SWOT Analysis - Local Service

Name of Project / Local Service Partner: Coding for Good

School Division (please circle all that apply): HS


Guide new members to appropriate projects/solid training system


  • Retention (HIGHEST IN SCHOOL!)
  • Multi-skilled
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Palash
  • C
  • Shayona
  • Divi builder
  • Photoshop
  • Outreach & communication
  • We made a lot of new connections
  • Working more closely with Jacyl and Rick
  • Hackathon
  • Apple, Google, Twitter, MobileWalla
  • SheLaeds
  • Georgia Tech, Aerospace base in SG
  • Growing library of existing resources to draw on
  • High Retention


  • It takes a while to get started on projects
  • Need a way to launch priority projects
  • Sort google sheet by due date
  • Collaboration
  • Forming groups, can’t find a team for some projects
  • Sort google sheet by due date/priority
  • Some new students need training time
  • Good tools available for training students up
  • Shadow program
  • Treasure map tutorial, (@\Nicky)
  • Project Spreadsheet needs some spring cleaning



New Awards

Arora Award

GIN Conference

Hackathon 2020

Partnering with more GCs for new Projects


Specific roles for non-leadership members

Assemblies !!!


  • Aurora Humanitarian Youth Prize
  • TGELF Life Challenge

An interview process - more selective?

Welcome Back Party


New groups of students with no skills

  • Word of mouth
  • Need to grow presence at Service Fair, open hackathon to middle school

Skilled students leaving

  • More students with no programming experiences

Anything to tell us?

For the teacher facilitator - to effectively coach students and the local service partner through the SWOT analysis conversation - aiming for leverage points rather than a list of pros and cons. Data to drive planning, data for enhanced service learning.

Teacher facilitators will ‘wear this hat’ during the goal setting discussion between students and the local service partner. Not coaching, but explicitly looking at the stages and prompts.