The “Sweetquin” Sequinned Bakery

A Treat... for Your Eyes Only

What: A fully realized “bakery” selling hundreds of faux, sequin covered treats

Where: A bakery, gallery space, or open store front

When: TBD

How: By setting up a mock bakery where guests may browse, purchase, and enjoy their scintillating treats

Why: To add joy, wonder, and whimsy


Specs: Large display case housing faux cupcakes, cakes, cake slices, ice creams, cake pops, etc. Tables throughout the shop for display of smaller pieces, candy shop like. Seating area for selfies and enjoying the sweets in person. Someone behind the counter selling the sweets. Sweets are sold by size, a chart will be provided that helps customers figure the price of each sweet. Anything up to 2 inches is $29, up to 3 inches is $39, up to 4 inches is $59, 5 inches $69, 6 inches is $79, 7 inches is $89, 8 inches, $99, onward.