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“Summer Camps: Planning” video

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Looking up onto a stage at a presenter, Russ. He is a white man with dark hair and wears glasses and a dark polo shirt and signs


Our curriculum was developed by having focus groups, which consisted of about 4 to 5 successful young deaf adults.

We brought them together for a meeting and I asked them all the same question. Looking back to high school memories, what do you wish you had known then that would have helped you in college? The participants began sharing important key components. Advocacy was huge. Confidence was also critical. Knowledge and understanding on how to get interpreters, how to get CART services, how to get an FM system.

Lack of awareness or unfamiliarity with laws about their rights. We then took these responses and started developing a curriculum for the summer program.

Video Description:

A woman, Tracy, now signs. She is a white woman with long red hair.


We had conducted in-depth research and had team meetings. From there, we developed the program. We did not develop the program first and bring in the students after. Instead, we brought in the students first and got to know them better afterwards. We tailored the program based on their own interests, their needs, and met them where they are in their progress.

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