2019 Global Summit Presenters & Schedule


Sunday, July 14

             5:30-6:30  Registration and Reception
            6:30-7:30  Dinner
            7:30-7:45  Recognition of Speakers
            7:45-9:00  Keynote - Howard Glasser  
“The Nurtured Heart Approach® and Social Justice”

Monday, July 15

              8:00-9:00  Registration, Complimentary Coffee Bar & Exhibits Open
  9:00-9:15  Welcome Address - Jean Hollowell
           9:15-10:30  Keynote - Dr. Velia Nuño
“Does the Nurtured Heart Approach® Reduce ADHD Symptoms in Children? A Randomized Controlled Trial”

          10:30-11:00  Networking Break
         11:00-12:30  Breakout 1

            12:30-2:30  Exhibits & Lunch
           12:45-2:00  Lunch Presentation

              2:30-4:00  Breakout 2

              4:00-4:30  Networking Break
             4:30-6:00  Breakout 3

              6:00-7:30  Dinner Break
             7:30-9:00  NHA Presentations / Activities

Breakout 1

11:00-12:30 PM

Lunch Presentation
12:45-2:00 PM

Breakout 2

2:30-4:00 PM

Breakout 3

4:30-6:00 PM

7:30-9:00 PM

NHA as Violence Prevention in Education
Tammy Holtan Arnol & Jeffrey Solomon

Adolescents and Young People
Brooke Tafoya, Quinn Donnay & Maureen Schat

Greatness Kids Initiative: Activities
Celeste Elsey

Transforming Inner Voice Using NHA
Frank Picone

    Julie Hartline
   The Heart Sings

Howard Moody
    NH Play

    Christy Munch
   BeMoved Dance

Inner Wealth & Resilience w/IDD
Karen Rea & Lorraine D’Sylva-Lee

NHA Saved My Teaching Career
Dana Kasowski

Rising Up Against Domestic Abuse & Violence with NHA
Paula Noble

NHA & Play Based Interventions
Tammi Van Hollander & Lyla Tyler

NHA for Clarity in Workplace and Family Home
Alastair Gardiner

NHA as Racial Literacy in Action
Sharon Davis

Creative Development of Inner Wealth
Kirsty Pitcher & Julie Mears

Nurturing Hearts in Hard Places
Darron Harley

Facilitating SEL
Michelle Kretschman & Paula Wick

Elderly Care in NHA
Debbie Neumann

Tuesday, July 16

              8:00-9:00  Complimentary Coffee Bar & Exhibits Open
           9:00-10:30  Keynote - Elizabeth Manley
“Nurtured Heart Approach® within Systems of Care: The NJ Experience”
         10:30-11:00  Networking Break

          11:00-12:30  Breakout 1

            12:30-2:30  Exhibits & Lunch
           12:45-2:00  Lunch Presentation
             2:30-4:00  Breakout 2

              4:00-4:30  Networking Break

              4:30-6:00  Breakout 3

            6:00-10:00  Greatness Gala - Dinner and Dance (Music by Summer Project)

Breakout 1

11:00-12:30 PM

Lunch Presentation
12:45-2:00 PM

Breakout 2

2:30-4:00 PM

Breakout 3

4:30-6:00 PM

NHA in Therapeutic Settings
Elizabeth Sylvester & Jeffrey Swan

Teaching NHA to Kids
Diandra Kaufman & Christina Marinaro

Greatness Project: Youth Led Education & Advocacy

Viviana Barajas

Starting Up a NHA Business
Tanya Fraizer

NHA Challenges Japanese Culture

Reiko Yamamoto

NHA in an Adolescent Treatment Center
Jennifer & David Burke

NHA Implementation & Sustainability
Dawn Lacy & Emma Shelby

Resetting to Your Optimal Zone in the Window of Tolerance
Barbara Wilson

Transforming Our Stories
Cathy Cummings

NHA & SEL for Teens/Educators
Melissa Lowenstein Block

Building Relationship-Drive Schools & Districts with NHA
Meghan Blakey & Erica Scott

Core Attachment Therapy & NHA
Dorothy Derapelian

Inner Wealth in Under-Resourced Families
Denise Davis & Lorraine D’Sylva-Lee

NHA in Jewish Family, Community & Beyond
Naftoli & Yael Walfish

Supercharging Applied Behavior Analysis with NHA
Josh Kuersten

Wednesday, July 17

              8:00-9:00  Registration, Complimentary Coffee Bar & Exhibits Open
           9:00-10:30  Keynote - Josh Shipp
The Power of One Caring Adult”
         10:30-11:00  Networking Break

          11:00-12:30  Howard Glasser and Panel Discussion
                               “The Beauty of the Inner Nurtured Heart Approach®: Inner Wealth™ Makes the Difference”

            12:30-2:00  Lunch      

              2:00-4:00  Movie Screening of “Is Your Story Making You Sick?” (https://story.movie) and Panel Discussion with Filmmakers