MAY 11-14, 2020 AND AUGUST 17-20, 2020

WHO CAN TRY OUT? Any student enrolled in the Edmond Public Schools grades 8-11.



Swim cap


PRINTED copy of a sports physical DATED AFTER MAY 1, 2020. This should be on the approved OSSAA paperwork available at the link below (it is 2 pages). →UNFORTUNATELY, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRYOUT WITHOUT A COPY OF THIS PAPERWORK. There are two pages so make sure both are filled out (one parent page and one doctor page). https://edmondschools.rankonesport.com/New/Home.aspx

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A NEW PHYSICAL DATED AFTER MAY 1, 2020 to try out. Bring a copy of your physical with you to the tryout. If you can utilize the school physicals offered at the dates below; they are $20/cash. Otherwise, you must have a physical done with your doctor. NORTH physicals- TBD MEMORIAL physicals- TBD SANTA FE physicals- TBD

WHERE WILL TRYOUTS BE? Edmond Schools Aquatic Center at Mitch Park (north end of the YMCA).

WHAT WILL I BE REQUIRED TO SWIM AT TRYOUTS? -50 yard freestyle (Boys must swim a 30.99 or faster; girls must swim a 35.99 or faster) -100 yard IM (demonstrate ability to do all four strokes; no required time)

*PLEASE COME TRYOUT ON THE SCHEDULED DATE OF YOUR HOME HIGH SCHOOL for the next school year. Your high school site coach and I will conduct the tryout. If a swimmer doesn’t make the team in the spring, he or she may come tryout again in the fall.

TRYOUT SCHEDULE (please be on deck, ready to swim at the beginning of your tryout time): Monday, May 11 /August 17

3:30-4:30 Memorial

4:30-5:30 North

Tuesday May 12 /August 18

3:30-4:30 Santa Fe 4:30-5:30 Memorial

Wednesday May 13 /August 19

3:30-4:30 North

4:30-5:30 Santa Fe

Thursday May 14/August 20

3:30-4:00 Memorial 4:00-4:30 North 4:30-5:00 Santa Fe

BASIC SWIM INFORMATION for those who make the team: -Coach Devoe and the site coaches will contact school counselors to have swimmers enrolled in 7th hour for swimming -All swimmers MUST be enrolled in 7th hour at their site school -All swimmers will be required to purchase an assigned team suit; information will come at the beginning of the school year. Swim caps are supplied by the school district. -All swimmers must come to the pool every day for class. EPS provides a daily shuttle for those who don’t drive. Drivers will be allowed to transport themselves. All swimmers will be picked up from the pool unless otherwise stated. -Club swimmers are required to attend 7th hour at the pool every day. They are required to swim with the team 2 days a week (T/Th) during the season (October-February). Club swimmers will be required to participate in dry land activities on the other days of the week (M/W/F). -Non club swimmers are required to attend 7th hour at the pool every day. They are required to swim 5 days a week and may participate in dry land before getting in the water.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at heather.devoe@edmondschools.net or 405-726-6165.

Heather Devoe 

Head Coach Swimming Memorial, North and Santa Fe


Memorial- Zack Kraeger- room #265

North- Lauren Reddout- room # E287

Santa Fe- Megan Cline- room #204