You have been challenged to a Scroust!


Scroust is a game for 2 players in which the contestants joust using their voice to influence both their own and their opponents score.

The game last for 2 rounds, at the end of the game the player with the highest total score wins.

Points are generated continuously and exponentially based on the size of each players circle.

For example: a circle that is 1 unit large could give 1 point per ms, a circle that is 2 units large would give 10 points per ms.


Each player is assigned a frequency - either high or low.

The input is based on two factors; frequency and amplitude, explained in a grid below

High Freq

Low Freq

High Amplitude

‘Player 1’ circle shrink

‘Player 2’ circle shrink

Low Amplitude

‘Player 1’ circle grow

‘Player 2’ circle grow

Low Freq is the lower register available to the human voice, set as a lowpass filter from 500Hz and lower; Shake the floor with your bass voice!

High Freq is the higher register for the human voice, set as a highpass filter from 1200Hz and upwards; Dust of your falsetto because this is going to be a wild ride!

Control input volume/amplitude chart


This input chart applies to each players frequency; If you hum/sing too quietly, nothing happens. If you hum/sing a bit louder, the circle grows slowly but steadily.

If a players frequency is shouted loudly, the respective circle shrinks rapidly; faster than the rate of which it grows at the correct input amplitude.

It is therefore a more aggressive and faster strategy to make your opponents circle shrink rather than making your own grow.

At the same time, this, combined with the exponential growth in points related to the size of your sphere, adds to the tactical decision of equal importance whether to focus on growing your own or shrinking your opponents.


A game of Scroust is engaging both in an organised setting, and in a more informal setting, as spectator participation can have a huge impact on the outcome of the match.

Agon games are inherently spectate-able and the clear and easy to understand rules means the the audience can follow the progress without difficulty.

Gameplay modifiers / Challenge mode!

  1. Play blindfolded - neither you or your opponent are able to see the sizes of your respective circles!  
  2. Switch’em’up - High and Low frequency players switch frequencies at various stages of the match; thought you had to hum low? Think again!
  3. Dress to impress - Capes, horses, armor, sunglasses; showoff some style! Audience award!