," Lucy jolted- "It would be great to have a wizard like you on board. Thanks for your help, both of you."

Lucy was shaking in disbelief, "Oh no, it's my pleasure!"

"I'm honoured!" I said bowing. Lucy chopped me in the back. "OW!"

"Hey Erza, I'll come with you but only under one condition." - Natsu

"Just shut up!" - Gray

"Oh? Well then let's hear it." - Erza

"'Kay. I want a rematch when we get back to Fairy Tail!"

"What's wrong with you, you got some kind of death wish?" - Gray

"I'm a lot stronger than I was last time. This time will be way different, 'cause I'm gonna beat you."

"Don't get cocky, Natsu..." - Kiyomi

"Yes..I can tell you've improved..as to whether or not you can beat me, I suppose we'll have to see," Erza compliments. "I accept your challenge."

"Oh yeah! I'm fired up!" Natsu's head was on fire.

Me and Natsu were heavily sweating and looked all blue.

"I swear, you and Kiyomi are totally pathetic, Natsu," Gray says, hand on the window and looking out of it. "One minute you're picking a fight and the next you're like this."

"That doesn't apply to Kiyo. And it's gotta be tough on them, getting from place to place," Lucy said.

"Don't worry, they'll be fine. Come here and sit with me," Erza offers.

'I guess she wants me to move,' Lucy thought.

"Now just relax," Erza said to the two of us. She then punches both of us and we both pass out, me on Erza's shoulder and Natsu on her lap. "There. That should make it a little easier on them."

'Okay. Maybe she's not as sane as I thought she was.'

"Erza. I think it's about time you start filling us in. I mean what kind of mission are we going on here?" Gray asks.

"Of course. I have reason to believe the dark guild Eisenwald is planning something big. I'm not sure what exactly but it has to do with the magic item called 'Lullaby.'"

"Lullaby?" Gray and Happy looked at each other.

"Wait, that thing from before?" Lucy asked.



"I see. So you've run into the Eisenwald guild before."

"Well, I'm not positive they were part of Eisenwald, but they did mention Lullaby," Gray said.

"Sounds like they were members who dropped out of the guild and went into hiding. Perhaps they want no part in whatever it is that's coming."

"So this thing is so bad it even scares dark wizards?"

"I'm only hypothesising. But whoever you saw dragging off Happy's kidnappers that day must've been from Eisenwald. It's obvious that they didn't want their plans getting out."

"What do you think they're gonna try?" Lucy asked.

"Let me start from the beginning. Just the other day I was heading home after completing a job. I stopped by a pub in Onibas that I knew was a gathering spot for local wizards."


"Come on, hurry it up bartender!"

"Hey, relax a little."

"And how am I supposed to do that? We finally managed to figure out where Lullaby's hidden and we can't do anything. Because of some seal?!"

"Keep it down man!"

"Don't sweat it you guys. Let me handle this one. You just head back to the guild, alright?"

"You sure Kage?"

"You gonna be ok on your own?"

"You don't have to worry about me. Just tell Erigor that I'll be coming back with Lullaby in three days."


"Lullaby? That's like a song used to sing kids to sleep." - Lucy

"Yes. And the fact that it had been sealed away means that it must be very powerful magic." - Erza

"You sure the guys you saw at the pub are with Eisenwald?" - Gray

"Yes. I can't believe I was such a fool that day. I didn't recognise his name, Erigor, the ace of Eisenwald. He only accepts assassination requests, which is why he's earned the name 'Erigor the Reaper.'" - Erza

"He kills for money?!" - Lucy

"When the council outlawed assassination requests, Eisenwald decided that money was more important than the council's rules. As a result, they were kicked out of their wizard league six years ago. But that didn't stop them. They've disobeyed orders and remained active to this day." - Erza

"Okay! I should be heading back home now," Lucy said.

"Lucy's slimy all of a sudden," Happy said.

"It's sweat!"

Erza smacks her fist down on Natsu's head, "How could I have been so careless! If only I had recognised Erigor's name I could've pulverised them! I could've forced them to reveal their scheme to me!"

"She's scary!" - Lucy

"See if I got this. Eisenwald's planning to do something with this 'Lullaby' and you wanna stop 'em. Because after what you overheard you're sure it's gonna be something bad." - Gray

"That's correct. And I'm not foolish enough to believe I can take on an entire magical guild all by myself. That's why I asked you and Natsu for your help. We're storming the Eisenwald guild." - Erza

"Sounds like fun to me." - Gray

"Aye!" - Happy

"I shouldn't have come along," Lucy squeaked.

"Eww! Now you're super slimy!"


Lucy and Gray were eating sandwiches. The blonde asked, "If you don't mind, what kind of magic do you practise Erza?"

"That's a good question."

"Erza's magic is really pretty! She makes her enemies bleed. A lot." - Happy

"I dunno if I could call that pretty." - Lucy

Erza put a fork to take a slice of cake. "Personally, I'd think Gray's magic is much more beautiful then mine."

"Oh, like this?" the raven haired male made a Fairy Tail emblem in ice. It floated above Happy. "I use ice magic."

"Now I understand why you and Natsu don't get along! He's fire and you're ice! Talk about not mixing very well!"

"I never thought about that," Erza said honestly.

"Nah, I just hate his guts."

Onibas Station.

"You think the Eisenwald guys are still gonna be in this town?" Gray asked.

"I have no idea. That's what we're here to find out," Erza answers.

"I'm still thinkin' maybe I should go home." - Lucy

"Hold on, where's Natsu and Kiyomi?" - Happy

A sick Natsu was dangling on the window of the train. Lucy gasped.

"Uh oh," said Happy. "There they go." the cat waves.

Lucy was stood there gaping. Gray just had a slight deadpan expression.

"I was so busy talking I forgot about them! I am such a fool! Natsu and Kiyomi hate all forms of transportation! This is all my fault I need one of you to come and hit me for my penance!" the scarlet haired woman declared.

"That's a little much," Lucy pointed out.

Me and Natsu were sat down, head down, sick on the still moving train.

"Well, lookie here, it's some Fairy Tail wizards! How's the guild treating ya these days? Is it worth sticking around?"

"Huh/What?" me and Natsu let out.

The wizard, Kage, punched my head down and stuck his leg into Natsu's face. "Don't act all high and mighty just 'cause you're in a legal guild, Mr. and Ms. Fairy! You guys will just blindly follow the magic council. You know what you look like to us? Harmless little flies!"

Natsu's flames lit up and the train stopped moving. Kageyama laughed, "Guess I hit a nerve."

"You-" the train stumbled for a bit, in result Natsu held back a barf and his flames went out.

"Hah! What kind of magic is that?! Let me show you how it's done!" a purple glyph appeared beneath him, and three shadow lines went straight to Natsu and socked him upwards, causing said boy to fall on the ground. "It's all in the follow-through."

"That magic..!"

The train stopped moving, Natsu toppled over whilst Kage tripped and fell backwards, causing him to drop a flute-looking stick with a skull as it's head - a skull with three eyes.

"What do you think you're doing, lady? You can't pull the emergency lever without permission!"

"It's for our comrades. Please understand."

"Are you kidding me?!"

"Now, I would like you to take our luggage to the hotel."

"Why me?!"

"I'm starting to realise that all of the wizards in the Fairy Tail guild are just a little insane." - Lucy

"Not all of us." - Gray


"The train stopped. What is that?" Natsu asked.

"Hmm, oh I don't know, what is that?" I ask sarcastically.

Kage rose, "You saw it."

"That's enough outta you," Natsu punched his flaming fists together whilst I lit my fists with blue flames and controlled the air around me to get behind Kage whilst he was distracted. "It's payback time!" Natsu jumped towards the dark mage with a flaming fist.

Kage acted quickly, "Dark Shadow!"

There was an explosion from one section of the train.

It was revealed for the dark mage to be sat down, and Natsu to be stood up unscathed. "Lucky shot.." the dark mage said.

"Oh yeah? Well I guess this one's LEGIT!!" I said flaming my leg and kicking him to the other side of the train where Natsu was. I walked next to Natsu, whole body lit on blue flames.

Natsu chuckled, "Little fly huh?"

"Attention all passengers. Our emergency stop was a false alarm. We will be departing again shortly."

"Oh crap, we gotta go!" Natsu said grabbing his rucksack.

"Hold it right there! I'm not letting you get away that easily! You're messing with Eisenwald now!"

"Oh, so you're with Eisenwald, huh? We'll show you what happens to people who knock Fairy Tail!" - Natsu

"Damn straight! How 'bout we take this outside!" - Kiyomi

The train was starting to move, me and Natsu did a double take.

The others were on a magic mobile, Erza was using her magic to fuel it.

"NATSU!! KIYOMI!!" Lucy shouted.

Me and Natsu came flying out of the train, together like a ball. We screamed and came crashing into Gray, and a pained noise could be heard from up the mountains.

The mobile stopped, "Natsu! Kiyomi! Are you alright!" Erza asked.

The three of us had bumps steaming from our heads and were passed out temporarily due to crashing into Gray. Natsu let out a squeaky, "Aye!"

"That HURT you idiots!" - Gray

"Moron, it was all the pyro's fault!" - Kiyomi

"Shut up you icey freak, and you aqua weirdo! How come you guys left us on the train?!" - Natsu

"I'm just thankful you two weren't badly injured. I apologise Natsu, Kiyomi," Erza admits and then using her arms to bring our heads to smash with her armor.

"IT'S OKAY!!" Natsu says desperately. "Well, I'm shaken up pretty bad, we got attacked by a weirdo on the train."

"Are you serious?" Lucy asked.

"I think it's the dude who dragged away the guys who were gonna eat Happy, right Kiyomi?"

"Yeah, and he said he was with Eisenwald."

Erza's eye widens immediately and she slaps both of us on the cheeks, "You FOOLS! That is exactly who we're chasing after on this mission, why did you let them get away?!"

Me and Natsu had question marks over us, "What the- this is the FIRST I heard about this!"

"Yeah, nobody told us!" I added.

Erza had a tick mark, "I explained everything on the train! You should listen when people talk to you!!"

Lucy deadpanned, "She already forgot that she knocked them out, didn't she? This woman is unbelievable."

"Yup." - Gray

"That's Erza for ya!" - Happy.

Erza attached the cable on her arm again, "So he was on the same train that we were on. Let's find him."

"But what was this guy like?" Gray asked Natsu as they weren't on the vehicle yet.

"He didn't look like somebody from a dark guild. But he did have this strange flute thing. It looked like a skull except it had three eyes."

"A three eyed skull?" Lucy asked.

"That's creepy," Gray states.

"Is there something wrong, Lucy?" Happy asks.

Erza moved the vehicle a little. "It's just...I've heard about that flute before. Lullaby...the cursed song! It's death magic!"

"What?" - Natsu

"A cursed song? Like an incantation?" - Gray

"I've only ever read about them in books before, but..there are some deadly spells out there that are forbidden to be used by wizards." - Lucy

"That's right. There are cursed black magic spells that will kill the person they're used on." - Erza

"Well, if I'm right, Lullaby is even worse!"

The car leaped from a high cliff. It landed and began to drive along the rocky path. Gray was on top of the car, not even in it, "Hey, slow down, Erza! You're using too much of your power driving this thing!"

Me and Natsu were clutching our hearts and leaning our heads on each others, "I have no choice but to press onward! We're running out of time! If Erigor gets his hands on this death magic, trust me; lives will be lost!"

'Curse them! What is it they hope to accomplish? This is madness!'

18/03/18, 01:15am. [unedited]


6 ; queen of the fairies, titania erza

Kunugi Station.

"Some guy with a scythe and a bunch of his lackeys took over the train!"

"I think I know who they are! They're the dark guild pox that have been hanging around town for the past few weeks!"

Up on the mountain where the car was parked, Lucy asked, "I can understand cars and boats, but why would they wanna hijack a train?"

"It doesn't really seem like it'd be a really good choice for getaway seeing as it can only follow the tracks it's on," Happy inquired.

"Yes, that's true but they are quite fast," Erza stated.

A recently sickened me and Natsu kneeled infront of where we sat, shaking. Gray was next to Natsu in his underwear, "Well I guess it's up to us to figure out where those Eisenwald guys are going in such a big hurry and why."


"Am I?"

"The military's already been called to action so it should only be a matter of time before someone catches them," Lucy said.

"I hope that's the case Lucy," Erza said, then starts moving the car again.

"Erza, you're going too fast! The SE (self-energy) plug is going to explode!" Gray warns.

"There's no telling how many innocent people could die if Lullaby song is played! I can't slow down, we have to stop Eisenwald before it's too late!"

"But at this rate, you're gonna use up all your magic before we even start fighting!"

"Well then, I'll just have to rely on hand-to-hand combat. Besides, I've got you and Natsu as backup. And Kiyomi."

Inside the car, where me and Natsu was immobilised on the floor, Happy said, "I feel like there is something important I was supposed to tell you Lucy."

"Oh really? Well, what was it?"

"I don't remember, it was just something about something I was supposed to tell you," the cat then started murmuring, trying to remember what he wanted to say.

"Totally sick for real," Natsu murmured.

"That's it!" the cat said.

"Are you kidding me?!"

Natsu dangled himself outside the window. "Careful, Natsu! You're gonna fall out!" the blonde said.

"That's what I'm aiming for--!"

"Umm...so if it wasn't Lucy's totally sick, then what the heck was it? Something weird like that..." the cat began to murmur.

Lucy pulled Natsu to a safe position, then deadpanned, "Why are you saying I'm weird?"

"What's that up ahead?" Erza asked.

Oshibana Station.

"Please stand back! The station is currently closed due to a train derailment!"

Murmurs were spread through the crowd.

"Well I heard the station's been taken over by a group of thugs!" somebody from the crowd shouted.

"We ask that you please stand back!-"

"Excuse me," Erza put a hand on the announcer's shoulder. "What's going on?"

"Why would I tell you, lady?" Some of his teeth got knocked out.

Erza moved on, "What's going on?!" the man did so much as move and then he got headbutted.

The scarlet haired woman continued to do this only for the same result to happen. The celestial wizard deadpanned, "Seems like her questioning methods a little counterproductive."

"Erza's got her own way of getting things done."

"Where are your clothes?!"

There were a bunch of knocked out police security, "The Eisenwald guild's inside. Let's go!" - Erza

"Right!" - Gray

"So I gotta drag these two around?" Lucy said with a Natsu hanging round her shoulder (who said a hoarse 'sorry') and me on his shoulder. "Gray, take Kiyomi." - Lucy

"The small army units stormed in earlier but they've yet to return. I'm guessing that they've been caught in battle with the Eisenwald forces," Erza stated.

Lucy gasped once they saw the stairs. Every single guard was wiped out.

"They've been completely wiped out!" - Happy

"They were up against an entire guild of wizards. A small contingent  like this would never stand a chance against such a powerful guild." - Erza

Team Natsu has reached the main hall. Erigor laughed. "Welcome! Step into our parlour, Fairy Tail flies!" the guild chuckled to themselves.

"Woah! There's so many of 'em!" Lucy said, looking scared.

"You fiend! I take it you're Erigor?" Erza asked. Said man only laughed. At that moment, Gray decided to drop me next to Natsu and cross his arms.

"Come on Natsu, Kiyo!" Lucy said shaking us. "We need your help!"

"Crude luck! Which means the train, magic mobile and your shaking, it's a motion sickness triple combo!" Happy stated.

"I'm NOT a vehicle!!"

"Hey you.." Kage started, looking at me and Natsu. "It's your fault I got in trouble with Erigor! Get up!"

Natsu heard, "Huh? I know that voice..."

"We're not threatened by any of you! Tell me what you're planning to do with Lullaby!"

"Oh, you haven't heard yet," Erigor got up from where he was sitting and flew into the air. He laughed a little. "What do all train stations have?"

"He flew!" - Lucy

"It's wind magic!" - Happy

The reaper stood on a pole with a green sphere and four speakers, and sat down on it. "You plan to broadcast the Lullaby Song?!?" Erza said.

"Hahahahahaha! Thousands of nosy onlookers have found this station to get a glimpse of the action. Who knows? If I raise the volume enough, I may be able to extinguish the entire city with my melody of death!"

"What reason do you have to commit such a heinous crime against the innocent people of this town!"

"This is a cleansing of all the fools out there who fail to appreciate the rights they hold so dear, who remain wilfully ignorant to the plight of those who had their rights stripped away! They've committed the sin of turning a blind eye to the world's injustice! Therefore.." Erigor widened his left eye, "The reaper has come to punish them!"

Lucy put the back of her hands on her hips, "But killing them isn't gonna help you get your rights back, it's only gonna make it worse! That's the whole reason why you were kicked out of the wizard league in the first place!"

"Exactly!" I shouted from the floor.

"At this point, we've given up trying to regain our rights, we want power! Then we will be able to wash away the sins of the past and take control of what happens in the future!"

"You guys are completely insane!"

"We're rolling in a new age of darkness! Course by the time the deaths here you flies will be long gone!" Kage said, shooting shadows towards Lucy. They went up in the air and shot down towards her until they were blasted away by Natsu's flames. I was next to him.

"You again.."

"Eisenwald dude! I knew I recognised that voice!" Natsu said.

"You're back to normal!" Lucy said.

"What am I, chopped liver?!" I said from next to Erza and Natsu.

"Oh, and you too Kiyo!"

"Oh, wow, looks like we got ourselves a party here, huh?"

"No, Natsu, these are the guys we're meant to fight!"

I cracked my knuckles whilst Natsu his left fist in his right palm, "Heh! Like I said, it's a party!"



'Heheheh! The Fairy Tail flies flew right into my trap! Everything is going exactly as planned! But I will not rest until they have heard Lullaby's melody of death, then we'll finally have revenge against those who wronged us!' Erigor thought with a evil grin.

Lucy pointed at the guild, "This is the strongest team Fairy Tail has to offer! You better be ready!"

Erigor flew and before disappearing he said, "I leave them to you! Show them the terror of the dark guild Eisenwald!"

'He disappeared!!' Lucy and Happy thought in shock.

"Natsu and Gray, go. I need you to stop him. If the two of you work together, not even Erigor the Reaper can defeat you. I'm leaving him in your hands," Erza said, and the said boys were in each other's faces again. "WHAT DID I SAY?!"

"AYE!!" they cheered and ran off, arms around each other's shoulders.

"They ran off!"

"They're going after Erigor!"

"I got it!" Rayule used his wires to grab onto a railing and jump on it. "I, the great Rayule, will take them down!"

A yellow glyph appeared under Kage and he said before using his shadow to go in the ground, "I'm coming with you. That pink-haired dimwit's gonna pay!"

"We'll catch up with them once we've finished with the rest of the men here, okay?" Erza said.

"I've got no problem with that," I said, shoving my hands into my pocket and putting my bluetooth headphones around my shoulder.

"Three girls against an entire magical guild?" Lucy asks unbelieving.

The guild laughed. "Mama always told me not to hit girls, but I can make an exception!"

"Sorry ladies, you're not gonna be as cute when we're done with ya!"

"But without my stunning beauty I'll be totally helpless!" - Lucy

"This is no time for daydreaming, Lucy!" - Happy

"Sucks to be you!" - Kiyomi

"Like you can talk!" - Lucy

"I'll always be cute!" - Kiyomi

"Let's do this!" Erza said, a red glyph appearing infront of her hand. A sword appeared out of nowhere.

"It came out of thin air!" Lucy said. "A magic sword!"

"Badass!" I commented, hands still in my pockets.

"If you insult the Fairy Tail again in my presence, I swear none of you will live to see tomorrow!"

The guild members jumped to attack Erza, swords in their hands. "We ain't scared of you, we've got tons of magic swordsman in Eisenwald!"

Immediately, Erza sliced twice and they were blown away, as well as all their swords that were cut off. She leapt again and landed, cutting in one swift motion, the same thing happening again.

"I'll show you!" the man had a purple circle and a beam was emitting from his hands. He along with two others blasted it towards Erza who jumped in the air when the blast was about to hit. I decided to run, manipulating the air around me to I could get there faster, and stopped to the side of them, hands out of pockets. "Water Dragon ROAR!!"

The men that attacked Erza were blown away, as Erza's sword changed into a spear.

"Now it's a spear?!" Lucy said in shock.

The armoured wizard used the spear to wipe out more mobs, whilst I was just dodging guys with my arms in my pockets, throwing them to others or kicking them.

"What are you doing! Get her!" they said and 10 of them with swords charged at me.

My arms were in my pockets as I said, loud enough for them to hear, "Gravity Fall!"

Immediately after I said that, they all shot straight down to the ground. "W-What is this!"

I took my arms out of my pockets, "Huh? I'm just a descendant!"

"Descendant?...You don't mean-! Impossible!"

"Well let hell reign down, bitches," I said, shoving my hands back in my pocket. "Hah! Spread the word! Couldn't give two fucks if I tried," I cloned myself and walked off, letting my clone deal with them.

I jumped back just after Happy said that Erza was getting warmed up. "Join in Lu! It's fun!"

"It's time for me to kick butt too! And what did you mean by descendant?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Ugh, why do you have to go and steal the spotlight from Erza!" Happy complained, as I walked aside to use my phone.

ItzKiyomi: Kai! Kai!

ItzKaito: Finally. I was wondering when you'd talk to me again. I almost thought you forgot about me!

ItzKiyomi: Neva!

ItzKiyomi: Are you coming to Magnolia!

ItzKaito: Yep! I'm on my way now! It better be fun!

ItzKiyomi: Uh huh! I totally scared ten dudes shitless! I hinted at my true identity but it looked like they didn't believe me for a second.

ItzKaito: Obviously they won't believe you or any one of us for that matter unless we actually show them our true power. But we don't really want to do that unless you're a show off

ItzKiyomi: That's so true. I'm on the middle of a job right now so come quickly and join Fairy Tail! It's so much fun trust me!

ItzKaito: I know, I know! Jeez, don't be in such a rush. I guess I'll see ya later?

ItzKiyomi: Yea!

"There's still so many of them," Erza said with an axe in her hands. "I thought we took care of most of them. Annoying, but I'll wipe them out." the scarlet haired wizard started to glow and transform.

"Oooh! What's this?" I piped up next to Lucy.

The men had love hearts in their eyes, mouths and steam was puffing out of their noses. "Wow! Her armor's disappearing!" they even clapped a little.

"Most magic swordsmen only have the ability to swap their weapon, but Erza is able to swap her armor for wizarding armor that enhances her ability. It's a talent that only she possesses, that's what makes her magic special. A technique called...'The Knight.'" Happy explained.

"Oh wow!" Lucy gushed, and so did the men.

"Now," Erza started, flying in the air. "Dance my swords!" the swords started to spin in a circle.

"I knew it! It has to be her!"

"CIRCLE SWORD!" Nearly every member went flying.

"Woah, she took most of them down with a single swipe!" - Lucy

"Aye!" - Happy

"She's good!" - Kiyomi

"Alright...You're dealing with me now!" he charged at Erza.

"Don't do it! Do you have any idea who that woman is?!"

Erza swiped once and he fell to the ground, defeated.

"She's Queen of the Fairies, Titania Erza!" as the other man said that, I snuck away from the group and ran to find Natsu or Gray.

I heard noises so I ran to where I heard it from, "Whoa, what's going on here-"

"Those ignorant old fogeys won't even know what hit 'em once Lullaby song starts playing. There's no way Erigor's plan will fail!" Rayule catches and traps Gray with his wires, "You and your little Fairy friends are stuck in this station so there's nothing you can do about it. Soon, we'll have our revenge on everyone who tried to keep us down! When we're done, they'll be completely wiped out!"

I was just leaning near the entrance with my hands in my pockets as Gray started to freeze the wires and broke them. "That's not gonna happen!"

Rayule started to get frozen, the ice freezing upper and upper of his body. "Now get this straight, when you mess with the guild masters, then you mess with all of us! They may be old fogeys, but they're the closest thing we have to parents!"

Gray grabbed Rayule's face.

Natsu was still running down the hallways, "Just come out and fight already!"

Kage was trailing very close behind in his shadows, "Looks like it's about time for me to strike!"

Erza was infront of the wind barrier Erigor created. "We will stop you."

Lucy was running down another hallway with Happy flying behind her. "Now where did that fat one run off to? And where the heck did Kiyo go?!"

"Kiyomi could be anywhere, and you better find him or else Erza's gonna strangle you!" Happy said.

Lucy made a scared noise.

Gray was walking out the entrance to see me standing there, hands in pockets. "Nice man, your magic is awesome!" I patted his shoulder, and he had a very light blush. Then I removed it and we turned serious and looked at eachother.

"When I get my hands on them, I'll show 'em Fairy Tail can be much more intimidating then any dark guild," Gray said, I nodded and we walked off.

Behind us, in the room, was a frozen Rayule and his wires.

18/03/18, 06:29pm. [unedited]


Oshibana Train Station.

In the same room, Erza was with a bunch of tied up guild members. "Just forget about it lady, I already told you there's no one doing Erigor's barrier. You and your buddies are stuck."

"Erza!!" Gray called, said woman turned her head to see me and him on the railing.

"What are you doing here, I thought you were with Natsu!"

"We decided to split up! Never mind that now! Listen we just found out Eisenwald's real target is Clover! The next town up!"


"Erigor's heading towards the conference as we speak!"

"And he's planning to use the Lullaby to kill the guild masters!" I finished for Gray.

Erza was mad and had a purple aura flaming from her. "Why didn't you tell me!?!?!" the man shivered.

"There's a problem. The station is surrounded by a wind barrier."

"Yeah, we know," Gray said. "We saw it earlier."

"If you try to break through it, it'll make mince meat out of ya," I said.

"I've already tried that," Erza admitted.

"Woah, is your arm okay?" Gray asked.

"That's not important. What is, is getting out of here. We must stop Erigor before he reaches the guild masters' conference. Wait a minute...I remember them talking about somebody named Kage back at the pub. We have to find that man, Gray, Kiyomi. He was the one who broke Lullaby's seal!"

"A dispeller, huh? A seal breaking wizard! He can take down the wind barrier!" Gray said.

"You think?" I ask.

"That's what I'm hoping. Now let's start searching!" Erza said.

"Right!" we reply.

7 ; fire, wind, and a tiny bit of ice

Me, Gray and Erza heard an explosion. Gray asked, "Was that him?"

"Yes." - Erza

"No doubt about it, and Natsu must be there too." - Kiyomi

"Natsu! Do not harm him! We need him alive!" Erza shouted as we were running up the stairs.

"Way to go, you fire freak!" Gray said as I giggled, making the three of them blush for a split second.

Natsu had question marks, until he froze and turned white, seeing Erza leap infront of him with a sword and a glowing eye. "I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm sorry!"

Natsu was scared shitless and was moved out of the way as Erza stuck the sword next to Kage's head as she landed next to him. "You will dispel the wind barrier and you will do so without complaint!"

Kage was shivering with a runny nose as the sword gleamed. Natsu was still in pure shock as I was patting his back. "Just do it man!! This chick's a real monster!!"

"Shut up Natsu!" Gray said.

"Understood?" Erza asked.

"Fine! I'll dispel it!" Kage said but was then stabbed from behind him; through the wall and said, "Why, Kuracka?" before falling down.

"It's a simple job, even you can handle this!"

"Kage!" Erza called.

"You have to kill Kageyama!"

Natsu just stared.

"No! He was our only way out of here!" Gray said, kneeling next to him. Me and Erza did the same.

"Kage, don't you dare die on us! We need your help, do you hear me?!" Erza said.

"I don't think he's getting through," I said.

"Yeah, I think we're losing him, Erza!" Gray added.

"You're the only one of us that's able to dispel the wind barrier! Just hang on!"

Natsu clenched his fists. "How could you do that to one of your friends?!" His whole body lit on pure fire, "He's a member of your guild! He trusted you and you tried to kill him!!"

Kuracka tried to retreat by going back in the wall where he came from.

"HOW COULD YOU!?!?!" Natsu punched the wall with his flaming fist. Kuracka ended up getting hit and punched deep through the wall aswell. "Is that how you dark guild members treat each other?!"

'Betrayal, huh? Reminds me of a person I used to know...' I thought bitterly. 'I'm actually glad she's dead.'

"Please Kage, just stay with us!" Erza pleaded.

"He's unconscious! It's just no use!" Gray tried to reason.

"We can't let him die, he's our only way out of here!" Erza said grabbing his collar and bonking his head up and down. Me and Gray watched with a sweatdrop.

"But, there's no way he can use his magic in this conditon!" Gray said.

"If I force him to, he will!"

Lucy and Happy had just arrived and were watching.

"Umm...bad timing, huh?" - Lucy

"Ayye!" - Happy

"What?! Erigor wants to use Lullaby on the guild masters?!?" - Lucy

"We have to stop him!" - Natsu

"That's easier said than done." - Kiyomi

"Erigor cut off our only means of reaching Clover and is headed there by air." - Erza

"I'm pretty sure that we can catch up to him on the magic mobile. But, we can't do anything until we figure out how to get on the other side of this barrier!" - Gray

"How are we gonna do that?" - Lucy

Natsu punched the barrier with a flaming fist, but he ended up getting blown to the floor by the force of the barrier.

Gray deadpanned, "See, that's what happens when you try to bust through."

Lucy was next to Gray, looking over her shoulder at Natsu who's butt was in the air. I wanted to laugh at Lucy's face but I didnt. Instead, a cold sweat ran down my face, "I'm so glad I didn't follow through with that."

"Should've known you'd do the same thing," Lucy deadpans.

"Shut up!"

"Kage! Wake up! You're our only hope right now!" Erza pleads, meanwhile Natsu was roaring and trying to break the wind barrier, to get deflected again.

"Natsu!" Lucy shouted.

"Cut it out, you idiot! Obviously brute force isn't gonna do you any good!" Gray said.

"Isn't there anything you can do? If you try freezing it maybe Natsu can melt it!"

"If I could, I would'a done that already!"

Natsu tried to break the wind barrier again.

"Natsu!" shouted Gray.

"Would you stop trying to be the hero!? You're gonna get torn to shreds!!" Lucy shouted.

I simply watched in silence, contemplating on whether to catch up with my twin brother or not.

"Damn it! I don't know what to do!" - Erza

Natsu falls once again and Lucy catches him, "I said stop it!"

"Crap.." Natsu muttered. He then looked like he realised something, and looked at Lucy, who noticed this and blushed a little, "What? What's the matter?"

Natsu almost felt like screaming for a second, "We could use your spirits!"

Lucy looked puzzled. "Eh?"

"Back at Everlue's I was pulled from one place to another through the spirit world!"

Me and Erza were simply looking and listening.

"Well yeah! But normal people would suffocate to death if they tried that, it's hard to breathe in their world. Besides, a celestial wizard can only open a gate wherever they're standing!"

Natsu was completely confused with question marks. "Huh?"

"Okay, let me simplify this for you, even if we could pass through the spirit world, we would need another celestial wizard to open the gate outside the train station for us to pass through!"

"You're totally confusing me, just hurry up and do it!"

Gray let out a mushroom sigh after that comment.

"But I told you, I CAN'T! Not to mention the very act of a human entering the spirit world is a serious breach of contract!" Me and Happy shared looks, mine saying 'What are you thinking about,' and his replying 'What I wanted to say to Lushee back at the train.' "I didn't care when you did it because it wasn't my key, it was Everlue's!"

"I don't get your magic at all!"

"Everlue's key..hold on.." Happy suddenly screamed.

"I just remembered Lucy!" - Happy

"Remembered what?" - Lucy


"On the way here? Oh yeah, you mean when you kept calling me weird?" - Lucy

"Look!" the cat pulled out a key. And not just any key.

"HOW'D YOU GET YOUR PAWS ON VIRGO'S KEY?!" Lucy squeezed the cat's mouth, "Didn't anyone teach you that it's wrong to steal things?"

"But I didn't steal it, Virgo asked me to give it to you!"

"I suggest you let go of my master, Lu," I said with a sweatdrop. She let go.

"Come on guys, we're wasting way too much of our time listening to this nonsense!" - Gray

"Who's Virgo? Ohh! Wasn't she that big gorilla looking maid!" - Natsu

"I highly doubt you could call her a maid!" - Kiyomi

"Apparently her contract with Everlue was broken as soon as he was arrested! Before we all left that day, she came up to me and said that she wanted to sign a new contract with you, Lucy!" - Happy

"Great, I get a big ugly spirit! Anyway, thanks for letting me know but I'll have to deal with her later. If you didn't realise it, right now we need to find a way outta here!" - Lucy

"But.." Lucy started to stretch and pull the cat's cheeks with a scary face and creepy grin, "SHUT UP!! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST MEOW LIKE EVERY OTHER CAT?!?!"

"She can be pretty scary, huh?" Gray said in the background.

"Must've learned it from Erza," Natsu comments.

"Totally," I added.

Happy was on the floor and the spotlight was on him in the black background, "I'm sorry..I just thought since Virgo could drill holes..maybe she could dig through the ground and get us through the other side of the barrier..!"

Immediately, we all had shocked expressions.

"She can?!" - Erza

"Seriously?!" - Gray

"Uhhh.." - Natsu

"You're right, she can!!" Lucy said and picked up the cat, "You're so smart Happy, why didn't you sooner, silly kitty?"

"Someone was pinching my face!!"

Lucy was on her knees and started to bow, "My most sincere humble heartfelt apologies, I'll promise I'll make it up to you. Just please let me have the key!!"

Natsu and Gray had a sweatdrop, "Give me some fish and all is forgiven!"

"You know Lu, if you listened to Master from the start we would've gotten out of here ages ago," I said nonchalantly.

Lucy was alarmed, "Shut up Kiyo!!"

We all heard a noise, coming from the wind barrier. Lucy nodded, "I call upon thee, in the world of the celestial spirits! And now, I beckon you to my side at once! Pass through the gate! Open, Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!"

A maid with purple hair, blue eyes and chains appeared.

"Huh?" The celestial wizard was baffled.

"You summoned, mistress? What can I do for you?"

Lucy was motionless, so I walked up and said, "Purple hair! Why can't I have purple hair!! You're so lucky! I like you."

"Thank you. And you are Kiyomi, right? The best friend of my mistress? I'm Virgo."

We shake hands, "We're gonna be best friends! I know it!"

"Who are you?" Lucy finally asked as I let go of Virgo's hand.



"What's up burger? Man you look great, you lost some weight!" Natsu said, next to me.

"My name's Virgo! I apologise for any trouble I might've caused you."

"It's no biggie," I dismissed, flapping one of my arms.

"SHE DIDN'T JUST LOSE WEIGHT, NATSU!" Lucy shouted, eyes bulging.

"What do you mean?" Gray turned to her.

"She's like a totally different person!"

"I'm a very loyal spirit who will do anything to please her wizard! So I try to take on whatever form I think my wizard will find most appealing."

"So loyal!" I said.

"I dunno, I kinda liked it when you were all big and tough looking," Natsu said.

"Did you really?" Virgo asked and I looked at the pinkette next to me with a 'wtf' face. "Well then...I can return to this form."

I whistled. Lucy and Gray were freaking out. Lucy shouted hastily, "Don't listen to him! I'm your wizard and I like the other form better!"

The celestial spirit reverted, "As you wish, Mistress."

Lucy and Gray let out a sigh of relief. "I'm afraid we don't have much time. Can we figure out the contract details later?"

"Of course, whatever you'd like Mistress."

"Do you really have to call me Mistress?"

"Would you prefer I called you Queen?"


"What about princess?"

"Oh yeah, that's more like it."

Me, Natsu and Gray turned into a dark shade with lines on the side, "Princess, yeah right."

"She has a surprisingly big ego that I didn't even know she had," I commented.

"Hurry it up, ladies," Natsu said.

"Yes sir," the outlines of Virgo's eye turned red. "Now," she said before a yellow magic circle appeared underneath her and she drilled down with no warning.

"Oh wow, look at her go!" Gray commented.

"Nicely done, Lucy," Erza said smashing Lucy to her chest. "GAh.."

"Alright you guys, time to bust out of this joint," Gray said, but then looked to the left when he heard Natsu panting. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I know he's one of our enemies, but I'd feel guilty if we just left him here to die." One of Kage's eye opened. Erza looked for a second then smiled. I had a small smile myself.

Erigor was flying towards Clover. "I see the town up ahead. A bit farther and I'll have revenge!"

Natsu roared from the distance, "WE'VE GOT YOU NOW!!"

Erigor's eye widened. He saw Happy flying Natsu and me flying on my own. I was using aerokinesis to control the air around me, but not as fast as Natsu. "DID'NT KNOW CATS COULD FLY AT MAX SPEED. DID YA?!?!"

Natsu punched Erigor with flaming fists, then I boosted myself with the air and punched him downwards. The whole thing caused explosions. Me and Natsu landed, and the latter caught Happy. "You ok?"

There were beads of sweat on the cat's forehead who said weakly, "Yeah but, I'm so tired..I can't fly.."

"Don't worry buddy, I think we can handle it from here."

"Yeah, you've done enough, Master," I approved.

"You again," we turned to look at Erigor. "You're two of those pesky Fairy Tail flies. What are you doing here?"

Natsu lit his fists in raging fireballs, "I'm not letting you get past me, you dress-wearing windbag!"

I cracked my neck, "Let's duke it out. Right here, right now."

"I'm gonna burn you and that stupid flute of yours to a crisp!"

"So you were able to break through my wind barrier-

"-'Cuz Master is cool-"

"-you little flies can be such a nuisance! Now get out of my way, kids. Or else," a purple circle appeared infront of his hand. He blasted it towards us and it had a lot of wind pressure. Natsu put his hand infront of his eyes to protect himself from the dust whilst I went infront of him and chanted with my arms streched out infront of me, "Absorption."

"What? How?!" Erigor was more than mildly shocked.

"Is that all you've got?!" Natsu said, using his magic to fly up in the air. He punched the bridge where Erigor used to stand, then clashed with his scythe. 'Impossible! He uses his flames to jump and to strike?! And the girl, she stopped my magic with a simple spell?!'

I used my aerokinesis to speed next to Natsu, lighting up my blue flames, and tried to punch Erigor only to miss and for him to fly further away. Me and Natsu landed on the ground.

'I underestimated their power. This might actually be a challenge.'

"What are you doing up there, you coward?! Come down here and fight us like a man!" Natsu had small tick marks at this point.

"And here I thought you were Erigor the Reaper, guess the guy's just a pushover, eh?" I taunted mockingly.

"Don't get too cocky, flies!" he said performing magic that send wind waves before turning into a huge tornado. "STORM BRINGER!!"

Natsu was inside the tornado, spinning endlessly as I had managed to dodge and landed next to Happy. "Natsu..!" the cat tried to summon his wings but failed. "It's no use..I don't have enough magic energy!"

"Don't overexert yourself, Master! I'll take care of thi-" I cut myself off as Natsu was heard falling down the track and down the mountains.

Erigor was smirking, "Hahaha. Let's see your firepower get you out of this."

"NATSU!!" the cat shouted.

"Don't get so cocky, fly!" I mimicked, summoning water pistols and blasting Erigor with cryobullets.

"What is this?" Erigor said, and growled because that's the second time I've made fun of him. He dodged, "Still got some magic I see?"

"Why wouldn't I? And it doesn't matter anymore, because Natsu will be here to kick your butt in three, two, one.."

A large shot of fire blasted upwards like a volcano. Erigor was beyond shocked; eyes widened, mouth open. The fire turned down and formed into a claw that grabbed the bridge. Natsu roared as he was using it to fly back to the battle.

"Natsu!" Happy cried in relief.

Said boy landed on the bridge. "That was a close one. Heheh. So that's what you were trying to tell me..I think I get it now!"

Erigor's eyes widened, "But that's impossible..!"

"Cat got your tongue, eh?" I snickered.

"You must be pretty cold up there half-naked like that, want me to warm you up?"

"Your flames are powerless against me!"

Natsu punched his fists together, "Oh yeah? Let's see about that! Fire..Dragon..." there was a dragon in the background imitating Natsu's exact actions. He cupped his hands on the side of his mouth, "ROAARRRR!!!"

Erigor decided to quickly counter, "STORM WALL!!"

It disappeared quickly, 'I can't believe this kid! There is no rhyme or reason to his attacks! Is this what all Fairy Tail wizards are like?!' "Although your powers are remarkable, I'm afraid you're still no match for me! Enough of this cat and mouse chase. It's time to get serious."

"Heh. I'm ready when you are!"

"STORM MAIL!!" Erigor was covered in sand. "Here I come!" he flew towards the bridge.

Natsu let out a battle cry as he leapt into action with his flaming fist and punched - to get flown back.

"What's the matter? Can't you handle the breeze?"

"Coward! You just had to go and wrap yourself in a wind barrier!" Natsu punched his fists. "This'll break through it!" Natsu shot himself towards Erigor, "Fire Dragon..IRON FIST!!!"

The force collided with Erigor's fist, and the fire completely burned out. Natsu's eye widened and the reaper laughed. "What the..I don't understand..Why did my fire go out?"

"Just as I suspected, you're completely helpless without your flames! Looks like I have the upper hand."

"No way!" Erigor without warning triggered an immense wind force from his barrier, blowing Natsu back a bit. "Unfortunately for you, the winds of my storm mail attacks go outwardly! If you get too close..it'll smother your flames leaving you powerless against me!"

"Oh yeah?!" Erigor flew up into the air, "FIRE CAN NEVER DEFEAT WIND!!!"

19/03/18, 04:44am. [unedited]


Years ago, the evil wizard Zeref crafted a skull-shaped flute, infused with black magic. It is known as 'Lullaby,' for its melody causes those unfortunate enough to hear it, to fall into eternal slumber. The battle for possession of this forbidden instrument, is being waged at this very moment...

Natsu was withstanding the wind on the bridge.

"Natsu!" me and Happy called, a few steps behind on the bridge.

Erigor laughed, "Now do you understand, little fly!?! Your fire can never defeat wind!"

"This is intense; it's like standing inside a typhoon!"

"It's time to blow your flame out FOR GOOD!!" Erigor increased the pressure the moment he said those words sending Natsu back flying, said boy with arms in a criss-cross formation infront of his face. "NOW!! STORM SHRED!!!"

Many magic shards rained down towards Natsu who dodged them continuously, and let out a battle cry with his right fist in flames flying towards Erigor, who laughed and increased the strength of the barrier. This caused trouble for Natsu to get closer, "I have to break through..!"

It immediately sent Natsu straight down on the bridge. "I can't even get close enough to lay a punch on this guy! Now what?"

8 ; fairy tail's most powerful team

"Feeling a little frustrated? Don't be too hard on yourself, you never had a chance against me! Hahahaha! But don't worry, I'm going to put an end to this now! My soaring pheonix magic rips everything to shreds, EMERA BARAM!!" Purple glyphs began to surround one glyph and spin in a circular motion around it.

"That's a dangerous spell Natsu! Whatever you do don't let him touch you okay?" Happy warned.

"Now I really want to kick his ass," I comment.

Erigor stretches his arms infront of him (his index and middle finger in a cross shape), "Goodbye!! Fairy Tail fly!!!" a spark was seen in Erigor's direction before the bridge was attacked by an insane swirl of wind, blowing Natsu behind us.

Me and Happy looked back. The cat gasped, "Come on Natsu! You have to get up! Hurry!!"

"Yeah, like Master said, don't let this guy beat you!"

"Ohohohoho, I'm impressed his body's still in one piece after that attack! Not too shabby for a wizard so young!"

"Natsu!" Happy said in concern.

"After I play a melody on the Lullaby for those old guild fools, they'll be joining you in your eternal rest!"

Natsu punched the railing, alerting us all. (music) "All you talk about, is that stupid flute!" the took off the top half of his outfit and threw it for it to be caught in the winds. "If you wanna kill the guild masters, then your gonna have to get past me!"

"You tell him Natsu!" Happy cheered.

"Yeah, show him his place!" I also cheered.


Natsu had pure flames on both his fists, "Enough talking, it's time to start fighting! Come on!"

"I told you you're wasting your time!" Erigor said as the winds blew Natsu back in the air and put his flames out.

Erigor did a small chuckle as Natsu used both his hands to grab the railing and lit himself on fire, letting all his rage out. "Damn it! What's wrong with me, I can't even get close to him!"

Happy gasped a little, "Natsu!"

I put my hand on the cat's head, gaining his attention. "Let's watch. You believe in him, don't you?"

The cat stared for a while at Natsu then nodded.

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! I HAVE TO BEAT HIM!!" the pyromaniac then roared, and four rocktops were set on fire.

Erigor narrowed his eyes, 'What is this?!? The angrier he gets, the more intense his flames become!'

"Wow! He's really doing it! He's changing the direction of the wind!" Happy said.

I half-smirked, half-smiled, "Yep, like I said, Natsu can achieve anything! All you gotta do is believe!" the cat chuckled at my statement.

Natsu roared once again, pulling out two pieces of the railing from the track with both his hands. The flames were going up in the air at this point.

'FLAMES OF EMOTION?! BUT HOW COULD THAT BE, IT'S AN ANCIENT MAGIC!!' Erigor was extremely bewildered. 'WHERE DID THIS KID LEARN HOW TO USE IT?!' Erigor then gasped quietly, "Huh? What the- It's drawing my wind towards him!"

"That's it!" Happy realised, then looked at me as we nodded, then back at the roaring Natsu. "Natsu!"

To show we had his attention, he turned his head to look at us.

Happy and I waved our hands in a dismissive manner, "You stink, just give up and let Gray handle this 'cuz your never gonna win."

I added, "Yeah, betcha Gray could've frozen Erigor the moment he dared to pick a fight with him!"

Natsu froze for a few seconds because of our statements. Then after gaining red, blue and yellow tick marks he was back and flaming, "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!"

Erigor was alerted, "His flames are blowing away my storm mail!"

Natsu roared, the flames going up as it cleared the wind so Erigor no longer had a barrier. "Curse you!"

"Natsu's flames are heating the air around him. The hot air creates a vertical updraft which also creates a low pressure area. The wind always blows from high pressure to low pressure areas." the cat explained for me.



Natsu grabbed the railing and charged up before pushing himself towards Erigor with a flaming trail behind him. He bashed Erigor's chest making him cough and make a pained noise. "FIRE DRAGON SOARING FLAME!!!"

Now this attack sent Erigor up into the air unmoving, 'A dragon slayer! They truly exist! Could the girl be a dragon slayer aswell?' the reaper thought before he landed face first into the bridge, legs sticking out.

Natsu's flames died out, "Would ya like that, Happy and Kiyomi?"

"You show him that if you mess with the Salamander they're gonna get toasted!" the cat cheered.

"Way to show who's the boss!" I added.

"You weren't too sure of me earlier," Natsu said, narrowed eyes in a confirming manner.

"Cats have a really bad short-term memory you know? Kiyomi here really meant it."

"UM, NO I DIDN'T!! Similar to the cat here, I happen to have a severe case of forgetting things easily."

"You said that I'd never be able to beat him so I should leave it to Erza or something like that."

"Woah, your memory must be even worse than Kiyomi's! I said Gray not Erza!"

"I think you accidentally said his memory was worse than mine?!"

"But it doesn't matter 'cuz you won, Natsu!"

"That's right!"


Natsu stared for a second before it turned to a grin, "You bet I did!" he put his arms behind his head, "Though I'm not really sure how I pulled off that last attack."

"'Cause you're just that awesome, Natsu!" Happy praised.

"That must be it!" Natsu laughed.

"You betcha!" I added. Unbeknownst to us, the three eyes of the flute laying on the side glowed purple for a mere second.

"Natsu!" Lucy called.

"You guys are late! It's already over!" Natsu informed, as the vehicle came to a stop. "Aye!"

"As expected," Erza said, getting off with the help of Lucy. "Erza, are you okay?"

"Don't worry about me."

'I-I can't believe that Master Erigor lost..' Kage thought, gulping. He looked to see the flute on the ground, glowing.

"You actually had trouble with this guy?" Gray asked, almost disbelievingly, arms crossed across his bare chest.

"Trouble? It was a cinch! Easy!" Natsu shot back.

"It was pretty touch and go there..." the cat said.

"It turned out like this because I was here to weaken him," I pointed out, confident in my statement.

"Huh.." the cat said, staring at me judgingly.

I got a tick mark, "What's the problem?"

He snickered. "You didn't do anything!"

"Wha- Says you!"

We then heard Erza chuckling. "Anyway, nice work Natsu..and Kiyomi. We've protected the Guild Masters."

Lucy nodded, then the rest of us nodded in agreement.

"Let's go to the meeting hall. We'll report what happened and let the masters dispose of the flute."

"Clover's not far from here," Happy said.

"Didn't we already know?" I asked rhetorically and sarcastically. Just after I said that, the flute turned the slightest bit and the eyes glowed for the third time. All of a sudden, Kage had a shit eating grin, and the next thing we know, the magic mobile was in the air.

"Kage!" - Erza

"That's dangerous!" - Gray

"I've got the lullaby! You've let your guard down, flies! Hahahahahaha-" - Kage

We were all frozen, wide eyed, everyone except Erza had a gaping mouth.

"Oh my fucking god!" - Kiyomi

"That bastard!" - Natsu

"What the hell! And we saved him!" - Lucy

"After him!" - Erza

"There he is!"



We were a fair distance away from Makarov and another figure that I was pretty sure was Kage.

“Shh!” a voice from behind us said, and the moment I found the source, I speed-walked near Erza. “We’re just getting to the good part. Now watch! And wow, you all are just so cute!” Natsu and Gray were just about laying onto each other and clutching hands at this point. The next words made them even more freaked. “Totally my type!”

“Who the heck is this?” Lucy asked from the right of Erza, the stranger ballet walking towards the pyromaniac and the ice wizard before they were flung out of sight due to his sudden turn. Lucy and I took protection behind Erza, the former in a stance whilst I was just simply sat crossed-leged. Erza decided to inform us, “That’s Master Bob.”

“Erza, sweetie, how you’ve grown!”

“This is the master of Blue Pegasus?!” - Lucy

“Obviously their guild isn’t thinking straight.” - Kiyomi

“Right?” - Lucy



“Why are you here?” Makarov asked, shocked before Erza smacked him into her chest. “Excellent as always! Those words were so moving!” ‘That’s gonna bruise!’ he thought.

“And that settles that,” Gray said, crossed arms. Not to mention no shirt. I stood crossed arms next to the raven. “Piece of cake.”

“Way to go gramps,” Natsu was patting Makarov’s head. “Stop patting me!”

Down on the floor, the skull’s eye glowed dangerously purple as mist started to ooze not only from the eyes, but it’s mouth as it and purple electric sparks surrounded it. “A bunch of cowardly wizards, every last one of you!”

Team Natsu (including me) and Makarov had shock evident on our faces. The cat exclaimed, “Something’s coming out!”

A purple magic circle growed in the sky and seemed to be forming something. It was currently emitting electric. The comments of the army were partial noise. “What the heck is that?”

“I can’t stand it anymore! I’ll devour them myself!” A voice echoed, before a beast emerged, standing itself and crushing houses in the process. “Your pitiful souls, that is!”

“That’s way too big!” - Lucy

“So that’s what you complain about?!” - Happy

“Why am I even surprised?” - Kiyomi

“What is this thing?” - Gray

“I had no idea about this!” - Kage

“Oh, my! How upsetting.” - Bob

“This is a demon of the book of Zeref.” - Quatro master.

“Why did the flute turn into a monster?” - Lucy

“That monster IS the lullaby. In other words, it’s living magic. That’s Zeref’s magic.” - Quatro.

“Living magic?” - Lucy

“Zeref? Isn’t he ancient history?” - Gray

“The Black Wizard Zeref was the most evil wizard in the history of the Magical World! To think that a part of his legacy would appear before us after all these centuries!” - Bob

“So then, which one of your souls should I partake of first?” - Lullaby

“Say what?! Are souls tasty, anyway?” - Natsu

“How should I know? And don’t ask me!” - Gray

“I figured that’s what he’d be wondering about.” - Lucy

“Wow, go figure.” - Kiyomi

“Natsu, Gray, move away from everyone. You aswell, Kiyomi.” - Erza

“How bossy!” - Natsu

“Don’t order me around!” - Gray

“What about Lucy? Why me!!” - Kiyomi

“I’m counting on you!”

“Aye, sir!”

“There’s Happy #2 again...Along with Kiyomi..!!!” - Lucy

“The big guy’s all bark and no bite! He ain’t got nothing!” voices of the army said. “Charge!!”

“Back off, small fry!” Lullaby roared, swiftly blasting a mountain with a ray of light.

There was a gasp. “Captain, the mountain has disappeared!”



“Okay, I’ve decided! I’m going to eat all of your souls, you pitiful wizards!”

“Sounds like fun! Go ahead and try it!” - Natsu

“You can do it!” not so enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

“What do they plan to do with just the three of them?” Lucy questioned.

“What about you, Lucy?”

“I’m out of celestial spirits I can use today, and I might just hold everyone back, see…”


“Shut up, cat!”

The flute started to roar as a purple magic circle hovered above its head. People clutched their ears.

“What a horrid voice!” - Bob

“What’s this terrible feeling!” - Lucy

“It’s begun..” - quat

“Oh no!”

“It’s the lullaby!”

“Our souls are being devoured!”

Makarov only grinned.

“Let’s go!” Erza declared pulling out double swords. “Right!”

The three of us dashed after Erza, leaping up to the gigantic beast. “Requip! The Knight!”

Erza slashed twice at Lullaby. All the while, Gray was in a magic stance and I was just there behind him. “Ice Make: Lance!” “Water Make: Lance!”

And a certain fire wizard was preparing for attack. “Take this! Fire Dragon: Iron Fist!”

The crowd was in awe. “He’s punching with fire!”

“And this one’s an ice wizard!”

“Water magic, cool!”

“She’s requipping armor!”

“You’re really pissing me off now!” Lullaby growled, smashing the mountains we were all standing on. Erza continued to swipe, Gray and I kept launching attacks, and Natsu.. “How about another one? Fire Dragon: Wing Attack!”

“Amazing! I’ve never seen such a combination attack before!” said Kage.

“Their movements are perfectly in sync!” Lucy added.


Suddenly, Lullaby roared and sucked up the magic circle.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this!” - Lucy

“Here comes the lullaby!” - Happy

Lullaby was still roaring, probably charging for attack since a purple glow was forming in its mouth.

“The plants are withering!” - Lucy

“It’s the curse of the lullaby!” - Happy

“I’ll be dining on your souls!” Lullaby roared, then all of a sudden became stiff and tuneless.

“What the heck!” - Lucy

“It didn’t do anything!” - Happy

“What’s with this sound? What happened to my beautiful sound?!” - Lullaby

“I see! After those attacks from before…” - Kage

“...They opened up a bunch more holes, so he can’t play properly! So after all this buildup, this is the punchline?!” - Lucy

“Look, his stomach’s empty.” - Happy

Lullaby grew a tick mark, “How dare you mock me!” It went on rampage after that, kicking down a mountain randomly, ignoring us.

“He’s snapped!”
“Both big and bad-tempered!”

It seemed to notice us again as it turned to the spectators with a glow in its eyes.

“Ice Make..” Whilst Natsu was charging fire, Gray put up protection. “Shield!”

“So fast!”

“He can use Maker Magic to create something that large instantly?”

“Maker Magic?” Lucy questioned.

“Magic that gives form to magical power,” Happy explained. “There’s also magic that can steal form away.”

“Damn you!” the monster roared, as Natsu was sucking up all the flames. “All right! Now that I’ve eaten, I’m all revved up!”

“You..You’re a friggin’ monster!”

“What did you call me?!”

“He’s climbing me!”


One of the specators had steam puffing out of their nose endlessly. “The Black Wing armor! That’s a magic armor that will add tremendous power to a single attack!”

“Ice Make: Saucer!”

“Water Make: Dual Pistols!”

Slash! “Natsu!” Erza called.

“Now!” Gray shouted.

Natsu punched his fists together. “All right! With a flaming right hand...and a flaming left hand...when you combine the flames together…...Try eating some of this! Fire Dragon: Dazzling Blaze!”

And with that, the monster was obliterated as the destructive light seamed into the cloudy sky, clearing it as crystals rained down. The flute laid motionlessly on the ground.

“Excellent!” - Makarov

“Wonderful!” - Bob

“They defeated Zeref’s demon so easily…” - quat

“*squeal*” - Lucy

“W-wow…So this is…” Kage said to himself, "So this is what Fairy Tail wizards are like?"

"They're the strongest team all right! Super cool!" Lucy gushed.

"Aye!" - Happy

"How about that? Incredible, yes!" - Makarov

"Great going, everyone!" - Lucy

"He was nothing too special, wasn't he?" - Natsu

"A pushover..." - Gray

"What a bunch of fools...I'm no match for them..." Kage said, before a hand was placed on his shoulder. He was then in arms. "We've got to get you to a doctor, yes we do!" 'It's hugging me!'

"Well, I don't know what was going on exactly, but I guess we all owe Fairy Tail one," said Goldmine.

"But look...They went overboard!" There was a huge crater.

"Where'd the regular meeting hall go?" - Lucy

"Aye! A mountain or two are gone!" - Happy

Makarov's soul was officially flying out of his body. "Master!" "Something flew out..."

Natsu laughed, "We really did a number on it!"

"This is no laughing matter!" the crowd said, ticked off. "Somebody capture them!"

Everybody was left to their own things, whilst I just stared off into the ground, Zeref, huh? That name sounds real sketchy...Then again...he is the Black Wizard she used to look up to...

"Okay then! I'll capture them!" said Natsu.

"You're the one we're trying to capture!" said the crowd.

"Oh, really?" Natsu said as the flute on the ground stopped glowing in the eyes and cracked. Mission success.

9 ; food prank

A certain blue cat walked to the edge of a cliff, a stone kicking off. Lucy puffed, "Come on, Happy! You're lost again, aren't you? We've been walking and walking, but we haven't gotten to Magnolia yet! You sense-of-direction-less cat!"

This place is known as Web Valley, as it is filled with innumerable fissures from an ancient earthquake. As was mentioned before, it is said a great number of souls have gotten lost here, never to return.

"How rude! I wasn't lost before. This is the first time."

"I don't care if it's your first time or your last; the fact is, we're lost!"

"I'm starving..." - Natsu

"Stop reminding me! It's only making me hungrier!" - Gray

"Well I'm hungry and that's that!"

"Then stop going on about it already!"

"Indeed...I'm hungry!" - Makarov

"Not you, too!"

"Enough!" Erza declared, as her stomach rumbled.

"Your stomach's trying to tell ya something." - Kiyomi

"It went 'gu'." - Natsu

"It did not. You're hearing things." - Erza

"Nice cover-up there." - Gray

Then, Happy looked gleeful.

"What's so exciting?" Natsu asked.

"Natsu, look at that!"

"Huh?" we all looked down from the cliff.

"I can fly!"

"You can fly!"

"Can you fly!"

"It's the legendary delicacy, the winged fish!" Happy exclaimed. "They're super tasty! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!"

"Legendary delicacy?" Gray muttered.

"Winged fish..." Erza continued.

"Sounds good to me!" Natsu finished.

Makarov placed a hand on Happy's shoulder, stopping the cat in his movement, "Good going, Happy! Well done!"

Lucy could hear all the growling around her, and she spoke with a dreadful background, "Will you stop with the growling stomachs guys? You are all way too hungry."


"You were saying?" - Kiyomi

"Your stomach agrees with us." - Gray

"Shut. Up." - Lucy

"Okay, we're fishing!" Happy said, holding a fishing rod.

"Damn...Just when you think you've hooked one, it's gone." - Natsu

"I'm gonna do my best!" - Happy

"They don't really look all that tasty to me, however..." - Lucy

"Shut up and fish. At this rate, it doesn't matter as long as they're edible." - Erza

"I didn't know you were that hungry!" - Lucy

"I want to eat a winged fish! They look delicious! They're a legendary delicacy!" - Happy

"I gave up."

"So much for willpower!" - Lucy

"But I couldn't catch even one..." - Happy

"You're hungry, right? Then keep trying. Don't give up, 'kay?"

"..Lucy, you meanie!"

"..You shouldn't go about discouraging people, Lu." - Kiyomi

"But I was encouraging him!"

"That was pretty tough," said Lucy.

"In the end we only got one..." said Erza.

The fish gets flamed. "Happy, eat it."

"I can't just eat it by myself..."

"If we split it up, it'll only make us hungrier!"

"Don't hold back! Eat, eat!"

The cat had sparkled eyes. "Right then! Thanks!"

"What the-" I was struggling to contain my envy as the cat agreed then slowly bites freely as if the rest of us weren't there to ruin his luxurious meal.

"Sure seems like he's enjoying that fish there...Lucky him..." Lucy muttered.

"Why the hell am I jealous of a cat, what has my life come to," I grumbled.

Happy's eyes bulged out, "Gross!"

"It's gross?!" - Lucy

"Are you kidding me!?" - Kiyomi

"Anyway..." Natsu started as we walked.

"..I'm completely.." Gray continued.


"A village!" - Erza

"Houses!" - Gray

"And so, there's probably..." - Happy


We all dashed into the village, however..

"There's no one here," - Gray

"It does seem really quiet for a village." - Lucy

"Maybe they're taking an afternoon nap," Natsu said, then shouted, "Hey! Anybody here?"

The cat continued, "We're so hungry, we're about to faint! Somebody give us food!"

The celestial wizard intervened, "That's a little blunt, you famished cat."

I then added, "Ever heard of the word 'please?'"

We all just stood there for a while. Then Gray asked, "Are they really all taking a nap?"

"Or maybe the whole village got drunk, and they're all passed out?" Makarov suggested.

"I think you're talking about Fairy Tail.." Lucy laughed nervously.

"There, too!"

We all just stood there in silence again.

"Argh! This is so annoying!" Natsu suddenly speedily ran down, "As long as I can get my strength back, I'll eat anything!"

Gray was quick to catch up, "Hey, you aren't considering robbing the place, are you?"

"You had the same idea, didn't you?!"