Payusnomind Promotional System

Week #1


Target: Pre-existing fanbase

Ad Platforms:


$50 Budget

Organic Placements 

Ad targets:


Algorithms on social media platforms are more likely to show content to users from accounts they’ve engaged with in the past. The News Feed will prioritize content from accounts users have most recently engaged with. The more time that passes between a user’s last engagement with your page and your latest post, the lower it will rank in comparison to posts from accounts that the user has engaged with more recently. If you upload less often than every day and your followers follow a significant number of active accounts, your organic reach will be minimal. We can use Promoted Tweets and posts to bring your followers back into the engagement loop.

The people that have chosen to follow you on social media, we can presume, have done so because they have an interest in your work. These should be the people that care the most about your process and the timeline of a new release. Feeding them content and building up to your drop can help develop momentum and lead to more activity. Some of the people that converted from previous campaigns may not have followed the account so re-engaging them may result in them doing so. That’s why we target them in addition to your followers.

Budget: $50

It doesn’t cost more than $5 or $10 per post to reach enough people to get a fire started.