Chugach Minicourses

Friday, April 27, 2018

Some schools do intensives, some do explorations; we do minicourses!  


Minicourses are an opportunity to share a topic you are excited about with a small group of students (usually 10-12).

Minicourses are intended to be enriching but needn’t be overly rigorous or academic. Consider a topic in sports, arts, music, food, community service, nature, games, and more! If you want to lead a minicourse but aren’t sure of a topic, the minicourse committee can help you.

Sign up HERE to teach, assist, or drive for a minicourse!


Morning session: 8:30am-11am

Lunch/recess break: 11-12

Afternoon session: 12-2:30pm

Have questions, need help?

Ask or email someone on the minicourse committee!

Carina Howe

Brandy Bland

Amalie Couvillion

Mandy Casurella

Laura Schue

Jolene Becke

Valerie Waldrop

Shelly Matherne

Some minicourse ideas to get you thinking:







Note – if your course involves food, please indicate the ingredients because of student allergies.  

Thanks for being an important part of the enriching Chugach learning community!